July 8, 2004

Entertainment This Week :: Futsal Match + Karaoke

Touseday :: Can't wait for the Futsal Match with the BCB Dealer's team. I was still one eyed, with my left eye were still unable to wear the contact lense yet. At 8.30, Eric fetched me, we had half boiled eggs and went to sports unlimited. There were eric, jamel, hemsem, paul and wife, sarawak and wife, baharuaruddin, aizam, ipin, bisu, rosli and wife, wandi and me myself. Played, and we won by so many uncounted goals. They scored only 5 goals. It's unbelievable that we were so that strong. I do respect the BCB Dealer's team as they're quite an active team and they're much more fit than most of our team members.

Nite Later :: We fetched Idayu and Marina from Pantai Hillpark. We first went to bangsar, had late dinner and later we went to BSC Star KTV for karaoke. Yummy expensive.

Wednesday :: A boring working day. Not so busy but busy. How's that? After work, Eric fetched me at work and went to Bangsar, had drinks and then later went to damansara perdana.. lepak for a while.. play with my guitar.. pack it up.. take it down, inside the car, and later go fetch marina.. went to karaoke again today, in Yow Chuan Plaza.. better selection of songs this time.. then sent marina back, and me, eric, gulung and jamel lepak in Bangsar mamak again.. lepak for a while.. had short chat and leave.

I just had this wonders this few days back. How does it feel when we fall in love. How do I know that someone has fallen in love. How to know that it's really love and not just lust.

.:So love blinded:.

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