October 13, 2004


Last Friday match :: We lost to RHB 3-1. Got a silver medal for that. After match, went to watch a match between my boss's team and ex-kelantan team. Ex-kelantan won by 4-3. Then went straight home, sleeping.

Last shatterday :: Woke up early in the morning. Sent clothes to laundry and took cab to the LRT station. went to Puduraya, bought a ticket to Tampin N9, walked to Menara Muamalat, asked shah for breakfast, he didn't come down, i ate by myself, and ride the bus till Tampin. From Tampin, i walked about 30 minutes to the worksyop. Paid for everything, and my car seems to be okay.

The foreman, Ah Lek, offered me a set of adjustable absorber and sparco spring for rm400. I was damn amazed. deciding that i have a few dollars left in my bank, i told him that i'll take it next week, as I don't have much time today as I'll be having an appointment with a friend in KL. later on, I left and went to my kampung, intentionally to see my granma but she wasn't home. Then I reconfirm with my friend and he cancelled the appointment, i straight away went back to the workshop and ordered the foreman to install that adjustable absorber and sparco spring. Hahaha.. just for Rm450. The adjustable spring, i'm not sure what brand it is, but according to my other foreman, it was quite a branded one. TP, something like that. I knew sparco, of course.

It was a bit hard ride, but it's kewl. Went back to kampung, met my father, brother, and my granma and mak lang as well. Had lunch, talk with my bro and father, and then left. Went to Seremban, sending both of the indonesian workers to do work at my home in Seremban, then I headed off to KL. And I'm supposed to go out with my friends in kl to HRC but..

Oh shit :: I dunno why, after getting ready for HRC, i dunno when did I closed my eyes, and it's already 4.30 in the morning.. oh shit.. and I can't sleep now. I went out, take a ride in my car, go round and round.. and get back home. Was bz, SMSing with Tasha, Maz, Siti, Ai Lin and Voviana.. Then I went out again to see Vovi but then she didn't pick up my phone.

Then I headed straight to Klang, as NJ was already bored being alone in her room, i took her to Klang and I treat myself a new VOLK RACING SE37 16" sports rim.. hahaha.. Then we had lunch (lunch + tea) at Jalan Kuchai Lama and then we headed to KL.

Suddenly, Jalan Ampang, my car staggered a lil bit, and i wonder why my car staggers. Suddenly, i looked at the temperature, and it maxed like mad. No wonder why. I quickly drove my car, and just after concorde, i parked my car by the side of the street, and opened the hood.

My radiator was drying, hot water steaming, coming out of the radiator, smokes coming out of the head cover. I straight away fill in water into the radiator but it was vomiited out again and again.

There's one guy advised me to actually pour water on the radiator to cool it off. I took water from the nearby Caltex station. Wait for it to cool off, and i try to calm myself down. Pity NJ, she was a bit scared, but she seems kewl. I'm not.. hehe.. Once the temperature went down, I slowly, fill in the radiator with water, close the radiator cap and drive back to Shah Alam. But I don't think we can make it. I stopped at the Esso near Pusat Bandar Damansara, called Zahid about that matter. He advised me to do this and that.. And maybe he'll come over to my place to see my car.

I headed to Taman Desa. NJ had to stay with me tonite. I'll let her sleep in my room and I'll just sleep outside. It was too bad. I'm damn worried. What'll happen next to my car. The next morning.. woke up, took NJ for breakfast and we went off straight to Zahid's place in Puchong. He did direct-wire my fan to the igniter, and my car was okay, but the check light was on. Damn it.

I sent off NJ to her college in Shah Alam, and heade to Subang. Called wira, for which workshop he did sent his car, he told me about a workshop near to my late house in USJ, Goodyear Court 3. Went there.. and they detected, my switch fan went out and my Vigor Speed Sensor went off.

Damn. hafta wait for quite a very long time.. suddenly..

My baby called. Lysa, or whatever Rosie called me from the US.. hehe.. i'm so so so glad. At this hour i really need someone to talk to me. I'm so worried about my car. I even take leave for my car, and suddenly she called. Soooo sweet. hehe.. listening to her laugh is enough to cheer me up. i kinda miss her. (and when i'm writing this, I'm still talking about moments with her.. haha)


I was once so in love with this baby... she was sweet but it was me (spootid) who never knows how to take care of a gal. It was last year I guess? yeah last year... she is a real nice and sweet girl. really. And she claims to be my blog's no.1 fan..


Niza also called.. talked for a while and i continued with my worries.

Done with my car.. another RM0.7k++ flies just like that. Changed the thermostat, fan switch and Speed Sensor. no more check lights. hahaha.. went to dinner with Wira at Carlos, then went back home sleeping..

Tuesday :: 1st day @ work. Tunzaleha (u know who u are) msg'ed me this morning. we talk for sometimes.. She had no class tomorrow but she (i think) seems to be sleepy..

Then for the reast of the day, I do all my work. With happiness, no worries. Cause I dun have car problem any more.. hahahaha

After work, chatted with Lysa (Baby) again.. pity her, she had to do her group assignment on her own.. only by herself.. and we had a long chat, as I'm accompanying her doing her assignment.

Tasha msg'ed me.. i'm gonna call her now :p

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