December 21, 2004

A week.....

That was my worst futsal day...

Only 6 of us, me, rosli, mie, botak, faiz and hemsem.. too bad.. i was tired like mad... i was about to throw out.. about to faint... my head was not getting enough supply of oxygen.. i was too weak to carry on with the game....

The next day... I'm not expecting the farewell dinner to be today... but they have it today. No details.. It just that I invited Ieda to come along.. and there was something terrible happened, but guess it's now settled.

Then it's Naresh, Rosli, Ieda and of course me...

Shankar, Jeff, Ash, Chia, Ye-Yann, Rama and Sagar..

Thursday.. Afterwork, I went out with Ailin.. yeah.. we've lost contact but all this this while she was sick and without telling me, she was hospitalized and not able to get to me.. ridiculous.. but nvm.. i'm fine with it..

Friday morning, I was busy preparing myself to leave the company.. made backup of everything.. then I went off to bangi. Took rosli and Yann to the 'LOT 10' in bangi and had ikan bakar.. as usual.. haha.. and not going to the Jumaat Prayer.. I and rosli went to the Mines. We both enjoyed looking at the chix.. a very much better sightseeing than in the planet hollywood.

After that, I went to cyberjaya for the exit interview. it was fun.. but i felt bad for leaving the company.. then me and rosli went to PJ. went to Temenos office. then we went A&W PJ, met yann over there and sit there and talk.

That nite.. I was supposed to go to Farok's house.. but I fall asleep. Only woke up the next day after Lego called me. Planned to meet at Taman Melawati as we're going to Wira's Wedding.

Coincidentally, Wira was wearing a red Baju Melayu. I was wearing a red shirt and Lego's whole family was dressed in red too. What a conincidence. People hardly recognise me as the result of my botak-head.

There I met Gee, Arif Atan, Mizwan, Mohaini, Sally, Rosli, Lim Jan Nee, Hemsem, Bigan, Farok, Lego, Giant, Engku, Bisu, Noral, who else uh.. it was quite a gathering.

Then I drove back to kampung. It was hakim circumsizing. He was circumsized the day before and there are so many people in the kampung. I talked a lot with Surato. There are so many sweet things during the childhood.

Sunday nothing happened. I was just playing the PS2 izzat just bought for himself. Then we went back to Seremban.. watched rides, pimp my ride and I selpt early.

Monday, I went to KL, to take my father to his seminar and I'm gonna fix his car's faulty. Sent him to Kepong. I drove to USJ and wait. Fiza called me up. Hmm I was driving and a white dressed cop was riding his big bike next to my car. Luckily Fiza was okay with that (i lurve this girl for being so understanding)without knowing that later when I call she's gonna tell me that she was merajuk...? Well.. hafta be there for the whole day!!!

I was only able to drive back to Senawang at around 6 pm and arrived in senawang around 7++pm . Caused by the congested highway. Well, no more checklights on.

@ nite, I went to fetch Ija and we went to my favorite Yong Tau Foo shop. Then sent her back, went to USJ and started this write up. Then was watching the Us version of the first french version of the Taxi. Damn it.. I thought it's gonna be fun but it's a total copy!

I'll update with pictures soon...

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