July 22, 2004

Wow.. BZ Days... Zarina Went Off AF2...

Akademi Fantasia has really been a shocking fever to all Malaysians. I was nearly dropped my tears when Zarina was having the most less vote for this week, and she was sent out..

Zarina :: A bright and talented student of AF2 that cheered up most of the rest of the students.

Well.. just forget about it.. The next day, Sunday, I went to giant with my sister and later, we went all together to KL to Laman Festival (Landscaping Festival) in Lake Garden. haha.. Here are the pictures..

A nice 'Jantung Pisang' which is growing up not down to eart as usual.

My Father with his favourite chalet sample.

My Bro, Iwan, posing at the same chalet.

We were walking around the place. There's a lot of things to be seen. My mom seems not to be exhausted as all the things there excited her so much. Then we went to have a lil refreshment while me and farah pose under this one special group of bamboo tree.

Then my father sent me off to my office, took bob's car and went back home. Then I don't remember what I do when I'm at home..

Monday :: Work as usual. I went back early as I'm supposed to be having an appointment with a Gym trainer in Uptown but later had to be cancelled as my boss called me to come back to the office. reached office at around 8.. and work till 10 something.. then went out with my boss.. had dinner.. and then later went back..

Tuesday :: Wen to work as usual.. bz as usual.. I work till late nite at 10, then went back home.. took bath and went out again. Left my car in Pantai and took LRT to Pudu.. took bus from pudu and around 12. Arrived in JB at around 4 AM. Was thinking to walk home but it was raining.. took the cab home.. and paid him RM8. bull shit. Rang the door bell and my father opened the door.. and slept

Wednesday :: Went up at 6 something. Subuh prayer and slept again. Woke up at around 9 something. My sister farah was preparing to go to school. I still remember she's wearing the PE outfit since the school will be starting with PE for that day. Then I went out to Goodwill Auto Trading, settled everything, picked up my car, went to JPJ for certain things, sent that salesman back to his office, went to city square, took my spectacles, then wait for my father at Kotaraya JB. Went to the Honda Center, talked to them about converting the engine, and repainting the car in black.. then took the volkswagon from my father.. took it back home.. had lunch.. nice lunch.. slurrpp.. my mom is always the best cook of my life.. then took off home with a cab to larkin, and took the bus to KL

in KL :: Reached KL at around 8.30. Took LRT to the office, rushing back home, took bath and went out to Sports Unlimited. As I'm early today, Farok, Hemsem and Cop are earlier than me. Played for an hour, met marina, Omen took her with him, and went off home..

Thirstdae :: A boring day.. for the first time of my life going to work wearing spectacles. I mean for the whole day.. I've attempted once, but i don't feel good. Today, I've got a new + expensive spectacle. Then free lunch by ZUBIR, as he's getting promotion in BCB. There's a lot more getting promotion in BCB.. and we're just taking turns to be treated by them.. hahaha..

And I do miss my farah rite now. Yesterday I left without seeing her and get her peek at my cheek.

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