July 29, 2004

At Last :: My Bro got his degree on his birthday!!!

Last Fridae :: Nuthing much.. Was doing work as usual. Went to work again on Saturday, seeing ieqha before going back to Seremban. My sister fetched me in Seremban, took me home, I went out to buy food for the whole family, went back home, watched Akademi Fantasia and watched Nurul happily walked out of Akademia Fantasia. Yes.. She went out at last!!!!

Sundae :: We're going to Melaka. Today is My Brother's Birthday and today is also his graduation day!!! What a lucky man!! I wish i could be coincidentally in such situation, but it will never happen.. I've already graduated. We went with two cars, My father was driving his Accord while me was driving my sister's satria. Went back to kampung and fetched my granma. Went to melaka, met them in the cafetaria and wait..

Met a few friends :: I met Jonathan and Ai Ming during the convocation. While under waiting under the tent, unexpectedly I met with Nadia, a closed pal in friendster, which she was my junior back in MMU. hah.. she's so plummy, anyway, we just had a very short conversation.. and she went off, as my father and my granma is there.. she hardly recognize nme.. what's the problem with me..

During the convo :: I didn't expect my bro to be coming up so early. He was among the early males to called up to get the degree from Dr. Siti Hasmah. SO I wander around.. doing nothing.. and noticing that a lot of eyes were following me everywhere i go.. feel so uncomfortable with that, so I just stay still on my chair next to my granma.. After that.. we did snapped a few pictures..

My bro...

The whole family is here.. I'm the most left standing tiredly...

Went off the convo place. Heading towards a restaurant and had a nice meal there.. Then headed back to my kampung.. slept for a while. and we had a party for my bro.. then drove back home in Senawang.. and with my sister went back to KL.. Dropped by the her home at Kajang.. and then she with two of her friends sent me off to the office..

me :: so happy.. hehe..

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