July 30, 2004

Bz :: So so bz..

Only today I got the chance to open my tblog for the 2nd time of this week. Previously was to jot the previous post.. And now to write abt the whole week.. Hmm.. I really miss writing into my blog.. There are so many things to be written.. And Asha is always calling me nowadays, but I do go out with Erein sometimes.. being in her BMW is heheh..

Moondaeg :: I'm on training today. I fetched a cab, and that fella add another rm5 for the taxe fare.. stupid.. that is really stupid. Arrived in Bangi and later found out that the trainer has forgotten about the training and we're waiting for him for quite sometimes. The training only started at around 2.30.. where the cute business manager of that company, Lai Yuen Ling, bought us a few cans of drink and pastries.. Tell ya, I do ate a lot hahahaha... After training.. the trainer, who happened to be living in Bangsar gimme a ride to my home.. At home.. I did my work out, getting tired of myself.. composed a few lines of lyrics for my new song and then get to sleep.. zzzZZZZZzzzz

Tousedae :: What a f*ck.. Today I was trying to get a cab to go to bangi again.. and h*ll yeah, no cab driver wanted to send me to either bangi or seputih commuter station. I was waiting from 7.30am. At around 8.15, i decided to walk from my home to Seputih Commuter Station. Arrived there at around 9 and the commuter arrived in Serdang at abt 9.30. Called Adha to fetch me from The Serdang Commuter station and, we had sometime at the Mamak Restaurant, together with fendi.. after a while talking, my colleague from Bangi called to ask me to come quick.. hehe.. as usual.. training.. sleeping.. and today no free food like yesterday.. Erein did called me to ask me out.. But I'm not so sure as I'll be having futsal tonite..

After training :: My sister fetched me from BCB Putra Training Centre, and she took me to the McDonalds.. While we're eating, my other sister who happened to be in Serdang joined us.. hehe.. I'm borrowing my sister's car tonite.. cause tonite I've got futsal.. eventually my boss called and I have to go to the office to do something.. some problem solving.. settled things, went back home and went out again to Sports Unlimited for Futsal.. I played really good tonite.. did scored more than 10 goals (hahaha.. the reborn of the 'ol striker of MOZAC), then went back home sleep like stupid.. haha.. well.. tonite

Wenchsdaiy :: Hehe.. today going to bangi by car.. my sister's car.. had breakfast frist.. 3 packs of nasi lemak.. it's a very good nasi lemak can be found in Taman Desa, the only 24 hours Mamak Stall available in Malaysia.. after breakfast, fetched my sister and went to Pusat Latihan Putra BCB Bangi.. she went off and I'm in the training again...

Luncheon :: Hahaha.. free lunch today.. Lai Yuen Ling took us to lunch, the place suggested by Azzian, and we had quite a good lunch there.. it's kewl.. hehe.. after lunch, just a few discussion, and we went off. Sathiya, the trainer again gimme a ride to the office but today my boss asked me to come over to Muamalat to replace him as he's too tired to do things.. I was about to ciao at around 6.30 but later on we've just found out that there are more things to be done.. So actually tonite Erein asked me to come over to Plaza Ampang (Plaza Yow Chuan to some people), and karaoke.. At around 8, I took LRT to Ampang Park and waited for her.. damn.. waited for about 45 minutes, well.. she came at last.. she's so sweet tonite.. but sick.. having quite a heavy fever.. me, erein and kak Sid were there for about 3 hours and ciao.. They sent me back home to taman Desa, had drinks and then they left.. Me as usual doing my workouts till 2 and sleep like stupid again...

Thirstdae :: (hahaha.. at this point my friend has arrived, we're going out.. haha.. so to be continued...)

July 29, 2004

At Last :: My Bro got his degree on his birthday!!!

Last Fridae :: Nuthing much.. Was doing work as usual. Went to work again on Saturday, seeing ieqha before going back to Seremban. My sister fetched me in Seremban, took me home, I went out to buy food for the whole family, went back home, watched Akademi Fantasia and watched Nurul happily walked out of Akademia Fantasia. Yes.. She went out at last!!!!

Sundae :: We're going to Melaka. Today is My Brother's Birthday and today is also his graduation day!!! What a lucky man!! I wish i could be coincidentally in such situation, but it will never happen.. I've already graduated. We went with two cars, My father was driving his Accord while me was driving my sister's satria. Went back to kampung and fetched my granma. Went to melaka, met them in the cafetaria and wait..

Met a few friends :: I met Jonathan and Ai Ming during the convocation. While under waiting under the tent, unexpectedly I met with Nadia, a closed pal in friendster, which she was my junior back in MMU. hah.. she's so plummy, anyway, we just had a very short conversation.. and she went off, as my father and my granma is there.. she hardly recognize nme.. what's the problem with me..

During the convo :: I didn't expect my bro to be coming up so early. He was among the early males to called up to get the degree from Dr. Siti Hasmah. SO I wander around.. doing nothing.. and noticing that a lot of eyes were following me everywhere i go.. feel so uncomfortable with that, so I just stay still on my chair next to my granma.. After that.. we did snapped a few pictures..

My bro...

The whole family is here.. I'm the most left standing tiredly...

Went off the convo place. Heading towards a restaurant and had a nice meal there.. Then headed back to my kampung.. slept for a while. and we had a party for my bro.. then drove back home in Senawang.. and with my sister went back to KL.. Dropped by the her home at Kajang.. and then she with two of her friends sent me off to the office..

me :: so happy.. hehe..

July 22, 2004

Wow.. BZ Days... Zarina Went Off AF2...

Akademi Fantasia has really been a shocking fever to all Malaysians. I was nearly dropped my tears when Zarina was having the most less vote for this week, and she was sent out..

Zarina :: A bright and talented student of AF2 that cheered up most of the rest of the students.

Well.. just forget about it.. The next day, Sunday, I went to giant with my sister and later, we went all together to KL to Laman Festival (Landscaping Festival) in Lake Garden. haha.. Here are the pictures..

A nice 'Jantung Pisang' which is growing up not down to eart as usual.

My Father with his favourite chalet sample.

My Bro, Iwan, posing at the same chalet.

We were walking around the place. There's a lot of things to be seen. My mom seems not to be exhausted as all the things there excited her so much. Then we went to have a lil refreshment while me and farah pose under this one special group of bamboo tree.

Then my father sent me off to my office, took bob's car and went back home. Then I don't remember what I do when I'm at home..

Monday :: Work as usual. I went back early as I'm supposed to be having an appointment with a Gym trainer in Uptown but later had to be cancelled as my boss called me to come back to the office. reached office at around 8.. and work till 10 something.. then went out with my boss.. had dinner.. and then later went back..

Tuesday :: Wen to work as usual.. bz as usual.. I work till late nite at 10, then went back home.. took bath and went out again. Left my car in Pantai and took LRT to Pudu.. took bus from pudu and around 12. Arrived in JB at around 4 AM. Was thinking to walk home but it was raining.. took the cab home.. and paid him RM8. bull shit. Rang the door bell and my father opened the door.. and slept

Wednesday :: Went up at 6 something. Subuh prayer and slept again. Woke up at around 9 something. My sister farah was preparing to go to school. I still remember she's wearing the PE outfit since the school will be starting with PE for that day. Then I went out to Goodwill Auto Trading, settled everything, picked up my car, went to JPJ for certain things, sent that salesman back to his office, went to city square, took my spectacles, then wait for my father at Kotaraya JB. Went to the Honda Center, talked to them about converting the engine, and repainting the car in black.. then took the volkswagon from my father.. took it back home.. had lunch.. nice lunch.. slurrpp.. my mom is always the best cook of my life.. then took off home with a cab to larkin, and took the bus to KL

in KL :: Reached KL at around 8.30. Took LRT to the office, rushing back home, took bath and went out to Sports Unlimited. As I'm early today, Farok, Hemsem and Cop are earlier than me. Played for an hour, met marina, Omen took her with him, and went off home..

Thirstdae :: A boring day.. for the first time of my life going to work wearing spectacles. I mean for the whole day.. I've attempted once, but i don't feel good. Today, I've got a new + expensive spectacle. Then free lunch by ZUBIR, as he's getting promotion in BCB. There's a lot more getting promotion in BCB.. and we're just taking turns to be treated by them.. hahaha..

And I do miss my farah rite now. Yesterday I left without seeing her and get her peek at my cheek.

July 17, 2004

Saturday :: Pain in the eyes....

Hei.. to all so called 'Idols' fans out there, check this out

American Idol’s William Hung Found Dead of Heroin Overdose

I think the whole site is crap (taken from imee's hehe)..

Today I realized something. So far, for the past 4 years of working, each of all my jobs doesn't require me to be working on saturdays. But I've always been working on saturdays. There are so many things to be done, not even lately, earlier maybe in the future. It's good not to be working on saturdays, so that u can complete all your pending jobs wihtin the 2 days of weekend.

Fine, last thursday nite i went back late, at around 10.00 o'clock in the evening. Then we (me and my boss) went out for tea and later he sent me back home.

Friday morning, as usual, wake up early (at 6.00 am) and went to work. My boss picked me up today. We've a lotsa things to be done. Me myself had to empty up my pc, as they're gonna take it back; as i'd got a new pc for myself. Then started to write the proposal paper of where can we get in for the project. Went to friday prayer and continue doing my paper, nothing else. Went out of the office at around 9, went to setiawangsa, met bob, took the car from him, and went back home.

And last nite, I just went off to bed with everything intact (shirt, pants, socks, belt, contact lense, my backpack) sleeping tiredly. I was damn tired.

And today, went up as early as 6.30 (on saturday, my off day), that's ridiculous for most people but it works for me as I just need enuf sleep for myself. Removed everything, especially contact lenses, i was afraid that my eyes might be getting infection again for sleeping with it. Called people.. hei I'm bored.. called Lego.. talked to him.. and then I get up, get myself ready to the office (ya know i need a lot of time in bathroom and making up, slow moving ass I am hehe)

Asha called when I was just igniting my car, she asked whether should she come over to take me to the office or not. And she's actually trying to ask me out.. haha.. I'm going back to Seremban today.. So i guess it's not possible.. and I miss my Farah so much..

And I wonder why is Asha coming back after so long. I'd prefer going out with people I knew I won't be able to tackle, so that I would never think of wooing her, even though i like her so much hehe. Or someone who I know wouldn't be falling on me, so that I can talk and talk and talk without having to stopm just talk about anything, u know, guys like me will always talk about how the girls shouls look like, or how big the breast she should have... or whatever it is.. about a girl..

Luckily Asha is not an Internet Savvy, so she wouldn't be reading this.. I've her picture but should I put it here? I was kinda like to put pictures in here.. but Asha..? heh..

July 15, 2004

It's killing me...

Futsal :: That touseday evening, I went to Serdang with Unie and met my sister there. Took the car from her. Went to RND to see some friends but they'ren't around, and straight heading to Taman Desa. A while in the shell station, and get back home. At 8.30, went to Pantai Hillpark to fetch Ayu and Nana and took 'em to the Futsal Game. I scored 6 goals. Later went to late dinner with 'em, Bisu, Hemsem and Bahar. Eric went back earlier as to solve some of his issues. Get back home and sleep.

Wednesday :: Again a boring day... Full of work.. and I did a few mistakes... 1. taking down the UAT service accidentally. Luckliy my boss covered up the case for me. 2. I'm not sure either it's my mistake or what, but I've upgraded the Murex version on the TRAIN environment and it works very well but when I did it on UAT, everything in the database is gone. I was trying to recover anything I could do in the database last nite but the oracle service went down at 8 and hafta wait for the oracle service to be brought up later. Went back to Taman Desa, took my dinner and get back home. My head was so burdened by the problem and I just slept without changing anything. Suddenly Asha called me at 12.30 and we had a long talk then..

Thursday :: Woke up and it's 5.30 in the morning.. Ouch.. I didn't remove my contact lenses. Get myself ready for today, rushingly and after I locked the front door, i realized that I didn't put on my perfumes. So what. 6.15 arrived in the office. Start my work with the oracle. from 6.30 to 8.00, i was experimenting on how to actually import the existing data in other database to the database that I'm suppose to get the data in. At last, I keyed 'em in one by one manually. At 9. Managed to get it done. Went down for breakfast and then went to serdang.

In Serdang :: While waiting for my sister to come out from her hostel, I've got a call from my boss that BCB declared today as the Treasury Disaster day. So I was required to come over to Bangi to be there.. Just to be there to help. Then my sister sent me to RND and there, my friend sent me to Bangi. Thanx to Elizany and Firdaus for sending me there..

In Bangi :: I've prepared the Testkey and TPS with the latest data being updated to the server. Then they come.. There's a lot of sudden problems and requests, but fine, everything works as it is supposed to be working. And the Murex error keep haunting me as my boss keep updating me about the error. Damn.. @#$%^&*.. Free lunch.. a nice bitch-looking chick from the audit team and bitchy dealers from the 10th floor doesn't really makes me happy at all. All the burden is now being on my boss's shoulder and i should do seomthing about it. Was trying to setup the stupid email, which they just only happen to know the password, without knowing the ID, address and the domain. Then get back to Pantai.. and writing this blog.

Now :: As I said, the problem won't actually happen if I'm there for them, just now, I've just got a call from Zaul saying that something was wrong with the processing. I just asked him to restart the pc, and later he called back saying everything is fine, but still, I'm required to go to Muamalat to restore the data back to his PC. hehe.. I'm really tired about this but I guess, I just have to do it.

Life's getting more trouble to be entertained.. & Now I know how does it feels to be in love. The bad things is, it does gimme trouble too. A friend of mine, Asha, is falling in love with someone. But, she keeps calling me to ask what is right and wrong. It was okay at first, but she keep asking me what should be done, and seems like she's not going to be herself just to win the heart of the person she fell in love with.

She used to like me 3-4 years back, secretly.. hehe.. but I was a moron for being so loyal back then haha.. She was acting differently few weeks ago whenever we talk she kept asking what a 'male' prefers, likings and what ever things she wanted to know about man. Asha is a nice lil gal who I think doesn't have any problem in getting any guy she likes, but at her age of 26, she's so careful, for not letting herself doing more and more mistakes in her life. But i think that's just fine.. She's so sweet to please the guy which i think just isn't necessary.. And nicely I answered all the things she asked, but there's only one question left unanswered for her..

For sure it's about me u moron, whoever is reading this.. I'm going to Muamalat now.. blah!!!

* And u know what.. I really miss my Farah.. and I just stole this picture from my sister's friendster page.

July 13, 2004

Me and Farah in a while... and back in KL..

This is about my lil sista, Farah...

Continued :: At home, as I was watching TV, I was as well listening to my sister, Farah mumbling. I was halfly awake at that time, was still tired going out earlier. She sweetly asked me...

Farah :: Along, why am I not getting anything for my birthday?
Me :: Hmm.. (smiling) maybe later, I'll buy u something..
Farah :: hmm... (shyly) hmm .. when u go out, and if u go to the McDonalds, can u buy me the Spiderman camera.. u can buy the no.4 meals .. hmm.. can u?
Me :: Do u really want it?
Farah :: (Blushed) hmm.. hehe.. yes.. I do..
Me :: (I was touched.. ) ok.. let's go..
Farah :: later at nite..
Me :: No .. we go now..

Touched :: I asked my father for his car, and tell 'em I'm out for buying my bus ticket. Half of my heart was sad.. and I was in tears while driving. Here my lovely dearie sister was asking something from me. I knew all this while I didn't pay much attention for her..

She was... :: She was always complaining about my fluffy long hair. And today I've cut it short.. She slowly admit I look nicer with my hair cut short. I always play around with her.. and cried when i overdone things.. she always asked is along coming back home this weekend to my mom..

Out :: Then bought my bus ticket.. went to Plaza Angsana.. queued at the McDonalds counter for 40 mins and later found out that the camera can only be bought at the KFC. While queuing up, my right eye irritated, so i just take off the contact lense and throw it off. Then, as I myself is a bit exhausted, then again I queued for another 40 mins.. and later found out that the camera can be bought at RM4, and RM6.90 with the food. So I took up the food package.. and get back home.. My dad called as I've started the car and later drive back home..

At home :: Have nice dinner.. My mom already cooked white carrot and lobster. Later I made myself a nice fruit juice from the Mas Helen fruit, nice, as nice u bite on it.. Looking at my sister... she was always playing with that stupid camera.. It's not a camera at all.. but she was so happy.. and that's the first time i saw myself made her as happy as that.. oo god.. what I've been doing for the past 6 years... she asked me to act in front of the camera.. always holding it close to her.. hugged it.. gosh.. i felt like crying watching her.. she asked me to act funny and she took my picture.. even tho there's no picture that will coming out, but she seriously playing with it.. so lovely..

Later :: she felt sleeping.. i kissed her good nite.. and hold her on my nap... i really love my lil sista... and now I'm not with her.. am always thinking of her now.. fantasizing if i can be at home now, playing with her.. you know, sometimes, when it's in front of your eyes, you won't appreciate, but if we're apart, we thought of what we missed, what we were supposed to do but we're not, and it's what I feel rite now..

11.30 :: My father sent me to the bus station.. he's a kewl guy.. I know he loves us very much.. i felt like crying again when he off the bus station.. i dun know why, this time it's hard for me to let things go. Really miss things there.. really miss JB.. miss a lotsa things there.. I was about to miss the bus intentionally so that I could stay.. but i would hafta work tomorrow..

4.30 :: Eric and Jamel fetched me, took us to late supper and took me to his home.. watched VCD.. and later he sent me to work..

Monday :: Boring.. boring.. boring.. was tired and sleepy the whole day.. went back home.. work out.. and talk to Yasmin?? hehe..

Touseday :: Boring too.. was hoping that I can go out.. today I'm going to take the car from my sister. and tonite.. got futsal.. See ya there!!!!

Copa America :: A week thru.. Goodbye long hair..

I'm not really watchin Copa America but the last thing I knew was Brazil qualified for the next round at last..

Last Thirstdae :: It was a normal boring working day. At nite, I went to Shangri-La with Eric, and Jamel, and later at nite went back.

Last Fridae :: Hehe.. I went to the Jumaat Prayer.. That's the most important thing to do.. At nite, went out with Eric, Jamel, Ayu and Nana to crossroad, concorde. It was a boring thing to do as well. I was having this kind of stomach ache for no reason. My intention to give a good attention towards Nana also failed caused of my stomach ache. Nvm.

Saturday :: The first with both contact lenses. Workin today.. Solved a few issues.. mostly solved by my boss.. I helped him just a bit.. Today is just not a good working day as I've been missing someone deeply. In the afternoon, took a bus to JB.. JB.. here i comes.. Missed JB too... It was a slow bus.. damn.. Arrived in JB late.. and out of nowhere Yasmin called.. I dun really remember her.. But she seems to be interesting. Get back home.. and slept with my contact lense still intact. But my left I gotta took it off as it was still irritating.

Sunday :: Woke up happily.. My head was so damn itchy and it just feels like there are a lot of small living creature running and biting my head. So sad about it. Well, then went out to look for the car i'm wanting to.. okie.. deal.. An EJ7 Honda Civic for the price of RM59,500.. Not really quite a good deal but it's a good car anyway. Done with that.. took my mom from home and went to a supermarket.. Masree Supermarket.. A place with damn cheap items. Butiful veges. Fresh fishes and meats, slurpy looking fruits. A whole bunch of things inside the trolley, i was estimating that it's gonna be RM100+ but it just priced around RM60. Not even RM60 then..

New Spectacle :: Then later I went out again, my father sent me out; to the Johore Baharu City Square. I was wearing my ugly looking spectacle, since I intended to change the frame. And the lenses broken. Was given free contact lense by the optician. Then I opted for a gucci frame, better looking, and plastic two tone tinted lenses. It cost me around RM700. Wow..

New Hair Cut :: Done with that.. went to the Thomas & Guys barber shop (haha). Talked to the stylist. She was commenting on my long hair, it look fluffy, oily and untreated well + a lot of stupid dandruff. It's really the dandruff, I'm having a very problematic scalp, it's too dried up and produces a lot of greasy oil as I'm having a typical macho male skin. Free scanned and wow, it looks like another world of living earth.

And a new look too :: She suggested a hair cut, and a japanese look for unshaved macho men too. Okay.. They washed my hair, even the hair washer not really wanted to wash my hair as it's so problematic. Then she cut my hair short. A new look of me. It's beautiful. Then.. put some hilite colour.. and done.. Later, washed my hair again, and blowed it up.. A new hair style and really looked different. A lil bit like Rob thomas.. hehe.. a bit.. just a lil bit.. For a complete make over.. just rm138.. + two items I bought for my hair.. RM228..

Back home :: By taxi.. RM8.. haha.. my mom really likes it.. but she was complaining on the colors.. hehe.. my dad's boss is coming home.. we ate a lot as my mom was preparing good dinner.. and now only I know why.. my dad's boss has a pretty daughter, and my parents was expecting her to come so that we can know each other.. hahaha.. bad tricks huh???

To be continued...

July 8, 2004

Entertainment This Week :: Futsal Match + Karaoke

Touseday :: Can't wait for the Futsal Match with the BCB Dealer's team. I was still one eyed, with my left eye were still unable to wear the contact lense yet. At 8.30, Eric fetched me, we had half boiled eggs and went to sports unlimited. There were eric, jamel, hemsem, paul and wife, sarawak and wife, baharuaruddin, aizam, ipin, bisu, rosli and wife, wandi and me myself. Played, and we won by so many uncounted goals. They scored only 5 goals. It's unbelievable that we were so that strong. I do respect the BCB Dealer's team as they're quite an active team and they're much more fit than most of our team members.

Nite Later :: We fetched Idayu and Marina from Pantai Hillpark. We first went to bangsar, had late dinner and later we went to BSC Star KTV for karaoke. Yummy expensive.

Wednesday :: A boring working day. Not so busy but busy. How's that? After work, Eric fetched me at work and went to Bangsar, had drinks and then later went to damansara perdana.. lepak for a while.. play with my guitar.. pack it up.. take it down, inside the car, and later go fetch marina.. went to karaoke again today, in Yow Chuan Plaza.. better selection of songs this time.. then sent marina back, and me, eric, gulung and jamel lepak in Bangsar mamak again.. lepak for a while.. had short chat and leave.

I just had this wonders this few days back. How does it feel when we fall in love. How do I know that someone has fallen in love. How to know that it's really love and not just lust.

.:So love blinded:.

July 5, 2004

Euro 2004 :: EOF...

Since last week :: I've not been updating things since I was too busy with things.. Murex implementation, Disaster Recovery Center setup, dry run and testing.

Euro :: It sounds kewl when Portugal met Holland in the Semi finals and Portugal won the game, but it's really dirty-looking when Czech lose to Greece. Czech as a team which never been defeated in any game ever was defeated by Greece, I think, for most of the team, caused by the morality. Just like the English, when Wayne Rooney was taken out of the game for injury (in fact he broken his leg), and this time Pavel Nedved was taken off the game.

Reasoning ?? :: Am I trying to create a reason? Well, In every team, we for surely have a morale raiser, just like Wayne Rooney and Nedved. Both are like the warriors, especially nedved, not being gayinsh but he's macho looks really made him looks like a warrior from the viking or roman era. If he's chosen to star in such movies, I would be really appreciating and admiring such a star. Having such a person, who's been doing a lot of things for the team, may actually maintain the good morale of each and everyone in the team. Once he's out, everyone will lose control, as they have no one to depend to.

England :: They are too depending on Rooney for his magic. Yes, he has a lot of magic. And when he was out, everything seem to gone wrong.

Final :: I watched it. Quite a boring game, I was siding on Greece since I do believe, team with stars will never make it. Yes I was right. When you have a star, you depend on them.

What should be done :: Big competition like this, you should never play with a star in your team. There are a few reasons:-

  • Their employees demand for compensation. This is stupid.
  • When a star plays, they always think that the team depends on them, but they themselves play too bad (eg, Beckham, Figo)
  • The team sometimes depend on the star to do their magic.
  • The star always act stupidly.
  • I don't like it when the star plays in such a big game, as they're looking at themselves as were having big names.

    Too bad :: Isn't it?

    Back to my life, I was busy with a log of things.. Yesterday was my beloved sister, farah's birthday. I love her so much..

    Happy Birthday to You ...
    Happy Birthday to You ...
    Happy Birthday to Farah ...
    Happy Birthday to You ...!!!

    I love u so much!!.. Unluckily, I was having red eye again. I can do nothing except for sitting there and sing for her. No pictures (i was totally forgotten about taking pictures) and what so ever, but at least I can see happiness through her eyes. Ya know, I've been not meeting my lil sister for quite sometimes, I was supposed to buy her something but I just can't

    And then, yesterday I watched EURO 2004 final in Concorde Hotel KL. Been there till the last minute. Hehe... won a consolidation prize, a Coca Cola Soccer ball, with titanium inside.. hahahaha..
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