October 7, 2004

Tryin my best, for life...

I'm trying my best to write everyday. It seems that so many things happens in my daily life, but the workload has been pulling me off, of my writing (and maybe talking) habit. I'm less talkative. I concentrated more on my job. My job wasn't that much but my boss keep nagging me on his busy-ness. And keep asking me whether i've done what I'm suppose to do earlier.

My last tuesday was quite a happy day for me. We've won the semi final match with the EDS veteran, the team that swept all other teams during the league. And we're to the final.

Here are some of the pix I've taken late after the game.

The guy with the shining logo on his shirt is my boss.. HAHAHAHA...

No.4 My bro, changing his short.

It was taken after the vistory. Full time result was 2-2 but we've had penalty kicks. We've won 5-4. It was not that great but we've just defeated a team full of ex-states and even ex-national players. I wonder how come they work with EDS (previously with BCB, or maybe BBMB)

That nite, again i played futsal. It was a really tiring day. I was playing futsal like i've never been playing before. I was sweating like i was being baked in the oven. The whole my body was deadly wet. Only 6 of us, and we played 3 by 3. I scored so many goals. I pushed myself really hard, and I met Eric that nite.

After futsal, I followed eric to see his friend in Ampang. We've been talking a lot about the things gapen lately to his life. It seems that so many bad things happened to him and it involves some other outsiders to his family or what so ever. I just tell him one thing..

"Biaq oghang buat kat kita, jangan kita pi buat kat oghang"

Means :: Let whatever things people wanna do, either to sabotage, envy, but please don't revenge, or do such things to other people.

Met his friend, a girl, yeah cute. He told me he was nearly be in love with her. I believe in that, it just that, she is 2 years older than us. I would adore such a girl too. But i regret it that I've forgotten to snap her picture. haha..

Then went back home and sleep. It was quite late. 2am.

Wednesday morning, i drove my bro to my former office, and took LRT from there. I didn't remember I drove that car fast, cause i always drive my car just like how father drive his car.

Yesterday was sucks! I was bored in the office, and i do a lotsa things that does not realte to me. I was so happy that today I'm planning to go out with Ai Lin after work. But she was late, she had conference which the whole company should attend to (which i think it's weird) and i've to wait for her for quite sometime. While waiting, i didn;t realize that my father called me up. I called him back and oh, i'm screwed.

I don't know what has made him so mad. I knew i might have damaged my car, and he's willing to pay (I didn't ask him to), but for what reason, I don't know why my bro's car was damaged, i was accused for driving the car so hard and caused the gearbox to be damaged, and so many things went out, and even the engine had to put taken down for fixing. WTF. I was never able to say even a word and my father hanged up angrily for i don;t know what reason.

For me, he can surely ask me to pay. No need to get angry, to be mad and to raise his voice like that. I just don't understand why people has to get mad for the things that can for surely fixable.

I've been wondering why people get mad. Get angry. Hot tempered. Hmm.. I was like that I've to admit that. But I find it, being hot tempered and especially getting mad to people, by raising your voice and showing up your disappointment is just useless, and it may drive to more losses in life.

It's not easy to get nice people around you. It's not easy to make friend nowadays, i'm choosy, and people around you may be scared of yourself.

To lose them. Easy. Just raise your voice, and they'll disappear. Just like that. Forever. Show your disappointment. They'll think that u're inconsiderate. Even though you're right, and they're wrong.

I don't know, I might be just being too tolerative, but, that's the way I should do, as so many people has been so tolerative with me, all this while, for my 27 years of living.

But I just hate being scolded. We all made mistake in life. If there's anything i should fix, why can we just say it nicely. I will understand both, either u say it nicely or u raise your voice, but who would choose to get scolded? None of you....

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