October 28, 2004

Hi.. I'm designing a web page...

That tuesday nite, I went out for Dinner with Aniza @ somewhere near Setapak. It's a chinese restaurant but written there in Big Fonts,


Haha.. I had the Ciku Ice Blended. It's so kewl. I was not so interested with the food as I've taken my heavy meals before. After the dinner, she sent me back home, and I felt sleeping straight away. Then woke up late in the mornin'. Had to go to work by Cab. So bad. It cost me RM5, it's not that expensive but shhh.. actually I'm trying to test myself how long I would survive with only RM20 in my wallet. So far, I made it for a week, but guees not for this week

I took the whole day to design just a simple web site. I'm no longer in the form of doing it anymore. So bad.. But i think i like it. As I took off all the other things that should not be in it, it's the simplest design i've ever done. Well it's just a small system to be used in a bank.

Talking about systems, only now i realized that i've written several systems to be used, some of them are still being used, and some of them are not. Talking about some applications i've wrote for Halal.com.my previously, such as the E-commerce site, e-card, and so many other things, includes the front page that has more than 10,00 lines of coding, which i've revamped and gave it a new look.. argh was so exhausted of doing all that, and badly, it was for free. Well, i stand for it as i think it's for the sake of all the moslems in Malaysia. After 4 years, as we've got no money to maintain it, it has been taken over by the government. Wow, I miss doing all that.

Then, when I work with The Rockets Avenue, I did their email system, enhancing their webmail. And they're still being used nowadays. In Telekom, I've developed an HR system. All web based.

And now, after doing all maintenance & servicing job, I'm given an opportunity to develop a web-based application, and it's now on JSP. It's quite hard for me to change my all-this-time structural programming paradigm into a new concept of Object Oriented Programming as exercised by JSP, Javabean, servlet, tomcat oh so what ever.

This morning, I wake up just nice to have my bath and still have the time to wait for the bus. I don't have any idea, what time else the bus coming. Last nite I was waiting for the bus at the KL Sentral for one wasted hour and lastly I decided to take a cab home. This morning, a cute chinese girl with yummy-sized breast was standing in front of me (Masya-Allah), but what to do, I was sitting on the couch, and she was standing towards me. Later one, I offered her to sit but she refused. I myself was trying to hold myself from looking at her but I just can't.. Just like the email Shalina sent, all man are the same. hahaha...


Went to a fireful meeting just now. My boss was being fired by some named Lim Ah Wa. Wow. The meeting was hot, until this one Assistant VP slowly tell hime that everything was okay, being approved, and the guy who fired everyone, got out of the room and make noise outside of the meeting room.

Guess he must be ashamed of himself for firing people without reason. My boss was the only one get attacked by him. Pity my boss..


My brother called. My car has just come out of the workshop today. He was about to drive the car back to KL when he called me. I was happy. But later on, he called me again, telling me the car was accidentally being knocked by some people who doesn;t know how to drive. F*CK!


Today, I had a chat with Fiza. We were talking abt problem we both had (for me have), which is the relationship with parents. I'm having problem relationship with my father. She had with her mom. But the discussion was ended nowhere. Then we talk about all other things exist in the world. And i think she's being sweet today. So shweet just like my mom. Opps, obviously she won't like it especially referring her by the older people. Hehe.. You're young baby. Physically and heartily.

October 26, 2004

My car is stranded....

oh.. the azan has been recited.. I gotta at least have a drink first... thank god for keeping me alive so i can still write in here..


Last Sundae :: I did nothing much at home, except for as I've been uploading my last blog, my father arrived home and I straight away helped him out with his thingy. He's going for an interview, for promotion. He's department has been left out of this one scheme that he was supposed to be having a very long time ago, 1980. Otherwise, he'll be one of the Directors in his department. As a very super supportive son, i'll be ready anytime to help him out of course... and slept at around 4 o'clock in the morning. Woke up late in the morning and I watched TV. what else i should do?

At 5.20 pm, I went out and fetched Wawa at her home, take her out to pasar ramadhan. We went to 3 main pasar ramadhan, Ampangan, Downside of Paroi, and Paroi Jaya. Thank god, it's so easy to find food in Malaysia, but the thing I was looking for, Kuih Akok, only sold at one place and I took quite a lot to be taken home.

Result :: Uwek.. it's so full of flour and it doesn't taste good at all. I wasted my Rm4. But luckily I bought a very tasty murtabak. I bought it for my sister Farah but everyone had it. Luckily I bought two pieces. Next time I should buy 4 or 5 pieces.

My life seems boring isn't it. I was bored to death yesterday at home. Nothing to do, I chit chat with my mom till she asked to get in as she's sleepy. It's always like that. People get sleepy while I'm busy talking. I talk too much nowadays. -sigh-


So Today is Monday :: Start to work. Yeah I'm in a monday blues. No mood to work at all. The workshop that I sent the car called me in the afternoon informing me about there's actually something is wrong with the car. Thank god, they've finally found it. I was expecting the car to be faulty, as I was feeling something is totally wrong with the car.

Ma housemate called :: the landlord has extended the time for us to leave the house. We're able to stay in the house for 3 months more. I'm so glad to know that. The new housemates is not promising any kind of good thing to me. I'm kewl with that. I'm comfortable with what i'm having now.

Today, there are no issues that would distract my thinking. I have to learn JSP. This is hard. I'm totally lost with JSP. For PHP, at least i've reference where i can just rojak things and it gives me result. For JSP, it's a real Object Oriented. But i just can say, it may be hard at first, as.. hmm actually I'm getting fed up working in IT.

Right now, I'm in the office, been wondering are those people that have always be in my mind, I love and care, doing okay with themselves? What do they have for dinner? Or fast breaking specifically..

Gotta ciao now. I'm getting hungry..

October 24, 2004

Fast Weekend!!

It's saturday night. I just can't help myself from this desire to write. Even though it's just not making any kind of sense towards anything, i just love it. I wonder what would be the reaction of anyone, especially my parents if i tell them i love to write. It's actually i told myself once that I'm gonna be a reporter, or journalist, since my nature to write has been there since i was in form three.

It was all started with my BM teacher, who thought us Essay Writing. I was definitely have no idea of what to write when i was asked to write an essay. Since my standard 6, i was bad in writing essay. Not even in Malay language, i was having a very bad english as well.

And I just can't forget that I failed my 'O' level (generally we call it 1119 English). Just because i didn't know what's the meaning of the word 'COWARD'. I was so sad later, after went off the exam hall and I opened a dictionary, found out that the word coward means.. something like no balls. Scared of doing something. It was supposed to about a coward boy but instead, I wrote about a brave boy.

It haunted me till the SPM examinations.


Yesterday as I went off the office, I rushed out but unfortunately, the lifts was so full, I decided to run down the stairs from the 12th floor of menara Muamalat. There, Ai Lin has been waiting for me, as I've been wanting to see her for a very long time. She was on fever.

I walked her to the star and we split. I was on Putra heding to kerinchi, to take my car and heading to JB. It was fine at first, till some distance after the seremban toll, i called my Pak Ngah and asked him for the time of maghrib prayer. For the fast breaking, I just took plain water and continued drive.

I called Fiza, got her. She went out with her family somewhere near the Legend Hotel. As we were talking, she asked me to call later as she's going to finish her meal and asked me to call her back at some later time. Then I called Tasha, same thing, as i felt like I shouldn't have called her at the first place. Then it started to rain, so heavily will i hardly see anything. I just cross my fingers and pray that nothing bad will happen as I was still driving at the speed of 100 km/h, quite fast for such condition.

All the way, I recalled everything, every single thing had happened in my life. I was recalling all cars I had. This is my 5th car after all. Since i started to work in May 2000, my Father asked me to use the Perodua Kembara, a chick's favorite 4wd. Even Tasha is looking for a Kembara for her first car.

The problem was, it consumes petrol like a 4.8 V8 engine. What the heck. Driving from KL to JB requires me to refill the tank. Whole journey costs me RM55 of petrol, not for the same journey, using my Satria GTi, the car that I had next to it, after I sold the Kembara paid in cash by a 'taikor' in Melaka. That was my first time having such amount of cash in my hand. The Satria GTi anyway, consumes only RM25 of petrol. Bigger displacement with more power consumes less petrol. At that time, I considered that as a miracle as I was still blur about the motorcar's engine system.

The reason was easy, low torque is good for short distance while high torque is much better for long driving. The petrol was consumed much less in my Singapore's version EK3 which was bought after my Satria GTi was stolen after just 3 MONTHS!! But, the car again was history as out of my knowledge, it was a smuggled car. History..

Then I used a lot my ex's car either her satria V6 or her turbo kancil. Both are kewl cars I could say. V6 than can accelerate amazingly and a kancil with blow off sound, at least I've got something I played with while boring driving. All my previous cars were standard, no modification except for the Honda Civic, which I changed the absorber's springs and it was rolling on a set of 17" kewl sports rims.

I started to do modifications on my 4th car, a Proton Wira 1.5 Gli. Not so kewl car but it managed to take me anywhere i wanted to. Started with the audio system which consists of an amplifier, a subwoofer, a cd/vcd/mp3 player and an LCD display. I drive around with that, of course at the early stage it was a cool thing to have.

Later, those the player & the amplifier was stolen, at the same time Lysa badly needs me, and Nana was crying calling me, telling me about her bf forced to her to eat the Tomyam Mee which has been mixed with the orange juice. I was blank as I was mad at the stealing.

Results :: I lost all, the audio, Lysa and Nana. haha...

A few months later, I replaced the player with a new player, without the VCD player and replaced the amplifier with the same one. Then I replaced the springs, to sports springs, and later the absorber, from oil to gas. And added stabilizer bars. And last thing I did was the sports rims. And that wira looks a bit kewl, even my friend borrowed it to go to a date.


After I finished paying for the Rims, I sold off the car and was without car for 3 months (May to August). I bought again a Honda Civic, and it's where my money all gone!! Converted to B16A4, a full blown exhaust system, from the air filter, air filter hose, front box, mid box and the muffler, adjustable absorders, sparco springs, stabilizer, new black paint, new sub woofer replacing my old woofer, one additional amplifier to the existing (taken from my previous car) and obviously my 16" CE48 Volks Racing sport rims!!! gosh.. I love the car so much!!! And that doesn't include new clutch pump, clutch plate, new head gasket, new speed sensor, new thermostat and new fan switch.



reached JB, took bath, prayed, took dinner and went to sleep. woke up for sahur and sleep, woke up for prayer and sleep. woke up and sent my car to the wokshop. wait for my father and then drive back to Seremban. When I was abot to reach Malacca, the workshop called me and asked me to take the car as there's nothing much wrong, just some fine tuning and everything is as usual. reached seremban, my father went straight to KL. I went to Pasar Ramadhan. called wawa to ask her to go together but she didn't pick up. bad.


watched My Siasat (previously called Edisi Siasat) there are few issues..

Masjid India :: Hei... this is just beind my office. I use to deliver my Jumaat prayer there, on the street. It was kewl, as we're praying on the street, and there are trees to shelter us from heat. the new development has totally covered up mosque from being seen. SO bad, I myself haven't been thinking about it. In the eagerness of the DBKL to develop the city, they've forgotten religious ethics.

Sharifah Aini :: Stupid issue. A waste of energy and time of the policemen who are supposed to investigate on other heavy crimes.

Poor family :: Who shouldn't be sad and sympathy for such thing. A family with 6 kids lives in a jungle side. No walls, just roofs with messy surrounding; but we all know that money is not easy to get but with proper way, money is earnable. No matter how, at least selling food, burger or whatever. The father used to drive around, in a van, selling old metals. But it seems like they're hoping too much on other people's help. I'm not sad of their poverty, but their lack of surviving effort.


Back from terawih, watched A Knight's Tale. I remembered I watched this movie with someone, but how good my memory is, there are still, things wiped out of my memory.

Gotta sleep!!!

October 22, 2004

Friday :: An early day

I'm early today.. woke up ard 6.30 even though i was only able to close even one of my eyes at around 3.30 earlier. I'm trying to get up early so that I can pack up all my things, since today I'm heading back to JB, I can't imagine what time i'll be reaching there since, 5.30 from KL all alone and the worse thing would be is that i'm gonna break my fasting during the journey.

The last 2 days seems to be nothing much to be happening in my life since I was too devoted to my work, devoted in the means of i've nothing to do rather than solving all the issues in the workplace but in fact, i've achieved nothing within these 2 days.

Project wise, I haven't completed anything yet. The wednesday was a bit tiring day. After that tiring GSMS training earlier in the morning, I was criticised by my boss for not being able to really understand the needs of the users for the system that I'm gonna develop.

Well, technical stuff u can always talk to me but operation wise or business wise, I don't think i'm the person since all I know in the office was just to develop programs, chat or just write anything i want. Working is no longer interesting as i used to experience formerly. But being longer in the office is something i'd been wanting to do as there's nothing much that can be done outside the office.

Wednesday nite, i fell asleep after practising with my guitar, as I was about to keep the guitar but I leaned on my bed and accidentally been sleeping till Lysa called me at around 1 o'clock. She's been so happy to be getting an internship in Washington. She seems to be madly happy with that, and even tho.. hehe I was so sleepy, I was happy too that she called as then I can wake up and take off my lenses.

Previously, when I was playing the guitar, Julie asked me to call and I talked to her for abt an hour as I was not talking to anyone for quite sometime, maybe 3 hours. That day, I broke my fast at Bangsar's Mosque, I took two plates of rice. It was too much. After the Tarawih prayer I bought a cup of corn and consumed it even tho my tummy was still stuffed.

And I read an advertisement about this one middle room to be let at RM250. Mine is now a small room rented for RM250. It's just worth it so I called the number.

The result :: Yesterday, i throwed about 9-10 times. It seems like my anus was tore wide. I can hardly walking yesterday. It really suffers me as the sensation of the 'thing' to get out of my tummy has totally pulled off my concentration and mood on doing my job. I can see it clearly each piece of the corn i took yesterday.. Eeeuuwwww!!!!

Thursday's Breaking Fast :: As it was raining, me and my boss wasn't able to get to Masjid Jamek to at least, enjoy the free food prepared by the mosque for public. We switched to plan B which is to buy the food from the 2nd floor's cafetaria but out of our knowledge, an event of fast breaking was also being held by Muamalat Bank people. We were just too shy to join in, so we just took picks of date and went upstairs. I made myself the Cappucino Coffee (so kewl, after a few days without taking it), Milo 'Kosong' for my boss and consumed small sweet potatoes, by Yann. and i felt stuffed too..

Going back home, i dropped by the mosque as usual. Then I went home and headed to the new house. Wow this time, my housemates is all chinese guy, and conincidentally, they're all from JB. I'm can partly claim my self from JB too as my parent is staying there. But the transfer list will be released soon by the government, so I'm hoping that my father will be transferred back to KL HQ. So I'll be having him around here. I'm still a small kid at 27. :p

Then I went out again as the Honda Car's Owners Club (HCOC) was saying that they'll be around Carlos in USJ at 10.30 upwards. I've been there, hoping that they're around but in fact it was raining and I can't even see the normally Black EK parking near the shell station. Went to Wira's house, watched TV like I wasn't for years, playing with the Internet, figuring out that I'm actually able to download all my Maxis email through POP3. Spootid. I was all this time looking ard the emails from that stupid web client. But now, I'm able to read it from my Yahoo Mail. hehe..


And then I was checking out the news. Nothing interesting to share today, or maybe if u wanna know that the Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) has been deregistered for the conflict of their leadership issues.

There's a lot murder and rape cases running on court all over Malaysia. But I guess it's happen on ly now. I think it's been happening since ages ago. There's a Taiwanese expat was murdered in Klebang Melaka. I just can't believe it. Klebang was so such a nice place, so calm and relaxing with the beach scenery, even though it was dirty, and I was even caught by Jabatan Agama for sitting inside a car suspiciously, it was a nice place to relax. How come there maybe a stressed out person or what ever it is to the stage that it could pushed the guy to murder that woman.

I just can't understand it. Why can't u stand your own anger and emotion. Why can't people stand their bad desires and intentions. Why can't they just hold back all their black spirits in their mind and heart.

Why people can just mind their own business, without having to steal or take other people's belongings. Why can't people just work by themselves to gain what they want. Why the project manager take responsibilities of their post? Why do I stuck here doing things that I'm not supposed to be.

Only God Knows Why...

(and that I actually love everything that I have and I used to have on this decent earth)

October 20, 2004

Life :: Think big considering long term effect

The blog site was terribly down yesterday. As I'd finished with my update yesterday, I'd accidentally submitted my post twice and this cause it to be appearing twice but when I tried to delete it, it fails.

Then thing has gone normal today. As I've been reading, doing my work and so many things, i was realizing that everyone of us was thinking big, no matter in what ever they do.

Like my boss, not to complaint or commenting on him, but i think this is just my thought towards him. He is just too ambitious, responsible and loves to keep himself busy all the time, as his age is now getting to 40 but his boredom was just everything of his life.

He's so worried of not getting a job done, and that's nothing yet. He was too, so worried if we have nothing to do. we loaded with bundle of jobs, as he was too confident that all of us can do that. It was true that all the task given are specific, and purposely, just for our group but if the thing has gone too much and we can't even handle it, how could u resist the surrounding pressure to add on more manpower or eliminate the tasks which are just too much.

I'm not saying that my boss is no good, in fact, he is the best boss I've ever had in my life. No such boss would care and cover the ass of his sub ordinates just like my boss did. I'm saying that he had covered me a lot when I did silly mistakes with things in the production server, several times.

And only for now, he is realizing that the workload are just too much, we are lacking of people and some of us, including are just not capable of delivering things, not only on time but we're also bound to a set of spootid standards made by the people without anything to do in the company! Not only that GSMS, we are also complying to CMMI and ISO 9002 spootid standards.

I'm trying to say I'm sick of all this.


Referring to another event, related to the issue, I'd remembered a couple which seems to be quite a close friends of mine, are getting married. Working the marriage out for the past 3 years, planning, saving, slowly building up their financial status and almost everything, just for the wedding. The couple which the male is an indian and the female is a chinese had this one conflict which always put this 2 couple into big quarrel especially when the big day is coming.

The groom, is thinking not to go to the wedding planner as it will incur a lot more cost rather than doing the wedding small and just nice, which is just nice to remember. He wants to throw all the money for the best honeymoon they'll ever had, something to memorize.

Well, the bride wants the wedding event to be big. She wants wedding planner, to be done in a glamorous place like in a hotel so that all her chinese relative will no longer look down upon her family. Talking about this matter only has brought them towards an endless fight, and this has been dragging for quite sometimes since last march, and their wedding was last August.

I remembered, during that wedding, something had gone wrong.. well that something something.. err... to cut it short, as something had happened, a big quarrel had happened between both families, a physical fight was nearly to happen. I was so scared so see such a situation where you know, the girl which come from a family that has somekind of 'black kongsi' roots while the indian guy was just a normal guy, which happened to be, the chinese relative dominating the quarrel, and the groom were just kept quiet.

Even the special guest was involved in the fight, then it came to this one stage where they started to be racially attacking each other and it means that I should go but as the groom see I'm leaving, he followed me quickly and asked me to drive fast. And it also involves money which has come a lot from the bride's side.

He was crying in the car, i was speechless. Anyway, initially, i had to be agree with the groom. The wedding should be just nice, not to be too grand, which has caused problem to all other people. For me, it's not wedding that should be taken cared of, but it's the RELATIONSHIP! He has been so nice to be tolerating the girl to be having such a big wedding, for the sake of being tolerable to the one he loves so much!

I like his ideas. He thinks big for the marriage. He planned for a wonderful honeymoon. He's planning to buy a nice house at the sub urban area, as he prepared the money for the down payment. He was planning to get insurance. He insisted his gf to open a sharing account for the sake of their kids but...

The bride refused as she was thinking of having such a memorable event so that everyone else can always remember her big day. And of course, he had to tolerate his money for that nearly RM100k event, in such a big Japanese hotel!

And now all gone. They are unhappily married. The money spent was all for nothing, which is true, it's memorable, not for the sweetness but for all teh fights & quarrel happened, and now, he is always being cursed for not having savings to buy a house (geez, what the hell else does she wants?)

Think Big :: I think everyone does think big, but in a different way and manner of viewing it. Like just now, my other boss, an indian guy, who happened to be not so particularly on documentation, who were just targeted a project to be delivered successfully, well after a few session of GSMS, he is now aimed to be getting 100% complaince (whadda heck?) . He always think big but this big is just incredibly ridiculous.

Well, don't u think that we should highly respect those people with big thinking because; they have dreams, and they are positive! I people with dreams and positive thinking! They are successfull people, given u're doing it right!

October 19, 2004

Wowwee :: It's Ramadhan again....

The pix i'd promised to be put up. Me & Yann, my office colleague.

So, as I went out late last Thirsday nite, I was about to go to the mosque for Tarawih, but I was late, as I was arriving there when they're just about to start the Witr Solat. Then I went home, I was sleeping a lil bit late, as I'm gonna take sahur but the stall downstairs was closing as I was there. Previously I've sms'ed a lot of people by reading and reminding them the Fasting Niat, as a wish for fasting too. Haha, was too boring to do anything else, as I have not intended to go out that nite.

So the next friday, it was beautiful morning, it's the first morning of Ramadhan. I like the feeling of being the Ramadhan. I just can't wait to be in the mosque everynite, just can't wait to see people rushing home to break their fast, can't wait going here and there to go to different mosque every single day, just enjoy free food and the most important thing is, to actually sit with other people, from different level and background, gathering in one place and enjoying the food together.

And TV is showing Jejak Rasul, one of my last time favourite tv show, showing us the beautiful sceneries of late Islamic government, or ancient inheritance of Anbiya's.

In the month of Ramadhan, we are suppose to be nice to people. Take care of other people. One thing we must remember, how hard our life is, there are people who live harder than us. Even though we are so used to easy and wealth life, we must remember that all those wealth comes from the Al-Mighty. So the month of Ramadhan is the most suitable time for us to show we care, by helping people, as the Ibadah being done in this holy month is blessed many2 times more than any usual other months.

(I hope i'm writing this in such a simple language, as I want the message to be delivered successfully.)

First breakfasting :: After the office hours, I was rushing back home. It seems like the road was jammed badly. I was leaving the office at around 5.15, took the LRT to Kerinchi, and reached there, I took the new highway NPE to reach my home in Taman Desa. I regretted that I was supposed to pack up all my things first, then I can straight away drive home in Seremban. At around 6, I went off home and drive through Besraya to get to Serdang and Kajang. At kajang toll, as I've topped up my touch 'n' go card, I drove fast but carefully to seremban. I remembered I was driving 160 km/h, and parying to god there'll be traffic cops around. Guess they're heading to break their fasting with their family too.

As I reached home, I was 15 minutes late. Everyone was home, abah, mak, iwan, ina, adik, izzat & a friend and my dear farah. I was so happy, even though I'm late, I'm seeing the full gathering of the family @ home. One good present for me in the month of holy Ramadhan.

After having my meal, I was about to move my car back into my house. Here comes the problem. My car was hard to start and I was trying my best to move it back into my house. I was starting to worry, what would be happening next. My car is always problematic nowadays. I've to be driving it carefully. More careful afterwards.

Went to Tarawih, and not concentrating, was only thinking about my car, all the time. Went back home, Tadarrus and talked to my father about my car. He asked me on one fine day to send it back to JB for inspection. I was glad my father is helping, as I'm getting broke and broker. just to get my car back into it's previous state of health.

Saturday :: The next day, as I'm supposed to be going out with Tasha, I don't know what to say when my father asked me to follow him to my Kampung in Melaka. Well, I just followed him as last nite, as I was calling her, she was telling me that she can't make it, as at first I was rushing home early on Friday, so that I can break fast with my family and for the next day, if I go out, my family won't be so curious about me going to break my fast outside. But she was telling me that it would be okay for us to just to go out, and breakfast at our own home separately, so I think that would be a waste of time, I think my father is much ore important as this time, as he put hope on me to really follow him back to Kampung.

Ard kampung, my whole Pak Long's family was there. Was missing my granma, mak lang, mak long, ati, arifah (remember arifah picture with farah?) and I dun remember the last one, a too cute gal with a beautiful hair. I was envying her hair. Her hair is an original hair style of Tasha, beginning with straight, wavy and curly and the end. I don't why I was crazy for such a hairstyle but I think it's beautiful. Even Erien was trying superhard to get such a hair. Tasha was trying to straighten her back but I was the one who stopped her. Haha.. I would be crazy if everyone I know with that hair try to change their hair style.

And even Ai Lin, was having such a pretty hair too. Just like that.. Begin with straight, wavy and curl at the end. Anyone out there with such a hair, be careful I'll be hunting and haunting you for life.. hahaha..!!!

Saturday morning, i tried to start my car and get it warm, it seems to be okay. I guess, I'll be reaching KL okay later, but hafta drive really slow and careful.

Went back to kampung, wento to look for my sister's Baju Raya, went to Pasar Tani, Pasar Ramadhan and headed hom, called Tasha, no response, and I washed my car, my sister's and my father's car as well. Break fast, and went to tarawih, walking. I intended to walk as I think my tummy was so full of food, everytime i eat. I've been becoming a big eater lately, and I'm much more when I'm eating my mom's cooking. After Tarawih, I slept early, as my knee was aching from, I dunno, guess it was from sitting too long in between the prayers. But I woke up again as I smelled Ridsect, sprayed by my bro.

I was mad and think it's crazy to spray ridsect in such a closed compound, with air conditioning. He was claiming there are mosquitoes around, but I had never been bitten even once. So spootid. I was mad and I even stay outside watching Rides, it's about eleanor, the mustang car, which is the most wanted car, the most adorable car, most expensive in the 'Gone in 60 seconds'.

Shundae :: Had sahur, went to sleep, wake up for Subuh and sleep again. woke up ard nine, and watched TV.. also managed to take these pictures..

Simply my car again...

My bro's new car. A volkswagon. He wax it everyday.

My sister's car, with the sport rims taken from my previous Wira. Looks nice and fun to drive too, even it's a bit slow.

Today, I did nothing. I remembered, I sent my bro off to Bus Station @ 10am, then I read newspapers. I was trying to call Tasha again but still no answer, guess she was busy with other things, as she likes to decorate her home on holidays.

Tadarrus, and there's when I was suppose to go out to Pasar Ramadhan but I didn't. I stayed at home with my beloved Farah, sleeping while she was playing games on laptop. Then we atched this one scary movie. I don't remember, it was hellraiser, she was scared, she lie down next to me and slept.

As usual, that nite, went to tarawih, and tadarrus. Slept, and tomorrow morning get up early as to get ready to get back to KL.

Moondae :: Boring. One whole day training. What the ....! After work, my kind boss, took me to a restaurant, and breakfast together. Went home, as I was boring waiting for parking to be available, I called Niza and asked her out for tea. @ Dorai, met with Elizany + Ayam and we chatted till late, then headed home.

Tousedae :: And again today, a very nice Ramadhan morning. I wake up with smile as I've been thinking of things I wanna do today.

October 15, 2004

Read this.. a very good one!

Lunch :: I went to have my lunch in the citibank today (hei i'm updating my blog so much more often nowadays rite, but i have so many things to share with you guys...), i was full with the nasi ayam + drumstick + hati. nyum, nyum.. bestnya (sorryla orang2 di US dan UK yer). I was accompanying my officemate, oh yeah, i've forgotten about my cute picture taken just before we went out to citibank today. I'll put it here tomorrow.

Working :: I was working hard today. Despite of chatting with all my friends over the YM and entertaining my boss, i was doing all my job. Was too busy. Suddenly Lysa called and I was so surprised. She said that i was not online so she called. How sweet. So as I still have my card balance, i decided to call her back in the USA (for those in UK can do that too, just leave me ur phone number and i'll be happy to call u :p)

Lysa :: We were talking on the phone, and then later continue talking over YM, as usual we talk abt life.. and bla bla bla.. talk abt.. actually she was surprised by my openness when i talked to her mom. Maybe I was getting mad at something so i just said what ever i wanted to say that day.

Email :: Later, i opened my Maxis email, after reading all my boring HCOC emails. and I was reading this.. come on read this.. it's kewl man.. seriously..


I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. I have never figured out why the sexual desire gene gets thrown into a state of turmoil when it hears the words, "I do".


One evening last week, my wife and I were getting into bed. The passion starts to heat up...and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me."

I said "WHAT??..What was that?" So she says the words that every husband on the planet dreads to hear..."You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man!"

She responded to my puzzled look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?"

Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next day I opted to take the day off from work to spend time with her. We went out to a nice lunch and then went shopping at a big unnamed dept store. I walked around with her while she tried on several different, very expensive outifts. She couldn't decide which one to take, so I told her we'll just buy them all. She wanted new shoes to compliment her new clothes, so I said let's get a pair for each outfit.

We went on to the jewelry dept, where she picked up a pair of diamond earrings. Let me tell you....she was soooo excited. She must have thought I was one wave short of a shipwreck. I started to think she was testing me, because she asked for a tennis bracelet when she doesn't even know how to play tennis.

I think I threw her for a loop when I said, "That's fine, honey." She was almost nearing sexual satisfaction from all of the excitement.

Smiling with excited anticipation, she finally said,"I think this is all dear, let's go to the cashier".

I could hardly contain myself when I blurted out, "No, honey, I don't feel like it".

Her face just went completely blank, as her jaw dropped with a baffled


I then said, "Really honey! I just want you to HOLD this stuff for awhile............You're just not in touch with my financial needs as a man enough for me to satisfy your shopping needs as a woman".

And just when she had this look like she was going to kill me, I added,

"Why can't you just love me for who I am and not for the things I buy you?"

Apparently I'm not having sex tonight either......


I used to do that. I used to return the words being said and irritates me. Is that good?

Sometimes, i just think that girls (female) only wants the male to satisfy them and do whatever they want, but then the boys (male) cannot.

Haha... like last nite (i'm not suppose to share this, i'm embarassed but i can't hold it when I read that story).

I called Sasha and asked her to do me a favor of doing something and she was saying that, I've not been calling her for sometimes and suddenly i'm asking her to do something. She asked me to pay, and I said okay! I'm fine, i can pay, well she regrets saying that and she'll do it. I said i'll send it to her home as I don't want to trouble her to come out at nite to come over to my place and take it from me, but she insisted to come. Without thinking of anything, I'll just agree as I myself was tired.

She reached my place at around 10.30 but dressed up like tomorrow is a holiday. I get down with my short and my worn sleeveless shirt, wearing slippers, as I was about to go to sleep.

I gave it to her and she asked, "Let's go out for a movie or, tonite is ladies nite!!!!". I was so tired and I told her nicely, "Dear, i'm so tired and can i get to sleep?"

I'm not only sleepy, but i'm on a tight budget as well. As now I'm paying a lotsa things monthly (oh i haven't paid my HSBC credit card yet...) So i told her, "I'm tight on my budget so I guess I can't". But she still insists by saying that she'll treat me.

She's cute, driving a Honda Stream, which normally I'll drive when we go out, again i told her, i can't drive, my legs were... "Okay, i'll drive. please go up and change for me please please please... "

I was agreeing to go with her but I just can't hold myself to be joking to her back by saying, "Well, we haven't been seeing each other for a while and now u're asking me out. I want u to pay me to be ur escort bla bla bla..."

Prap!!! She throw all my papers on the streets and she just left. The back tire nearly went over my left toes. damn.. I was blurred. I was trying to be joking.. erkk.. i called her, no answer, and later unreachable.

The same story, i can't get her to do my job, and if i'm lucky last nite, we'll be enjoying till late morning @ the planet...

A nice lesson to me. Do not joke about what a girl say to you.. haha.. so embarassing.. haha.. merah muka..!


One good thing to try for today!

1. goto Google Translator
2. type "Aishwarya's mom is nice and cool" into the translation box and select translate from english to spanish.
3. get the result, copy the translated text and copy and paste it back into the translation text box and select translate from spanish to english.
4. see the result and u'll be very happy..

October 14, 2004

What do u think guys? Gimme feedback..

I was early in the morning. Woke up ard 6.25, as early as that, but still i took my sweet time to go to the bathroom. Get out of the house ard 7.10, get to my car and checked the engine oil & water level at the shell station near my house. Topped up water in the radiator, as usual and topped up engine oil, finishes off the balance in the bottle. Was thiking of sharing the latest picture of my car with you guys.

How was that Volk Racing SE47 new rims inside my wheelarch? And that car is lowered down by the Top Perfect (I just getta know about the brand yesterday) adjustable absorber + Sparco Springs.

From the right side of my car.

As the station is getting more & more people, i just took two pictures. Malu.. hehe.. Then drove off to plaza pantai and ride lrt to masjid jamek. Saw a cute girl with a big boob in the LRT just now, and bitchy look too. Hehe..

Reached Masjid Jamek and get the free The Sun Paper. I was triggered reading a mail from a reader writing about handling the raise of Petrol Price lately. Here it goes. (Sorry to the author, I'm not copying but i want to quote the whole email. It was good)

Save petrol, work a 5-day week

The price of the petrol has been increased again by 5 sens/l. With the present market situation, there's a possibility of further increment.

Since October 2001 (please note), the petrol price has increased by more than 25%, or 29 sen from RM1.13 to RM1.42.

One most effective way to reduce the impact of this increment and the amount spent by the government to subsidise the petrol usage is to reduce the usage of petrol.

Companies in the private sector should play a major role to help reduce the usage of petrol by cutting the number of working days to 5 days a week.

Reducing the working days will help staff to save more than 16% on petrol allowance and expense.

A drop in petrol allowance and expense will increase the profit of the companies and the purchasing power of their staff which are good for the economy.

Petrol is mostly wasted during traffic jams on Saturday Afternoons. Instead people should fully utilise their saturdays @ home and spend quality time with their families.

Companies that have five-and-a-half working day can make up for the hours lost on satudays on weekdays. The company should go for quality not quantity.

Two full days off on weekends will not only reduce petrol usage but also improve the air quality. Lower lower consumption also means Malaysia can export more petrol to boost the country's revenue

via e-mail

What do you think. The sender has got so many points to ponder and think about. My boss has just came in and I've gotta do my work now.. hehe..

A bz wednesday

A real bz day today. Yesterday, I went home and went out again for my Futsal session. There 12 person. I'll try to recall one by one of them.

Me, Rosli, Mi, Bahar, Wira, Paul, Farok, Hemsem, Labu, Ipin, Bisu, Pakwan.

Kewl I remembered all the 12 people attended last nite's futsal. I'm worried, as being too busy will actually wekened the ability of memorizing.. argh!!

It was fun, even though i'm still haunted by my leg injuries. I do feel like my legs are too heavy to be lifted off the ground. But slowly and easily I can cope up with everything again. Scored a few goals.. hehe..

After futsal, no one is going to have supper. Damn! Then I called Liza and asked her out. I brought her home while I bathed and changed. Well, she needs to go back soon.

Earlier yesterday, I called Tasha, telling her how much I miss her these days. Sound stupid to you people who read me as a playboy. No, I'm not. I was told that I sounded playboyish from the list of girls that I went out with.

I just went out with them. Nothing to worry about. No string attached. Especially Asha, she always think I'm fooling around. No I'm not.... okay? I like to be friend with anyone. I would never dislike anyone. If you wanna be my friend, carry on, but don't push me to be disliking anyone.

And today again, despite of being so damn busy the whole day, chatted with Baby, Niza, Ai Lin, Rynna, Ckin, my boss and Jeff online. So stupid, my boss sit next to me but I chat with him online.. hahah just for the fun.

Pity baby, she had to do the work again all by herself. Niza again talked abt things, life.. Really like talking to her.. she was telling me the experience of she being courted by a fella in HRC last Saturday. Ckin was talking about the band competition last nite. Yeah I've totally forgotten about it. A total ost of my mind isn't it. I was supposed to go there to watch the band competition final.

Heh.. remembered when I was in the band competition, back in MMU a few years back. Spootid. I've forgotten the lyrics, as the bass sounds weird. So shameful. Earlier, my brother went off the beat badly. Another shameful moment. But at least, I can still smile when me, eric, kimi, amat and hemsem performed during the management night. When we stpped up the stage, everyone was like cheering up. As we presented the 1st song, acoustically, then we present the next song in full piese which requires me to do a lotsa things. We were boo'ed as we started late, there so many things i've to configure. As we started, people started to jump on joy as we're the loudest and the most rocking band ever that nite. As we stepped down, people are screaming for more.. Applauding our name MOSH MOSH MOSH so many times but they were just left with frustration as we need to off the stage.

We're said to win, but we're not. But at least, we know that people left the hall as the winner wasn't us. And i've becoming much2 famous after that.. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, i was thinking that Liza might be taking some amount of money from my wallet last nite. Damn IT! I'm starting to dislike someone. DAMN DAMN! I'm off the office now

(8:33 pm)

October 13, 2004


Last Friday match :: We lost to RHB 3-1. Got a silver medal for that. After match, went to watch a match between my boss's team and ex-kelantan team. Ex-kelantan won by 4-3. Then went straight home, sleeping.

Last shatterday :: Woke up early in the morning. Sent clothes to laundry and took cab to the LRT station. went to Puduraya, bought a ticket to Tampin N9, walked to Menara Muamalat, asked shah for breakfast, he didn't come down, i ate by myself, and ride the bus till Tampin. From Tampin, i walked about 30 minutes to the worksyop. Paid for everything, and my car seems to be okay.

The foreman, Ah Lek, offered me a set of adjustable absorber and sparco spring for rm400. I was damn amazed. deciding that i have a few dollars left in my bank, i told him that i'll take it next week, as I don't have much time today as I'll be having an appointment with a friend in KL. later on, I left and went to my kampung, intentionally to see my granma but she wasn't home. Then I reconfirm with my friend and he cancelled the appointment, i straight away went back to the workshop and ordered the foreman to install that adjustable absorber and sparco spring. Hahaha.. just for Rm450. The adjustable spring, i'm not sure what brand it is, but according to my other foreman, it was quite a branded one. TP, something like that. I knew sparco, of course.

It was a bit hard ride, but it's kewl. Went back to kampung, met my father, brother, and my granma and mak lang as well. Had lunch, talk with my bro and father, and then left. Went to Seremban, sending both of the indonesian workers to do work at my home in Seremban, then I headed off to KL. And I'm supposed to go out with my friends in kl to HRC but..

Oh shit :: I dunno why, after getting ready for HRC, i dunno when did I closed my eyes, and it's already 4.30 in the morning.. oh shit.. and I can't sleep now. I went out, take a ride in my car, go round and round.. and get back home. Was bz, SMSing with Tasha, Maz, Siti, Ai Lin and Voviana.. Then I went out again to see Vovi but then she didn't pick up my phone.

Then I headed straight to Klang, as NJ was already bored being alone in her room, i took her to Klang and I treat myself a new VOLK RACING SE37 16" sports rim.. hahaha.. Then we had lunch (lunch + tea) at Jalan Kuchai Lama and then we headed to KL.

Suddenly, Jalan Ampang, my car staggered a lil bit, and i wonder why my car staggers. Suddenly, i looked at the temperature, and it maxed like mad. No wonder why. I quickly drove my car, and just after concorde, i parked my car by the side of the street, and opened the hood.

My radiator was drying, hot water steaming, coming out of the radiator, smokes coming out of the head cover. I straight away fill in water into the radiator but it was vomiited out again and again.

There's one guy advised me to actually pour water on the radiator to cool it off. I took water from the nearby Caltex station. Wait for it to cool off, and i try to calm myself down. Pity NJ, she was a bit scared, but she seems kewl. I'm not.. hehe.. Once the temperature went down, I slowly, fill in the radiator with water, close the radiator cap and drive back to Shah Alam. But I don't think we can make it. I stopped at the Esso near Pusat Bandar Damansara, called Zahid about that matter. He advised me to do this and that.. And maybe he'll come over to my place to see my car.

I headed to Taman Desa. NJ had to stay with me tonite. I'll let her sleep in my room and I'll just sleep outside. It was too bad. I'm damn worried. What'll happen next to my car. The next morning.. woke up, took NJ for breakfast and we went off straight to Zahid's place in Puchong. He did direct-wire my fan to the igniter, and my car was okay, but the check light was on. Damn it.

I sent off NJ to her college in Shah Alam, and heade to Subang. Called wira, for which workshop he did sent his car, he told me about a workshop near to my late house in USJ, Goodyear Court 3. Went there.. and they detected, my switch fan went out and my Vigor Speed Sensor went off.

Damn. hafta wait for quite a very long time.. suddenly..

My baby called. Lysa, or whatever Rosie called me from the US.. hehe.. i'm so so so glad. At this hour i really need someone to talk to me. I'm so worried about my car. I even take leave for my car, and suddenly she called. Soooo sweet. hehe.. listening to her laugh is enough to cheer me up. i kinda miss her. (and when i'm writing this, I'm still talking about moments with her.. haha)


I was once so in love with this baby... she was sweet but it was me (spootid) who never knows how to take care of a gal. It was last year I guess? yeah last year... she is a real nice and sweet girl. really. And she claims to be my blog's no.1 fan..


Niza also called.. talked for a while and i continued with my worries.

Done with my car.. another RM0.7k++ flies just like that. Changed the thermostat, fan switch and Speed Sensor. no more check lights. hahaha.. went to dinner with Wira at Carlos, then went back home sleeping..

Tuesday :: 1st day @ work. Tunzaleha (u know who u are) msg'ed me this morning. we talk for sometimes.. She had no class tomorrow but she (i think) seems to be sleepy..

Then for the reast of the day, I do all my work. With happiness, no worries. Cause I dun have car problem any more.. hahahaha

After work, chatted with Lysa (Baby) again.. pity her, she had to do her group assignment on her own.. only by herself.. and we had a long chat, as I'm accompanying her doing her assignment.

Tasha msg'ed me.. i'm gonna call her now :p

October 8, 2004

It's just not worth it!!

It's been told that, it's not worth it that you raised your voice for your anger. Uncontrolled anger is no good for anyone, it harms people feelings, and it had made me terribly down for the whole nite. I was hardly sleeping while thinking of it.

Nah, the damage was just RM100. It was just like sending your car to the service and change the lubricant. So what's the deal of letting yourself being driven by your anger?


Done with that.. hehe.. I was so happy to know that my brother's car damages was just a little. But my car wasn't. I had to pay RM1700 for my car. But I guess it's just normal for a car which was just converted. Ya know, using parts from the half cut, who could assure your the reliability of the parts inside.

For my car, there are a few things involved; The whole radiator was replaced + the water container, the clutch plate, clutch spring, clutch spring, brake service, head service and head gasket. That sounds too much right, but it worth it. I had to test to how far my car can go with that current second hand parts. Asusual, clutch played the most important role. So it need to be changed. Thank god I've gotta changed it now, not later, when eveything has gone wrong too.


Today is our team's final match day. It's the closing sports event for us. The next few days then we'll reach the month of Ramadhan. I just can't wait to be in it. It's not the 'Raya' Festive that i'm waiting for. Raya for me is just one day, that only one day, or maybe a few days after that when i go and visit my relatives. Friends, i'd rather see them when I'm back in KL, or in the function in the office.

Ramadhan is just around the corner.. So what's so kewl being in the Ramadhan..

1. Fasting.
2. The time to stop fasting, went to the mosque and get free meals.
3. Pasar Ramadhan
4. Break fast with friends

I dunno.. so many things..


Malaysian Idols!

Jac and Dina.. Of course Jac. I really hope she will go and represent Malaysia in the World Idol. And if we have the Universal Idol or Planets Idol, she can represent and promote Malaysia to the whole universe.

I love this country. So so much. Why?

1. We live so harmonious with a lot of ethics, religion and culture; other countries; jangan harap la..
2. We have good people. Who are sympathetics with issues. That's why Akademia Fantasia is so popular compared to Malaysian Idol.
3. We have good singers, like Jac. Not nurul or Mas. Siti hehe.. Misha, Anuar Zain, Myself.. hahahahaha
4. We have a policy that urged people to work harder to own better materials. Worth it rite? To own a Merc, or BMW, u just have to work extra-ordinary. Everyone does pay tax the same way.
5. Peaceful aye? Especially in Taman Desa. So so so peaceful.. I can walk peacefully from My house to Seputih Station (which takes me about 40 mins everyday).
6. I just love this country.


Yesternite, went off the office a lil bit early, went to the Wisma Selangor Dredging for some work. And to KLCC, loafing around waiting for Niza and Azam to come out of the movie. Then went to Shah Alam, had nice dinner, knowong Ida, Niza's friend. and then went off home.

Asha called again.. hehe.. so sweet. and just opened an sms, it was from Tasha.. all of a sudden, she said she missed me.. I was just amazed. But i'd prefer the call from UK that made my day, a few days back.. i just find it so sweet.. so so shweet..

October 7, 2004

Tryin my best, for life...

I'm trying my best to write everyday. It seems that so many things happens in my daily life, but the workload has been pulling me off, of my writing (and maybe talking) habit. I'm less talkative. I concentrated more on my job. My job wasn't that much but my boss keep nagging me on his busy-ness. And keep asking me whether i've done what I'm suppose to do earlier.

My last tuesday was quite a happy day for me. We've won the semi final match with the EDS veteran, the team that swept all other teams during the league. And we're to the final.

Here are some of the pix I've taken late after the game.

The guy with the shining logo on his shirt is my boss.. HAHAHAHA...

No.4 My bro, changing his short.

It was taken after the vistory. Full time result was 2-2 but we've had penalty kicks. We've won 5-4. It was not that great but we've just defeated a team full of ex-states and even ex-national players. I wonder how come they work with EDS (previously with BCB, or maybe BBMB)

That nite, again i played futsal. It was a really tiring day. I was playing futsal like i've never been playing before. I was sweating like i was being baked in the oven. The whole my body was deadly wet. Only 6 of us, and we played 3 by 3. I scored so many goals. I pushed myself really hard, and I met Eric that nite.

After futsal, I followed eric to see his friend in Ampang. We've been talking a lot about the things gapen lately to his life. It seems that so many bad things happened to him and it involves some other outsiders to his family or what so ever. I just tell him one thing..

"Biaq oghang buat kat kita, jangan kita pi buat kat oghang"

Means :: Let whatever things people wanna do, either to sabotage, envy, but please don't revenge, or do such things to other people.

Met his friend, a girl, yeah cute. He told me he was nearly be in love with her. I believe in that, it just that, she is 2 years older than us. I would adore such a girl too. But i regret it that I've forgotten to snap her picture. haha..

Then went back home and sleep. It was quite late. 2am.

Wednesday morning, i drove my bro to my former office, and took LRT from there. I didn't remember I drove that car fast, cause i always drive my car just like how father drive his car.

Yesterday was sucks! I was bored in the office, and i do a lotsa things that does not realte to me. I was so happy that today I'm planning to go out with Ai Lin after work. But she was late, she had conference which the whole company should attend to (which i think it's weird) and i've to wait for her for quite sometime. While waiting, i didn;t realize that my father called me up. I called him back and oh, i'm screwed.

I don't know what has made him so mad. I knew i might have damaged my car, and he's willing to pay (I didn't ask him to), but for what reason, I don't know why my bro's car was damaged, i was accused for driving the car so hard and caused the gearbox to be damaged, and so many things went out, and even the engine had to put taken down for fixing. WTF. I was never able to say even a word and my father hanged up angrily for i don;t know what reason.

For me, he can surely ask me to pay. No need to get angry, to be mad and to raise his voice like that. I just don't understand why people has to get mad for the things that can for surely fixable.

I've been wondering why people get mad. Get angry. Hot tempered. Hmm.. I was like that I've to admit that. But I find it, being hot tempered and especially getting mad to people, by raising your voice and showing up your disappointment is just useless, and it may drive to more losses in life.

It's not easy to get nice people around you. It's not easy to make friend nowadays, i'm choosy, and people around you may be scared of yourself.

To lose them. Easy. Just raise your voice, and they'll disappear. Just like that. Forever. Show your disappointment. They'll think that u're inconsiderate. Even though you're right, and they're wrong.

I don't know, I might be just being too tolerative, but, that's the way I should do, as so many people has been so tolerative with me, all this while, for my 27 years of living.

But I just hate being scolded. We all made mistake in life. If there's anything i should fix, why can we just say it nicely. I will understand both, either u say it nicely or u raise your voice, but who would choose to get scolded? None of you....

October 5, 2004

questions.. questions..

Had a long talk with Asha over the phone last nite. For an average looking person like me, going out with Asha will be something like a dream come true. I don't know, but I don't think it's really a good idea. A pretty indian, how I wish but I just don't knoe.

She told me she had find out about this blog. I was just laughing. I thought she's gonna get mad with me but instead she's happy because I talk about her sometimes. Yeah, no one around me knows her so I can talk anything about her.. But from now on, I've gotta be more careful with what I'm trying to say about her. She wanted to some over to my house last nite but I refused by saying I'd prefer looking at the cars passing by from a taxi stop.. hahahaha.. in fact, I did it..

Yesterday is quite a boring day. I was happy during the whole day (for a quite specific reason hehe), but deep inside my heart was screaming to get back home early. Sometimes, I was thinking that I was messed up, but most of the time I don't feel okay, still for no reason.

5.30, i headed home, as Abu is so kind to send me back. Otherwise I would be walking back home. Laying on the bed as early as 6.45 in the evening, causing memories to visit my mind over and over again. I missed all my friends. I missed Tasha, Ailin, Asha and NJ. I missed my car. How I wish i have my car (and of course with some money since I'm totally broke right now) with me, so I can drive around, looking at the sunset scenery, as I used to do with my beloved sweetheart. I missed all that. But i was just lying on my bed, holding my handphone waiting for calls or SMS from anyone.

Asha then called, as mentioned earlier, and what intrigued me was the things she raised..

"Is it Tasha?"

I don't know how to answer it. I kept quiet on that question. For me, Tasha is pretty, i like her, but I'm not sure whether she likes me or not, even though I'm the first person to give her roses, and it was white roses, the roses she longed for long enough to be given by her admired one, but I'm pretty sure, I'm not the one she expected to give her the flowers. And, one more thing, THERE'S NO CHEMISTRY BETWEEN US. I hope this will answer u well Asha, as I know myself well, I can't say it but I can write it down so u may better understand.

"Why do u choose to be a single, as all the guy at your age at least have a gf, or you may choose to have more than one!"

She sounded mad but again, I switched the topic, saying that I was just remembered about the soccer match tomorrow (today). And it's not about making option in life. I left the option opened. Not for anyone. I myself wouldn't knoe (sigh). I don't like to be single. I missed the time being together with the loved ones. But it's just not there. Love is not something that can be forced, or hoping that it would be there without any move.

I asked her for reasons why she actually admired me, which i think not so worth for her. Funny thing was, she was telling me that I'M CUTE. I vomitted a big laugh! And everything about me is CUTE. The way i handle thing was cute. My kewlness was cute. But i keep telling her that means I'm ugly and she laughed. "Yes, you are adorable and irresistable"

I was getting confused at this stage.


for some people they chose to use cuntfused. hehe..

The maghrib azan was then being announced. I quit the conversation and promised her that I'll be going out with her later.

At nite then, I sat @ the taxi stand and start counting. Heard a few couple walking behind me towards my condo. Some of them are just nice to each other. Some were even talking dirty. But got this one couple who I think love each other but they conversate in a manner which is ridiculously funny.

Later @ nite, I have fights with myself on my bed. I had sweet (or maybe bad) dreams about myself holding my very loved ones who is sick, leaning to each other while looking at the sunset. I wasn't trying to look at her face at all. I still wonder who she is.......

October 4, 2004

mondaeg :: Yippee....

It's been a week since the last time i updated my blog. And visitors to my blog increased tremendously when i wasn't updating. Wasn't it sounds so weird? Maybe it's because they refreshed it so many times by hoping that they'll be having the updated version once it's being refreshed. hehe..

Well basically, I've forgotten what I've been doing for the last one week. As my working site has been retransferred back to KL, and now in Muamalat Tower, Masjid Jamek. For the last Tuesday, I don't really know what i've been doing, especially daytime.. work? hell no.. I dun think I'm interested in my work anymore..

Monday nite, after work, Nurul Jannah (NJ) texted me, teling me about she's now in Shah Alam, furthering her studies in Medic. So i straight away went to Shah Alam, to see her. The first time we met.. we talked about so many things.. not we.. but just me.. she kept quiet most of the time.. but then who cares.. i was asking her out on wednesday since she won't be having classes on wednesday but I'm pretty sure she can't make it. So just don't bother. Then I rushed to cheras to see my dearest Ailin. I think i met her, or i didn't?

But that tuesday nite, I went to futsal as usual.. Badly, i was having a very bad fever that nite. I felt so tired. Iza and her sister came to see us. Without Farok around, Iza can still mix around, but i guess al my friends were eyeing on her sister, who is much prettier. Well I just don't care. As fendi said, I've a big responsibilities.. hehe.. at least I've carried it out. Heheh.. Even Ipin was asking about 'aweks' during futsal. Come on guys.. You should have brought one too. Not only me. You guys are much more hemsem than me.

Wednesday nite, was doing work. So many things to be done. Tasha called saying that she'll be around KL today, with her IBU. Not interested on her today, so I carry on with my work. Unfortunately, NJ called me telling me that she's in KL Sentral and asked me to fetch her there. Oh no.. I'm gonna have a football match today, and how could that be. I just asked her to wait for me in Plaza Pantai and I took her to Bangi.. so she just waited in my car while we playing. We lost 0-2 but we're improving. I was hardly able to run and sprint. Everything seems to be so heavy. And I remembered about the pill my boss gave to me. It must be about that.

After match, we went to dinner. LOT10 bangi.. hehe.. talk talk and ciao.. took NJ to my home while I took my bath. Talked to my housemate, which he was telling me that he'll be moving out and his place will be replaced by a single mom with a boy. Erk... I should be okay am I not? hehehe. Then we went out to PJ, i had roti kaya, so yummy, talk and we left to shah alam. sent her back and I headed back home and sleep.

Thorsdaeg :: We're about to move from Cyberjaya back to KL. I met my boss in Plaza Pantai and drove him to Cyberjaya. We packed up things, had breakfast in cyberjaya. When we're about to move to KL, i remembered i haven't paid some portion of the food we consume earlier in the morning, so we again went to the bus station. I was searching for which outlet i ate when my eyes met with another pretty pair of eyes owned by a girl having her lunch there.. She was pretty.. like an angel.. but i can just stare and walked away. On my way back to my car, i heard a girl....

'Ha ni la mamat botak tadi.. yang senyum2 kat aku..'

Hmm I didn't remember I gave her a smile but i did turn my head back towards them and give 'em an unhonest smile and she waved happily to me.. hahaha.. My boss asked me do u know that girl? hahaha.. i was just laughing.. laugh and laugh.. leaving him in wonders..

Reached KL, i put down all the things i take with my car. Then drove back to Plaza Pantai parked my car there. Then again we have game today.. and we lost again today, with the best team in the league, but we lost just 0-1. We're really improving. After that, we went home and as I was so bored, I went off to Mid Valley, watch the Pricess Diary 2. Not really a good movie but at least it helps me to stand the sleepy night.

Fridae :: I went to the clinic early in the morning, as I promised to Tasha, Ailin, Iza.. and who else.. Everyone of them wants me to go to the clinic for my flue but what's the big deal. Again met with the pretty doctor.. wonder why pretty people are surrounding me right now. I went to the friday prayer. After work, went to klcc with my boss. He insisted, as I've promised to see Ailin in Masjid Jamek. Anyway.. it's okay.. back from KLCC, went straight home, packed all my clothes to be brought back to Seremban and shoot off to Ailin's home. I dunno why i suddenly like to eat her cookings. No wonder she is.. hehe BIG.. hehe.. spent my time there.. watched Malaysian Idol. And till late 12.30, then I ciaoed to Seremban. I was fast.. averaging 180-200 km/h and reached seremban in no time. Reached home.. and sleep.

Saturday :: Woke up early in the morning. Went out with my father to Linggi, looking for some wood logs for some purposes. Then headed to my Kampung.. spent some times there.. played ping pong.. and went out to Tampin. But suddenly my clutch was having problem.. left my car in the workshop there.. and drove back to seremban with my bro's beetle. had dinner. had supper and my mom was baking our favourite cake.. hahaha.. then went to sleep.

Sundae :: Nuthing much.. doing nothing at home. watched TV asusual.. I'm now a terrible TV phreak! Even when I was about to go back to KL.. I was delayed by this one Tamil movie.. hahahaha.. Arrived in KL.. I was about to go to wedding of Ailin's cousin.. but the 2nd time I called her, she wasn't picking up so I just went back home.. tiredly.. thinking of that I'm gonna walk to work tomorrow..

Moondaey :: 4.00 AM, woke up and looked at my messages. Took off my contact lenses. replied several SMS. when i was about to go back to sleep, my phone rang..

It made my day too...

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