December 17, 2008

Almost forgotten to blog...!!


Yeah I have been really busy with things lately that everytime I want to write something, something came up of which I have to run first. In the end, when I came back to this editor, I've already forgotten what am I supposed to be writing in the first place.

I hope we're done with the Yoga issue, though, a lot of people have been cynical, "macam bagus", critical, supportive and so on with regard to this issue but, I'm hoping that we should be able to achieve the state of equilibrium of thoughts or opinions, even though there's no absolute 'hukum' with regard to the Yoga matters, as it has not been mentioned properly in the quran.

It has been mentioned every where (even in the comment box of this blog), that even without Yoga (or asana in specific), one can achieve physical healthiness by performing Solat. Without hesitation, I agree with that but there's no way you can make money by teaching people how to solat properly.

Those Yoga Studios (now it sounds moronic to me) was all commercialized. I know that they didn't teach yoga (or asana) up to reach the Yoga state, of which why Yoga is being banned. It's all about making money. Same goes to balet classes, music classes, gymrama classes, even Silat, Karate Do classes and Taekwondo ( i remembered when I was a lot younger, my friend asked me to attend the taik kwando classes hehehe).

"Kalau nak ikut Islam sangat, menyanyi, main muzik pun salah, sebab ianya mengkhayalkan", but I guess people don't get high playing music. I'm also a musician, but musicians tend to get high to play music, don't u think so?

And to think about it, what about Silat? My father even told me, last time, they teach silat with all the mystic rituals, so that you can be invulnerable (kebal) and sometimes, they have to have something like 'penunggu' or 'teman' to protect you from danger, and even use the tangkal and what not. That can even be categorized as syirik.

Even Karate, my long lost and died Karate Master with 7 black belts from 7 different schools of Karate thoughts, somekind of a crooked and not a straight Muslim admitted, he was doing somekind of ritual in Japan, to achieve a state of unity with the spirit to be able to seek and explore the ability of the inner power from oneself, but he's assuring us that what we learn are just the physical aspect of Karate, not the spiritual part.

I believe, modern Silat schools has the same concept. So does Yoga.

Not to mention all those who believed in Bomoh and what not. Using the black magic to endanger some other people's live. By default, that is totally syirik and people are still doing it.

And even those who do lasers, botox, plastic surgery to modify and change their look, is still not right but muslim is still doing it without hesitation.

Actually, there's a lot of other things to look into. We as a muslim must have the ability to differentiate what is right and wrong, and the most important thing is that you have the right intention.

Back to that matter, it was all opinionated fatwa made by the fatwa council, but you have to remember that Yoga's objective is totally opposed the Islamic teaching.

Still, we are all adults and we're free choose what is best for us. I still remember, at the end every Usrah session made by my seniors during my shool time, they always quoted this,

"Yang baik itu datangnya daripada Allah, dan yang kureng baik itu datangnya dari diri saya sendiri atau anda semua.. hehehe"

Further, "rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain" has been funnily modified to, "kita sama islam, kubur lain-lain".

Last but not least, I'd like to mention about my younger brother, Izzat who is now studying in Russia. I guess he has a lot of spare time to do this. I've got to admit that my bright and brilliant brother has the talent, more than I do and he's now seriously into guitars (which makes me a lil worry as he's supposed to study medic there).

Here he is, the one without the mask.

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