October 14, 2004

What do u think guys? Gimme feedback..

I was early in the morning. Woke up ard 6.25, as early as that, but still i took my sweet time to go to the bathroom. Get out of the house ard 7.10, get to my car and checked the engine oil & water level at the shell station near my house. Topped up water in the radiator, as usual and topped up engine oil, finishes off the balance in the bottle. Was thiking of sharing the latest picture of my car with you guys.

How was that Volk Racing SE47 new rims inside my wheelarch? And that car is lowered down by the Top Perfect (I just getta know about the brand yesterday) adjustable absorber + Sparco Springs.

From the right side of my car.

As the station is getting more & more people, i just took two pictures. Malu.. hehe.. Then drove off to plaza pantai and ride lrt to masjid jamek. Saw a cute girl with a big boob in the LRT just now, and bitchy look too. Hehe..

Reached Masjid Jamek and get the free The Sun Paper. I was triggered reading a mail from a reader writing about handling the raise of Petrol Price lately. Here it goes. (Sorry to the author, I'm not copying but i want to quote the whole email. It was good)

Save petrol, work a 5-day week

The price of the petrol has been increased again by 5 sens/l. With the present market situation, there's a possibility of further increment.

Since October 2001 (please note), the petrol price has increased by more than 25%, or 29 sen from RM1.13 to RM1.42.

One most effective way to reduce the impact of this increment and the amount spent by the government to subsidise the petrol usage is to reduce the usage of petrol.

Companies in the private sector should play a major role to help reduce the usage of petrol by cutting the number of working days to 5 days a week.

Reducing the working days will help staff to save more than 16% on petrol allowance and expense.

A drop in petrol allowance and expense will increase the profit of the companies and the purchasing power of their staff which are good for the economy.

Petrol is mostly wasted during traffic jams on Saturday Afternoons. Instead people should fully utilise their saturdays @ home and spend quality time with their families.

Companies that have five-and-a-half working day can make up for the hours lost on satudays on weekdays. The company should go for quality not quantity.

Two full days off on weekends will not only reduce petrol usage but also improve the air quality. Lower lower consumption also means Malaysia can export more petrol to boost the country's revenue

via e-mail

What do you think. The sender has got so many points to ponder and think about. My boss has just came in and I've gotta do my work now.. hehe..

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