October 8, 2004

It's just not worth it!!

It's been told that, it's not worth it that you raised your voice for your anger. Uncontrolled anger is no good for anyone, it harms people feelings, and it had made me terribly down for the whole nite. I was hardly sleeping while thinking of it.

Nah, the damage was just RM100. It was just like sending your car to the service and change the lubricant. So what's the deal of letting yourself being driven by your anger?


Done with that.. hehe.. I was so happy to know that my brother's car damages was just a little. But my car wasn't. I had to pay RM1700 for my car. But I guess it's just normal for a car which was just converted. Ya know, using parts from the half cut, who could assure your the reliability of the parts inside.

For my car, there are a few things involved; The whole radiator was replaced + the water container, the clutch plate, clutch spring, clutch spring, brake service, head service and head gasket. That sounds too much right, but it worth it. I had to test to how far my car can go with that current second hand parts. Asusual, clutch played the most important role. So it need to be changed. Thank god I've gotta changed it now, not later, when eveything has gone wrong too.


Today is our team's final match day. It's the closing sports event for us. The next few days then we'll reach the month of Ramadhan. I just can't wait to be in it. It's not the 'Raya' Festive that i'm waiting for. Raya for me is just one day, that only one day, or maybe a few days after that when i go and visit my relatives. Friends, i'd rather see them when I'm back in KL, or in the function in the office.

Ramadhan is just around the corner.. So what's so kewl being in the Ramadhan..

1. Fasting.
2. The time to stop fasting, went to the mosque and get free meals.
3. Pasar Ramadhan
4. Break fast with friends

I dunno.. so many things..


Malaysian Idols!

Jac and Dina.. Of course Jac. I really hope she will go and represent Malaysia in the World Idol. And if we have the Universal Idol or Planets Idol, she can represent and promote Malaysia to the whole universe.

I love this country. So so much. Why?

1. We live so harmonious with a lot of ethics, religion and culture; other countries; jangan harap la..
2. We have good people. Who are sympathetics with issues. That's why Akademia Fantasia is so popular compared to Malaysian Idol.
3. We have good singers, like Jac. Not nurul or Mas. Siti hehe.. Misha, Anuar Zain, Myself.. hahahahaha
4. We have a policy that urged people to work harder to own better materials. Worth it rite? To own a Merc, or BMW, u just have to work extra-ordinary. Everyone does pay tax the same way.
5. Peaceful aye? Especially in Taman Desa. So so so peaceful.. I can walk peacefully from My house to Seputih Station (which takes me about 40 mins everyday).
6. I just love this country.


Yesternite, went off the office a lil bit early, went to the Wisma Selangor Dredging for some work. And to KLCC, loafing around waiting for Niza and Azam to come out of the movie. Then went to Shah Alam, had nice dinner, knowong Ida, Niza's friend. and then went off home.

Asha called again.. hehe.. so sweet. and just opened an sms, it was from Tasha.. all of a sudden, she said she missed me.. I was just amazed. But i'd prefer the call from UK that made my day, a few days back.. i just find it so sweet.. so so shweet..

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