July 13, 2004

Me and Farah in a while... and back in KL..

This is about my lil sista, Farah...

Continued :: At home, as I was watching TV, I was as well listening to my sister, Farah mumbling. I was halfly awake at that time, was still tired going out earlier. She sweetly asked me...

Farah :: Along, why am I not getting anything for my birthday?
Me :: Hmm.. (smiling) maybe later, I'll buy u something..
Farah :: hmm... (shyly) hmm .. when u go out, and if u go to the McDonalds, can u buy me the Spiderman camera.. u can buy the no.4 meals .. hmm.. can u?
Me :: Do u really want it?
Farah :: (Blushed) hmm.. hehe.. yes.. I do..
Me :: (I was touched.. ) ok.. let's go..
Farah :: later at nite..
Me :: No .. we go now..

Touched :: I asked my father for his car, and tell 'em I'm out for buying my bus ticket. Half of my heart was sad.. and I was in tears while driving. Here my lovely dearie sister was asking something from me. I knew all this while I didn't pay much attention for her..

She was... :: She was always complaining about my fluffy long hair. And today I've cut it short.. She slowly admit I look nicer with my hair cut short. I always play around with her.. and cried when i overdone things.. she always asked is along coming back home this weekend to my mom..

Out :: Then bought my bus ticket.. went to Plaza Angsana.. queued at the McDonalds counter for 40 mins and later found out that the camera can only be bought at the KFC. While queuing up, my right eye irritated, so i just take off the contact lense and throw it off. Then, as I myself is a bit exhausted, then again I queued for another 40 mins.. and later found out that the camera can be bought at RM4, and RM6.90 with the food. So I took up the food package.. and get back home.. My dad called as I've started the car and later drive back home..

At home :: Have nice dinner.. My mom already cooked white carrot and lobster. Later I made myself a nice fruit juice from the Mas Helen fruit, nice, as nice u bite on it.. Looking at my sister... she was always playing with that stupid camera.. It's not a camera at all.. but she was so happy.. and that's the first time i saw myself made her as happy as that.. oo god.. what I've been doing for the past 6 years... she asked me to act in front of the camera.. always holding it close to her.. hugged it.. gosh.. i felt like crying watching her.. she asked me to act funny and she took my picture.. even tho there's no picture that will coming out, but she seriously playing with it.. so lovely..

Later :: she felt sleeping.. i kissed her good nite.. and hold her on my nap... i really love my lil sista... and now I'm not with her.. am always thinking of her now.. fantasizing if i can be at home now, playing with her.. you know, sometimes, when it's in front of your eyes, you won't appreciate, but if we're apart, we thought of what we missed, what we were supposed to do but we're not, and it's what I feel rite now..

11.30 :: My father sent me to the bus station.. he's a kewl guy.. I know he loves us very much.. i felt like crying again when he off the bus station.. i dun know why, this time it's hard for me to let things go. Really miss things there.. really miss JB.. miss a lotsa things there.. I was about to miss the bus intentionally so that I could stay.. but i would hafta work tomorrow..

4.30 :: Eric and Jamel fetched me, took us to late supper and took me to his home.. watched VCD.. and later he sent me to work..

Monday :: Boring.. boring.. boring.. was tired and sleepy the whole day.. went back home.. work out.. and talk to Yasmin?? hehe..

Touseday :: Boring too.. was hoping that I can go out.. today I'm going to take the car from my sister. and tonite.. got futsal.. See ya there!!!!

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