July 5, 2004

Euro 2004 :: EOF...

Since last week :: I've not been updating things since I was too busy with things.. Murex implementation, Disaster Recovery Center setup, dry run and testing.

Euro :: It sounds kewl when Portugal met Holland in the Semi finals and Portugal won the game, but it's really dirty-looking when Czech lose to Greece. Czech as a team which never been defeated in any game ever was defeated by Greece, I think, for most of the team, caused by the morality. Just like the English, when Wayne Rooney was taken out of the game for injury (in fact he broken his leg), and this time Pavel Nedved was taken off the game.

Reasoning ?? :: Am I trying to create a reason? Well, In every team, we for surely have a morale raiser, just like Wayne Rooney and Nedved. Both are like the warriors, especially nedved, not being gayinsh but he's macho looks really made him looks like a warrior from the viking or roman era. If he's chosen to star in such movies, I would be really appreciating and admiring such a star. Having such a person, who's been doing a lot of things for the team, may actually maintain the good morale of each and everyone in the team. Once he's out, everyone will lose control, as they have no one to depend to.

England :: They are too depending on Rooney for his magic. Yes, he has a lot of magic. And when he was out, everything seem to gone wrong.

Final :: I watched it. Quite a boring game, I was siding on Greece since I do believe, team with stars will never make it. Yes I was right. When you have a star, you depend on them.

What should be done :: Big competition like this, you should never play with a star in your team. There are a few reasons:-

  • Their employees demand for compensation. This is stupid.
  • When a star plays, they always think that the team depends on them, but they themselves play too bad (eg, Beckham, Figo)
  • The team sometimes depend on the star to do their magic.
  • The star always act stupidly.
  • I don't like it when the star plays in such a big game, as they're looking at themselves as were having big names.

    Too bad :: Isn't it?

    Back to my life, I was busy with a log of things.. Yesterday was my beloved sister, farah's birthday. I love her so much..

    Happy Birthday to You ...
    Happy Birthday to You ...
    Happy Birthday to Farah ...
    Happy Birthday to You ...!!!

    I love u so much!!.. Unluckily, I was having red eye again. I can do nothing except for sitting there and sing for her. No pictures (i was totally forgotten about taking pictures) and what so ever, but at least I can see happiness through her eyes. Ya know, I've been not meeting my lil sister for quite sometimes, I was supposed to buy her something but I just can't

    And then, yesterday I watched EURO 2004 final in Concorde Hotel KL. Been there till the last minute. Hehe... won a consolidation prize, a Coca Cola Soccer ball, with titanium inside.. hahahaha..
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