October 19, 2004

Wowwee :: It's Ramadhan again....

The pix i'd promised to be put up. Me & Yann, my office colleague.

So, as I went out late last Thirsday nite, I was about to go to the mosque for Tarawih, but I was late, as I was arriving there when they're just about to start the Witr Solat. Then I went home, I was sleeping a lil bit late, as I'm gonna take sahur but the stall downstairs was closing as I was there. Previously I've sms'ed a lot of people by reading and reminding them the Fasting Niat, as a wish for fasting too. Haha, was too boring to do anything else, as I have not intended to go out that nite.

So the next friday, it was beautiful morning, it's the first morning of Ramadhan. I like the feeling of being the Ramadhan. I just can't wait to be in the mosque everynite, just can't wait to see people rushing home to break their fast, can't wait going here and there to go to different mosque every single day, just enjoy free food and the most important thing is, to actually sit with other people, from different level and background, gathering in one place and enjoying the food together.

And TV is showing Jejak Rasul, one of my last time favourite tv show, showing us the beautiful sceneries of late Islamic government, or ancient inheritance of Anbiya's.

In the month of Ramadhan, we are suppose to be nice to people. Take care of other people. One thing we must remember, how hard our life is, there are people who live harder than us. Even though we are so used to easy and wealth life, we must remember that all those wealth comes from the Al-Mighty. So the month of Ramadhan is the most suitable time for us to show we care, by helping people, as the Ibadah being done in this holy month is blessed many2 times more than any usual other months.

(I hope i'm writing this in such a simple language, as I want the message to be delivered successfully.)

First breakfasting :: After the office hours, I was rushing back home. It seems like the road was jammed badly. I was leaving the office at around 5.15, took the LRT to Kerinchi, and reached there, I took the new highway NPE to reach my home in Taman Desa. I regretted that I was supposed to pack up all my things first, then I can straight away drive home in Seremban. At around 6, I went off home and drive through Besraya to get to Serdang and Kajang. At kajang toll, as I've topped up my touch 'n' go card, I drove fast but carefully to seremban. I remembered I was driving 160 km/h, and parying to god there'll be traffic cops around. Guess they're heading to break their fasting with their family too.

As I reached home, I was 15 minutes late. Everyone was home, abah, mak, iwan, ina, adik, izzat & a friend and my dear farah. I was so happy, even though I'm late, I'm seeing the full gathering of the family @ home. One good present for me in the month of holy Ramadhan.

After having my meal, I was about to move my car back into my house. Here comes the problem. My car was hard to start and I was trying my best to move it back into my house. I was starting to worry, what would be happening next. My car is always problematic nowadays. I've to be driving it carefully. More careful afterwards.

Went to Tarawih, and not concentrating, was only thinking about my car, all the time. Went back home, Tadarrus and talked to my father about my car. He asked me on one fine day to send it back to JB for inspection. I was glad my father is helping, as I'm getting broke and broker. just to get my car back into it's previous state of health.

Saturday :: The next day, as I'm supposed to be going out with Tasha, I don't know what to say when my father asked me to follow him to my Kampung in Melaka. Well, I just followed him as last nite, as I was calling her, she was telling me that she can't make it, as at first I was rushing home early on Friday, so that I can break fast with my family and for the next day, if I go out, my family won't be so curious about me going to break my fast outside. But she was telling me that it would be okay for us to just to go out, and breakfast at our own home separately, so I think that would be a waste of time, I think my father is much ore important as this time, as he put hope on me to really follow him back to Kampung.

Ard kampung, my whole Pak Long's family was there. Was missing my granma, mak lang, mak long, ati, arifah (remember arifah picture with farah?) and I dun remember the last one, a too cute gal with a beautiful hair. I was envying her hair. Her hair is an original hair style of Tasha, beginning with straight, wavy and curly and the end. I don't why I was crazy for such a hairstyle but I think it's beautiful. Even Erien was trying superhard to get such a hair. Tasha was trying to straighten her back but I was the one who stopped her. Haha.. I would be crazy if everyone I know with that hair try to change their hair style.

And even Ai Lin, was having such a pretty hair too. Just like that.. Begin with straight, wavy and curl at the end. Anyone out there with such a hair, be careful I'll be hunting and haunting you for life.. hahaha..!!!

Saturday morning, i tried to start my car and get it warm, it seems to be okay. I guess, I'll be reaching KL okay later, but hafta drive really slow and careful.

Went back to kampung, wento to look for my sister's Baju Raya, went to Pasar Tani, Pasar Ramadhan and headed hom, called Tasha, no response, and I washed my car, my sister's and my father's car as well. Break fast, and went to tarawih, walking. I intended to walk as I think my tummy was so full of food, everytime i eat. I've been becoming a big eater lately, and I'm much more when I'm eating my mom's cooking. After Tarawih, I slept early, as my knee was aching from, I dunno, guess it was from sitting too long in between the prayers. But I woke up again as I smelled Ridsect, sprayed by my bro.

I was mad and think it's crazy to spray ridsect in such a closed compound, with air conditioning. He was claiming there are mosquitoes around, but I had never been bitten even once. So spootid. I was mad and I even stay outside watching Rides, it's about eleanor, the mustang car, which is the most wanted car, the most adorable car, most expensive in the 'Gone in 60 seconds'.

Shundae :: Had sahur, went to sleep, wake up for Subuh and sleep again. woke up ard nine, and watched TV.. also managed to take these pictures..

Simply my car again...

My bro's new car. A volkswagon. He wax it everyday.

My sister's car, with the sport rims taken from my previous Wira. Looks nice and fun to drive too, even it's a bit slow.

Today, I did nothing. I remembered, I sent my bro off to Bus Station @ 10am, then I read newspapers. I was trying to call Tasha again but still no answer, guess she was busy with other things, as she likes to decorate her home on holidays.

Tadarrus, and there's when I was suppose to go out to Pasar Ramadhan but I didn't. I stayed at home with my beloved Farah, sleeping while she was playing games on laptop. Then we atched this one scary movie. I don't remember, it was hellraiser, she was scared, she lie down next to me and slept.

As usual, that nite, went to tarawih, and tadarrus. Slept, and tomorrow morning get up early as to get ready to get back to KL.

Moondae :: Boring. One whole day training. What the ....! After work, my kind boss, took me to a restaurant, and breakfast together. Went home, as I was boring waiting for parking to be available, I called Niza and asked her out for tea. @ Dorai, met with Elizany + Ayam and we chatted till late, then headed home.

Tousedae :: And again today, a very nice Ramadhan morning. I wake up with smile as I've been thinking of things I wanna do today.

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