October 26, 2004

My car is stranded....

oh.. the azan has been recited.. I gotta at least have a drink first... thank god for keeping me alive so i can still write in here..


Last Sundae :: I did nothing much at home, except for as I've been uploading my last blog, my father arrived home and I straight away helped him out with his thingy. He's going for an interview, for promotion. He's department has been left out of this one scheme that he was supposed to be having a very long time ago, 1980. Otherwise, he'll be one of the Directors in his department. As a very super supportive son, i'll be ready anytime to help him out of course... and slept at around 4 o'clock in the morning. Woke up late in the morning and I watched TV. what else i should do?

At 5.20 pm, I went out and fetched Wawa at her home, take her out to pasar ramadhan. We went to 3 main pasar ramadhan, Ampangan, Downside of Paroi, and Paroi Jaya. Thank god, it's so easy to find food in Malaysia, but the thing I was looking for, Kuih Akok, only sold at one place and I took quite a lot to be taken home.

Result :: Uwek.. it's so full of flour and it doesn't taste good at all. I wasted my Rm4. But luckily I bought a very tasty murtabak. I bought it for my sister Farah but everyone had it. Luckily I bought two pieces. Next time I should buy 4 or 5 pieces.

My life seems boring isn't it. I was bored to death yesterday at home. Nothing to do, I chit chat with my mom till she asked to get in as she's sleepy. It's always like that. People get sleepy while I'm busy talking. I talk too much nowadays. -sigh-


So Today is Monday :: Start to work. Yeah I'm in a monday blues. No mood to work at all. The workshop that I sent the car called me in the afternoon informing me about there's actually something is wrong with the car. Thank god, they've finally found it. I was expecting the car to be faulty, as I was feeling something is totally wrong with the car.

Ma housemate called :: the landlord has extended the time for us to leave the house. We're able to stay in the house for 3 months more. I'm so glad to know that. The new housemates is not promising any kind of good thing to me. I'm kewl with that. I'm comfortable with what i'm having now.

Today, there are no issues that would distract my thinking. I have to learn JSP. This is hard. I'm totally lost with JSP. For PHP, at least i've reference where i can just rojak things and it gives me result. For JSP, it's a real Object Oriented. But i just can say, it may be hard at first, as.. hmm actually I'm getting fed up working in IT.

Right now, I'm in the office, been wondering are those people that have always be in my mind, I love and care, doing okay with themselves? What do they have for dinner? Or fast breaking specifically..

Gotta ciao now. I'm getting hungry..

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