October 28, 2004

Hi.. I'm designing a web page...

That tuesday nite, I went out for Dinner with Aniza @ somewhere near Setapak. It's a chinese restaurant but written there in Big Fonts,


Haha.. I had the Ciku Ice Blended. It's so kewl. I was not so interested with the food as I've taken my heavy meals before. After the dinner, she sent me back home, and I felt sleeping straight away. Then woke up late in the mornin'. Had to go to work by Cab. So bad. It cost me RM5, it's not that expensive but shhh.. actually I'm trying to test myself how long I would survive with only RM20 in my wallet. So far, I made it for a week, but guees not for this week

I took the whole day to design just a simple web site. I'm no longer in the form of doing it anymore. So bad.. But i think i like it. As I took off all the other things that should not be in it, it's the simplest design i've ever done. Well it's just a small system to be used in a bank.

Talking about systems, only now i realized that i've written several systems to be used, some of them are still being used, and some of them are not. Talking about some applications i've wrote for Halal.com.my previously, such as the E-commerce site, e-card, and so many other things, includes the front page that has more than 10,00 lines of coding, which i've revamped and gave it a new look.. argh was so exhausted of doing all that, and badly, it was for free. Well, i stand for it as i think it's for the sake of all the moslems in Malaysia. After 4 years, as we've got no money to maintain it, it has been taken over by the government. Wow, I miss doing all that.

Then, when I work with The Rockets Avenue, I did their email system, enhancing their webmail. And they're still being used nowadays. In Telekom, I've developed an HR system. All web based.

And now, after doing all maintenance & servicing job, I'm given an opportunity to develop a web-based application, and it's now on JSP. It's quite hard for me to change my all-this-time structural programming paradigm into a new concept of Object Oriented Programming as exercised by JSP, Javabean, servlet, tomcat oh so what ever.

This morning, I wake up just nice to have my bath and still have the time to wait for the bus. I don't have any idea, what time else the bus coming. Last nite I was waiting for the bus at the KL Sentral for one wasted hour and lastly I decided to take a cab home. This morning, a cute chinese girl with yummy-sized breast was standing in front of me (Masya-Allah), but what to do, I was sitting on the couch, and she was standing towards me. Later one, I offered her to sit but she refused. I myself was trying to hold myself from looking at her but I just can't.. Just like the email Shalina sent, all man are the same. hahaha...


Went to a fireful meeting just now. My boss was being fired by some named Lim Ah Wa. Wow. The meeting was hot, until this one Assistant VP slowly tell hime that everything was okay, being approved, and the guy who fired everyone, got out of the room and make noise outside of the meeting room.

Guess he must be ashamed of himself for firing people without reason. My boss was the only one get attacked by him. Pity my boss..


My brother called. My car has just come out of the workshop today. He was about to drive the car back to KL when he called me. I was happy. But later on, he called me again, telling me the car was accidentally being knocked by some people who doesn;t know how to drive. F*CK!


Today, I had a chat with Fiza. We were talking abt problem we both had (for me have), which is the relationship with parents. I'm having problem relationship with my father. She had with her mom. But the discussion was ended nowhere. Then we talk about all other things exist in the world. And i think she's being sweet today. So shweet just like my mom. Opps, obviously she won't like it especially referring her by the older people. Hehe.. You're young baby. Physically and heartily.

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