December 13, 2004

Life would never wait for a shiny head!

"Life goes on..."

A powerful phrase that i will always remember in my life. A phrase that has torn my heart into pieces. It has never made me feel better but worse.

This 1-2 weeks seems to be quite dull for me and my colleagues in the office. Why not, Yann has been dumped by her boyfriend and she kept saying that she's so sad after a year+ of relationship, living like husband and wife and being dumped like a stupid idiotic moron.

She cut her wrist and was sent to the hospital. Her head knocked the sharp end of the wall and her soft jelly-like brain were said to come out from her head. I was called late at midnite since my no was her last number she called before the accident. She was hospitalized for a week..

Well.. haha.. i made up the exaggeration part :p

Because of Yann alone, it was like no cheers for all of us. Well, her desperation to recover herself from her sadness seems to be quite a burden to me since she kept asking me out for drink and talking about her problem. I keep telling her that she'll be fine one day, and she asked me how do I faced the same thing sometime ago.

I told her, I was crying like a baby everyday, but how sad it was, it's has already happened. Her problem is she's not that close to her family and she was alone all the way. I was lucky I've got a mom who would cry for me for whatever hardship and sadness I'm in. Not like my father. He always condemning me for my emotion, despite of his own irrationality when he's mad.

For the last week, I've been doing a lotsa things. I went out a lot. Been meeting new chicks. Why at this time when I'm leaving the city? Why, why and why? I went out almost everyday, the result of boredom in me.

I went to hard rock last Friday nite. It was supposed to be more people to come. I was hoping that Shalina would join us, and some other gal like azizah, rika and yann and her friends. As I'm leaving the city, would love to see 'em b4 i go.

And b4 that, I went to Ieda's open house in Jalan Duta. I was embarassed by the way she welcomed me into her house. You know what, I came alone.. I didn't call her for direction and all of a sudden, I appeared at her house's door and she was screaming when she saw me, especially with my shiny head on! And she looks gorgeous, she's thin and pretty, even though with her braces on.

Normally, we would hug and cheek-kiss to each other but this is her house ok? I was trying to avoid such things as her parents and all her friends are there, and the best thing, I know none else except for her. So i took up food, and done, and went off. She excorted me to my car just to say thanx and gimme the warmest hug I've ever had.. this week.

So in the hard rock, it was the Big Band, with Nona from NRG singing. It's a bit weird for such a band like Big Band to hire Nona as the band is not playing woman's song that much. Nona has a wonderful vocal and with such a pretty face, she's a full package but she told me she has got no choice as she kissed me goodnite b4 we all went home. I didn't went home as all 8 of us went bangsar and talk cock until 5 in the morning.

.: Saturday Morning :.

Last nite big band did play the Sunday Morning from No Doubt. I wish they made a Saturday Morning song so I can play along too. I slept in USJ and woke up in the morning at 10 just to found out that I forgotten to took off my contact lenses and worse, I forgot to get back home!

Last week, I've got to know a girl secretary working in cyberjaya, her name is Aza, as I opened up my eyes, she called my handphone and asking me out. I know she was joking but i just say yes.

At around 2, I drove off home and packed my laundry cloth and had lunch. After lunch, I went home and sleep until 7. Then Aza did call, saying why didn't I call her. I dunno but I just said I'm tired of last nite, headbanging and my neck is still aching. She put off the line and, later, Suzie called me asking for a dinner together.

I picked her up at the universiti station and went for dinner. Aza called again, but as I hate bluffers, I ignored her calls.

.: Sunday Morning :.

For real, so today, I wake up with someone sleeping by my side and I can sing Sunday Morning for real... I wasn't alone the nite earlier so I had someone to chat and jamming with. 11, I went off to serdang and see my father over there. Then to Lego's house, for his simple makan-makan. Her wife cook quite well. I ate a lot till i felt like throwing out. Romdzi (koter) also coming. So we talk a lot about our past time, and we played PS2 like kids, just like the past. We play and as usual we made fun of each others.

I felt like we were in the past time, in our happy house in Bukit Beruang Melaka, where Tobiaq always breaking the pipes, Taikor was always sleeping with his hands inside his pants, Lego was always studying without his shirt on and the place where we always enjoying playing cards!!! DECLARE!!!!

Then I headed to Cheras, went to see my cousin, as I've not seem him for the past 29 days of raya. And it's the last day of raya. At nite, I went to Yan's open house, and got the chance to see Netty and Iz as well. It's been a very long time not seeing them.

Went back home and took a long thought about my life. Was in the bathroom, looking at my shiny head. It's becoming shinier over days.

What's, who's, when's there for me?

I'm blurred, even at this moment. I've no objectives being in the office now. I keep doing my job over here. There's a lot to configure, as I'm the only one who really knows how to do it.

I'm having a hard time to actually let myself to say goodbye to my current life. A very good boss, good colleagues like Yann, Naresh. Friends like Lego, Wira, hemsem, Farok, Romdzi (koter).

It's not as easy as kissing my Nona goodnite, or getting a goodbye kiss from Ija. It's much easier for me to run my fingers over a girl I just knew than doing this. Proven :p

And now, my colleagues are planning a farewell party for me @ the planet hollywood.

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