October 22, 2004

Friday :: An early day

I'm early today.. woke up ard 6.30 even though i was only able to close even one of my eyes at around 3.30 earlier. I'm trying to get up early so that I can pack up all my things, since today I'm heading back to JB, I can't imagine what time i'll be reaching there since, 5.30 from KL all alone and the worse thing would be is that i'm gonna break my fasting during the journey.

The last 2 days seems to be nothing much to be happening in my life since I was too devoted to my work, devoted in the means of i've nothing to do rather than solving all the issues in the workplace but in fact, i've achieved nothing within these 2 days.

Project wise, I haven't completed anything yet. The wednesday was a bit tiring day. After that tiring GSMS training earlier in the morning, I was criticised by my boss for not being able to really understand the needs of the users for the system that I'm gonna develop.

Well, technical stuff u can always talk to me but operation wise or business wise, I don't think i'm the person since all I know in the office was just to develop programs, chat or just write anything i want. Working is no longer interesting as i used to experience formerly. But being longer in the office is something i'd been wanting to do as there's nothing much that can be done outside the office.

Wednesday nite, i fell asleep after practising with my guitar, as I was about to keep the guitar but I leaned on my bed and accidentally been sleeping till Lysa called me at around 1 o'clock. She's been so happy to be getting an internship in Washington. She seems to be madly happy with that, and even tho.. hehe I was so sleepy, I was happy too that she called as then I can wake up and take off my lenses.

Previously, when I was playing the guitar, Julie asked me to call and I talked to her for abt an hour as I was not talking to anyone for quite sometime, maybe 3 hours. That day, I broke my fast at Bangsar's Mosque, I took two plates of rice. It was too much. After the Tarawih prayer I bought a cup of corn and consumed it even tho my tummy was still stuffed.

And I read an advertisement about this one middle room to be let at RM250. Mine is now a small room rented for RM250. It's just worth it so I called the number.

The result :: Yesterday, i throwed about 9-10 times. It seems like my anus was tore wide. I can hardly walking yesterday. It really suffers me as the sensation of the 'thing' to get out of my tummy has totally pulled off my concentration and mood on doing my job. I can see it clearly each piece of the corn i took yesterday.. Eeeuuwwww!!!!

Thursday's Breaking Fast :: As it was raining, me and my boss wasn't able to get to Masjid Jamek to at least, enjoy the free food prepared by the mosque for public. We switched to plan B which is to buy the food from the 2nd floor's cafetaria but out of our knowledge, an event of fast breaking was also being held by Muamalat Bank people. We were just too shy to join in, so we just took picks of date and went upstairs. I made myself the Cappucino Coffee (so kewl, after a few days without taking it), Milo 'Kosong' for my boss and consumed small sweet potatoes, by Yann. and i felt stuffed too..

Going back home, i dropped by the mosque as usual. Then I went home and headed to the new house. Wow this time, my housemates is all chinese guy, and conincidentally, they're all from JB. I'm can partly claim my self from JB too as my parent is staying there. But the transfer list will be released soon by the government, so I'm hoping that my father will be transferred back to KL HQ. So I'll be having him around here. I'm still a small kid at 27. :p

Then I went out again as the Honda Car's Owners Club (HCOC) was saying that they'll be around Carlos in USJ at 10.30 upwards. I've been there, hoping that they're around but in fact it was raining and I can't even see the normally Black EK parking near the shell station. Went to Wira's house, watched TV like I wasn't for years, playing with the Internet, figuring out that I'm actually able to download all my Maxis email through POP3. Spootid. I was all this time looking ard the emails from that stupid web client. But now, I'm able to read it from my Yahoo Mail. hehe..


And then I was checking out the news. Nothing interesting to share today, or maybe if u wanna know that the Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) has been deregistered for the conflict of their leadership issues.

There's a lot murder and rape cases running on court all over Malaysia. But I guess it's happen on ly now. I think it's been happening since ages ago. There's a Taiwanese expat was murdered in Klebang Melaka. I just can't believe it. Klebang was so such a nice place, so calm and relaxing with the beach scenery, even though it was dirty, and I was even caught by Jabatan Agama for sitting inside a car suspiciously, it was a nice place to relax. How come there maybe a stressed out person or what ever it is to the stage that it could pushed the guy to murder that woman.

I just can't understand it. Why can't u stand your own anger and emotion. Why can't people stand their bad desires and intentions. Why can't they just hold back all their black spirits in their mind and heart.

Why people can just mind their own business, without having to steal or take other people's belongings. Why can't people just work by themselves to gain what they want. Why the project manager take responsibilities of their post? Why do I stuck here doing things that I'm not supposed to be.

Only God Knows Why...

(and that I actually love everything that I have and I used to have on this decent earth)

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