July 13, 2004

Copa America :: A week thru.. Goodbye long hair..

I'm not really watchin Copa America but the last thing I knew was Brazil qualified for the next round at last..

Last Thirstdae :: It was a normal boring working day. At nite, I went to Shangri-La with Eric, and Jamel, and later at nite went back.

Last Fridae :: Hehe.. I went to the Jumaat Prayer.. That's the most important thing to do.. At nite, went out with Eric, Jamel, Ayu and Nana to crossroad, concorde. It was a boring thing to do as well. I was having this kind of stomach ache for no reason. My intention to give a good attention towards Nana also failed caused of my stomach ache. Nvm.

Saturday :: The first with both contact lenses. Workin today.. Solved a few issues.. mostly solved by my boss.. I helped him just a bit.. Today is just not a good working day as I've been missing someone deeply. In the afternoon, took a bus to JB.. JB.. here i comes.. Missed JB too... It was a slow bus.. damn.. Arrived in JB late.. and out of nowhere Yasmin called.. I dun really remember her.. But she seems to be interesting. Get back home.. and slept with my contact lense still intact. But my left I gotta took it off as it was still irritating.

Sunday :: Woke up happily.. My head was so damn itchy and it just feels like there are a lot of small living creature running and biting my head. So sad about it. Well, then went out to look for the car i'm wanting to.. okie.. deal.. An EJ7 Honda Civic for the price of RM59,500.. Not really quite a good deal but it's a good car anyway. Done with that.. took my mom from home and went to a supermarket.. Masree Supermarket.. A place with damn cheap items. Butiful veges. Fresh fishes and meats, slurpy looking fruits. A whole bunch of things inside the trolley, i was estimating that it's gonna be RM100+ but it just priced around RM60. Not even RM60 then..

New Spectacle :: Then later I went out again, my father sent me out; to the Johore Baharu City Square. I was wearing my ugly looking spectacle, since I intended to change the frame. And the lenses broken. Was given free contact lense by the optician. Then I opted for a gucci frame, better looking, and plastic two tone tinted lenses. It cost me around RM700. Wow..

New Hair Cut :: Done with that.. went to the Thomas & Guys barber shop (haha). Talked to the stylist. She was commenting on my long hair, it look fluffy, oily and untreated well + a lot of stupid dandruff. It's really the dandruff, I'm having a very problematic scalp, it's too dried up and produces a lot of greasy oil as I'm having a typical macho male skin. Free scanned and wow, it looks like another world of living earth.

And a new look too :: She suggested a hair cut, and a japanese look for unshaved macho men too. Okay.. They washed my hair, even the hair washer not really wanted to wash my hair as it's so problematic. Then she cut my hair short. A new look of me. It's beautiful. Then.. put some hilite colour.. and done.. Later, washed my hair again, and blowed it up.. A new hair style and really looked different. A lil bit like Rob thomas.. hehe.. a bit.. just a lil bit.. For a complete make over.. just rm138.. + two items I bought for my hair.. RM228..

Back home :: By taxi.. RM8.. haha.. my mom really likes it.. but she was complaining on the colors.. hehe.. my dad's boss is coming home.. we ate a lot as my mom was preparing good dinner.. and now only I know why.. my dad's boss has a pretty daughter, and my parents was expecting her to come so that we can know each other.. hahaha.. bad tricks huh???

To be continued...

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