May 28, 2007

Who says Virus can attack my Laptop?

I said that.

As usual, I love to try out new programs on the Internet and recently I've tried out a program which can do some photo joining and out of those thousands of softwares, I was interested into this one particular software.

It was PhotoBlahBlahBlah and it gaves me good results with the photos. Buying is not really a good idea, so what else.

I went hunting for the software crack!

So i googled (since when google had became a verb?) for the software cracks and found one so I downloaded it and test it out. It works very well and I'm now using a full version of the PhotoBlahBlahBlah software. Nice!

There's one lame reason of why I'm not sharing my Laptop to anyone. It has no NT-virus software at all. I think there's one but I've disabled it; just because I like my Laptop running with it's full capability without those anti-virus boggling the rest of the memories.

I'm very aware of the complications of not having the anti-virus. For me, when you have that NT-virus running inside your system, the more you'll be not aware of what you have downloaded and executed in your PC. You think you are protected and you're not worry about it at all.

That's pretty wrong. Err, Very wrong. Hmm.. You are absolutely wrong.

Virus patterns are always changing, as rapid as the technology. There are viruses which able to mutate themselves. And how often do you update your anti-virus. How good the anti-virus is able to cope up with the virus advancement?

I believe there are millions of computer virus out there were being widely spread all over the world, and there either mutating themselves or the creator is busy upgrading their viruses. Some looping program may get the whole DRC into a real disaster (and it happens :p)

So back to my case, I do take precautions by not easily downloading any executable files or whatever. And downloading these cracks are absolutely high risk! As in my case, i downloaded the zipped file and it went well as there's no executable file at all.

I was wrong but I still didn't realize it. I was unable to open the's comment page and i thought it was normal. Only when I googled up a few things and everytime I clicked on the links provided, it brought me to a website; search for all porns and what sort. WTF.


Don't wait for so long to do this. Once you realize anything wrong with your PC, shutdown and restart in Safe Mode. How? Press F8 when the PC starts and wait for the menu asking you whether you wanna do normal start or choose safe mode.

Then, start in safe mode, login as administrator and click on search. Minimize your search by limiting the date from a week before till today. Search for all files. Then click search and wait for the search to end.

(We do in safe mode as these virus will normally not being loaded in safe mode. So it's much easier for us to delete the files)

Sort your search result by type and scroll down till you see application and application extensions. Look for weird .exe & .com files and delete them. And look for new .dll files delete them. Do not do this if you have just installed service packs or any new programs.

Then restart. If it happens again, repeat. If you succeed, you'll be happy to know that you are able to vanish the viruses yourself. Feeling good?

Well, this is quite a high risk thing to do so, do at your own risk.

May 25, 2007

American Idol :: It's Jordin....!

She's an idol at 17. Isn't that great when all the other people were expecting Melinda to become one?

Well, It feels good to be among the first to watch it. You know, when other people are busy working and it's a weekday, so nobody can really bother to buy tix and really watch because tomorrow they're working.

What can you do with RM5. With RM10 it's already two tixes. Sounds good isn't it? And it's free seating some more!

It sounds much better when it started, you can see a bunch of people waiting to be sentenced to death; by hanging rope at their neck. Then a boy started to sing, followed by the rest, an S.O.S song.

And then Swann, who is going to ally with Barbossa, was seen paddling a small boat going through river junctions and underbridges just to get to the Sao Feng's pirate place in Singapore. William, who was actually tricking people to be caught stealing a magical guide, was about to be killed when Swann screamed and revealing that who's who. The drama was nicely disturbed by the British army ambushing them.

"Welcome to Singapore...!"

Then William and Swann, together with Barbossa continued on Sao Feng's contributed ship, going over to the place named Davy Jones Locker, where Jackie was undergoing his punishment. They reached to somewhere like the end of world, where the sea water end up like the Niagara Falls and fell down.

Jackie was like experiencing skizofrenia, of which he saw people like himself and he was talking to himself in that Black Pearl, where he's the captain and the rest of himself was the crew. Later he found out that he's actually alone and as he went down the Black Pearl, he saw a stone, of which later follows and fascinated him. Tired, he tried to pull the black pearl to the sea. The stone, which was actually a crab, called its friends and helped Sparrow to take Black Pearl to the sea.

That Davy Jones Locker was actually a mind-bending trap for Jackie!

While, those people on the ship were taken by the water to Davy Jones Locker's seashore. They met Jackie and started the journey to the Shipwreck Islands, where the meeting of the Pirate Heads will be held.

Then, there were dramas of who betrayed who and what good business is. Those people were actually found themselves being tricked by Sao Feng and dealings has made Swann fell into the hand of Sao Feng, who thought she is the Calypso, the goddes of the sea trapped in a human body.

Sao Feng was later killed in an attack of which Swann has became his ancestor; to lead his ship to the Shipwreck Islands and to represent him in the meeting. She was even voted as the pirate king by Jackie, of which had brought them to a decision; to fight the East India Trading Company navy armada.

William and Swann managed to get married to each other in the battle, which was done by Barbossa but later, William was murdered by Davy Jones, of which later Jackie used William's hand to kill the heart in the chest; which means Davy Jones is now dead and William is gonna replace him as the Dutchman's captain.

At least they can see each other only one day after every ten years than nothing at all. And Jackie loses his Black Pearl again of which Barbossa who planned to leave jackie found that he loses that magical guide thingy.

Hehehehe. And that's actually the whole 2 plus hours of the Pirates of the Carribbean : At World's End movie :p.

Hahahahaha! It's always good to be among the earliest people. You can tell people about it.

Happy watching! And congratulations to Jordin. AGAIN!

Rating :: 4.2/5

May 24, 2007

Sumolah... The Review Interview

Q :: Kau pergi tengok ke?


Kami pergi menonton wayang gambar pada hari Sabtu yang lepas. Cerita apa? Cerita Sumolah oleh Afdlin Shauki.

Sebagai salah seorang peminat dan penyokong terbesar mamat yang agak besar itu (iaitu Afdlin Shauki), aku pun terpaksalah naik ke KL dengan sukarelanya. Rancangan untuk menonton Sumolah itu telah dianjurkan dengan jayanya oleh Encik Budiey.

Q :: Best tak citer tu?

Aku rasa aku nak bagi 3.7 out of 5. Saje macam best je ada nombor 7 tu. Nak bagi 7 tak boleh sebab out of 5. Kalau out of 10 aku bagi dia 7.7. Kalau out of 15..

Q :: Oi... dah dah dah.. Ko suka tak tengok citer ni?

Aku rasa macam suka. Tapi meleret-leret sangat la. Sampai aku terpaksa tahan kencing supaya tak lepas scene-scene penting. Nanti aku kena batu karang aku saman afdlin shauki.

Q :: Sape lagi yang pegi?

Tengok la kat atas tu. Yang besar kecik tua muda semuanya pergi. Tengok sendirilah. Malas aku nak sebut sorang2. Salah eja nama nanti kena complain plak.

Aku sampai2 aje terus pegi jumpa diorang kat concourse KLCC. Aku antara yang terawal sampai.

Q :: Eh.. tak tanya pun..

Eh engko apahal? Aku saja nak bagitau kau. Saje nak bagitau bagi kau jeles. Aku dapat goodie bag dengan CAP kat dalam dia. Kalau tak aku dah boleh dapat T-shirt tapi sebab aku kesian kat ada sorang budak Montok ni, aku reservekan la untuk dia. Aku patut claim duit tu kat dia.

Q :: Berapa kau nak claim?

Ah sibuk lah kau...!

Q :: Part mana yang kau suka dalam citer tu?

Aku rasa aku suka part yang last sekali. Masa diorang semua berbaik. Itulah harapan yang sepanjang cerita itu. Tapi yelah boring lah. Happy ending. Tapi kalau ikut lagu CINTA, kan dia ada cakap; bukankah hidup kita akhirnya harus bahagia?

Q :: Kau jiwang la (sambil korek hidung dan makan)

Aku cakap benda yang betul. Bukan jiwang. Sekurang-kurangnya aku tak makan taik hidung macam kau.

Q :: Part apa yang paling mengesankan dalam cerita tu?

Part yang pagi sebelum diorang pergi competition kat Lim Kok Wing tu (ala Afdlin, macam la aku tak tau.. kan dah kantoi). Afdlin tengah berlatih dengan gigihnya di halaman rumah. Mak dia datang dan dia cakap..

"Mak.... Mak tau tak, Ramlee sayang sangat kat mak....."

Bulu kaki dan misai gua terus meremang. Gua terus teringat kat Mak gua dan mata gua mula bergenang. Awek yang bernama Mazen kat sebelah aku dengan kuatnya announce, "AKU NANGIS NI".

Q :: Oklah. Terima kasih kerana sudi ditemuramah. Jumpa lagi yer.

Eh tadi ko cakap interview dapat duit ma? Kata ko nak bagi aku RM50?

Q:: Eh manade.

Ada la.

Q :: Yeke? Eh lupa pulak. Ada soalan lagi la..

Ah. Alasan. Tapi boleh jugak. Rasa cam glamour plak. Tanyalah lagi.

Q :: Lepas tu korang buat apa? (sambil korek telinga dengan jari dan cium)

Pegi makan2 la. Sembang2. Tapi semua orang pun nak balik cepat.

Q :: Eh takde gambar ke?

Kau buta ke apa? Kau tak nampak ke?

Q :: Sape pulak yang macam menang anugerah tu?

Tula budak tu.. yang mont.. tu.. hehehe.. Tapi memang dapat anugerah pun. Anugerah cabutan bertuah. Dapat MUG. Aku haram x dapat apa2.

Q :: Aku rasa nak kencing la. Ko tunggu kejap boleh tak?


* Saya tunggu sampai besok. Tak datang2 pun mamat tu.

Sumolah Short Movie Gathering

The gathering was held last saturday. It was organized by Mr. Budiey (as in the picture above). We went to watch the 11.30 show at KLCC.

It was a hell of a movie and a gathering as well. For more pictures, do not hesitate to click HERE

May 21, 2007

Stay Strong

I was like laughing 'berdekah-dekah' when my little sister gave me the answer to the trivia she asked me.

"Susu apa yang boleh diminum tapi dagingnya tak boleh di makan?"

(What kind of milk that we can consume but not the meat?)

Can you answer me? In that comment box or haloscan comment?

Yeah, i think I'm getting weak at answering trivias, even though before that I can continuously answered all her trivias without answering it wrongly. It has made me think, of how the future is going to be. The younger generation is getting more clever and smarter. But does smarter and more clever generation would produce a good living condition for the society?

I've read an article sent by a reader in Utusan Malaysia complaining about the attitude of the young Malay Males. There was this one incident where she and her friends were walking in front of a field where the school kids were 'pheewitting' at them. She even claimed that it is much safer to be surrounded by a bunch of 'Mat Saleh' rather than having just one Malay male nearby.

There's a saying, the younger generation is the future. Can we stay strong in such a society? I still remember those days where I went to the shop buying groceries for my mom alone when I was 5-6 years old. Nobody got snatched and it is very rare to hear rape case.

What about the economy? Can we stay, not to mention strong but at least to survive? Not to mention the economical survival between races, but are we able and ready to face the globalisation. Especially with the current political situation, an election-triggered government?

What about the challenges between you and other people in getting the life you wanted. We often thwarted ourselves and looking for reasons, at least a self comforting reasons to stay in the comfort zone. At least to convince yourself that you're still alive and ok.

Sometimes it's not the strongest who'll stay and survive. Sometimes u need luck. Some even times your situation helps. Smart people do survive but without proper strength, it's the opportunist that will succeed.

Then there come anybody nobody to champ the battle; just out of nowhere.

You may feel like all your efforts were not only been a simple waste but it has been banished totally.

It's sad. Pathetic. Disappointing.

And the losing end or problem worsen by the following incoming problems. Mostly self created. Most people like to dig a hole for their own. When it's too deep, no one is able to pull you off-hole. There are always people to help you to go deeper and later to bury you safely inside.

Most people handle problem with creating another problem. Like myself, when I'm stuck with my problems, i won't stop inhaling that nicotineful tobacco. Some even worse, they get drunk with alcohol. Worst, like a friend of mine who suicided. I miss you Yann. So much.

And now, I'll surely be missing a few other friend also. Dead. Getting married.

A day you lose may get you lose somebody but you might be getting a new somebody too.

Thanx for reading. :)

May 18, 2007

American Idol

Melinda has been voted out.

What a sad news for me and maybe some others. Even Simon has been keping to say that he'ww surely select Melinda for the final, it doesn't affect the American to not to vote her in, or maybe the vote is not enough.

Or maybe the Americans have had enough of Simon's commentaries. It seems like whatever he commented all these while has greatly affected the votings.

Or maybe, with Blake Lewis in it, all the hideous deejay of techno-rave fans were coming out to vote for him thus all of a sudden the votes for him jumped up like hell.

Jordin? Maybe because all students were voting her, as she's still very young.

Whatever it is, losing Melinda from the American Idol is not that unexpected. Anything can happen.

Malaysian Idol once crowned Daniel, who I think failed enough to stop the program from continuing.

Tagged by Jojoe

Layer One: On the Outside

Name : I don't know what it means.
Birthdate : January
Current Status : Boring
Eye Color : Black
Righty or Lefty : Righty

Layer Two: On the Inside

My Heritage : Jawa + Chinese, Bugis + Sakai + Benggali + Minang
My Fears : Losing
My Weakness : Horny
My Perfect Pizza : Seafood

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

My thoughts first thing when I wake up : Why should I get up?
My Bedtime : Late
My Most Missed Memory : Lovey Dovey years.

Layer Four: My Picks

Pepsi or Coke : Coke.
Mc Donalds or Burger King : Burger King
Single or Group dates : Both
Adidas or Nike : Nike
Tea or Nestea : Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla
Capuccino or Coffee : Coffee

Layer Five: Do I

Smoke : Occasionally
Curse : Maybe
Take a Shower : 2-3 times a day
Have a crush : A lot
Think I've been in love : A few times
Go To School : I think I did
Want to get married : In the planing
Believe in Myself : Rarely
Think I'm a health freak : Not really

Layer Six: In the past month

Drank alcohol : Nope
Gone to the mall : 2 days back
Been on Stage : A few times
Eaten Sushi : last few weeks
Dyed Your Hair : Last 3 years

Layer Seven: Have I ever

Played a stripping game : Nope
Changed who I am to fit in : Most of the time

Layer Eight : Age

Apo nak buek ni jojoe?

Layer Nine : What was I doing

1 min ago : Surfing
1 hour ago : Driving
4.5hours ago : Sleeping
1 Month ago : Cannot remember
1 year ago : Cannot remember

Layer Ten: Finish the Sentence

I love : looking at things/people.
I feel : sleepy.
I hate : people bossing me around.
I need : sex

May 17, 2007

XPDC Gunung Panti

Yeah, it's the update on the XPDC of Gunung Panti. (Mount Panti)

My father told me about some reporters and photographers from the News Straits Times Press (NSTP) is going to Gunung Panti and asked if I'm interested to join.

I said yes! I just can't wait for the whole weekend to end. I was suppoed to be going with this photographer, named Shahrul.

On that Monday, I called him again but he said that he was not going. Walla. Another photographer is going; both reporter and the photographer named Mohd. Zain. It's 2 different people that I'm talking about!

They picked me up at their office building at around 8.30AM and we headed to Kota Tinggi, waiting for the Forestry Ranger Asngari to fetch us and take us there. I had my Roti Canai and was slightly sated. We reached by the mountain side at around 11.00AM and started our journey at 11.30AM after all preparation has been made.

Click on the picture to enLARGE20 minutes after starting our journey, we stopped for a while. I've to admit that I'm not that fit of which I vomitted all my roti canai before I was able to continue. I myself rested twice before I was really able to catch up with my own breathe. I can hear my heart beating fast like crazy! I learnt a lesson. I should have brought more water!

The reporter (also Md. Zain) retired after 20 minutes of walking. Being big in size has made him unable to catch up with us, where I myself advised him not to continue. He looks like he was gonna faint any soon! After saying goodbye, we continued climbing.

Click on the picture to enLARGEI was carrying my bag full of my camera widgets. It's pretty unpleasant to have the bag wrapping all over my body which weighed about 10 kgs extra on me. The slopes were like almost 160-180 degrees which has caused stress to my legs. There was this rock named "Batu Kuatkan Semangat", with that phrase painted on it. Reaching there means we've a litle more to do to reach the most top point of the mountain and we've to walk a little bit more on the non-slopey land till we reach this one wide area and took our rest again.

Click on the picture to enLARGEThat was quite a long rest as we've all sat down and chit chatting while having the curry puff. Most of the escorts from Forest Department were playing with our cameras looking at the surrounding. The Kota Tinggi town was clear clearly seen through the lenses!

Click on the picture to enLARGEThen, we have to continue the journey to the place called 'Dagok'. It's the chin-like edge with quite a wide empty area with different kind of sand and weather there. I was a little bit jeopardized by the rest as my legs were starting to aching and I was walking slowly like a robot already. I arrived at Dagok 15 minutes after they all did. We took pictures. A lot of pictures there! 11.30 from the mountain side and we reached the top at around 3.15, almost 3 hours and 45 minutes of climbing.

Click on the picture to enLARGEWe started our journey down at around 3.45 and it was hell dangerous! I've been through a lot of 180 degres of slopes. Hell it was tiring, pain and torture! All my joints were aching and I was hoping that my feet can stand a little bit more. I was like forcing myself to walk slowly and carefully, not to injure ourselves as the tracks were very slippery. We did took our rest a few times but that doesn't stop us to touch down by 5.30PM.

I was hell exhausted! I lose 3kg, believe it or not? And I took 2 days to get off my fatigues and I was only able to look at into those pictures today!

Click on the picture to enLARGEI'd love to thanks Md. Zain the NST photographer to allow me to join the expedition. A very much thanx!

* More pictures at my Photo Blog

May 16, 2007

Selamat Hari Guru

* This entry is written in Malay Language as I was raised and schooling in the Malay medium

Beberapa orang guru telah memberi impak besar terhadap hidupku; terutamanya guru-guru yang berjaya mencungkil dan menonjolkan kelebihan yang terdapat dalam diriku, dan seterusnya memimpinku dalam mengharungi liku-liku proses membesar sebagai seorang anak Melayu yang sentiasa dikelilingi olahan hidup yang tidak berketentuan.

Guru pertamaku adalah emak dan abahku sendiri. Teruk aku dirotan abah jika aku melakukan kesalahan. Lebam-lebam pehaku dicubit emak jika aku salah mengeja atau mengira. Tapi abahku sangat sayangkan aku; dibelikannya aku buku-buku untuk kutelah dan menimba pengetahuan. Dibelikannya aku permainan untuk aku merosakkannya, bagiku, merosakkan permainan hanyalah satu proses pembelajaran.

Kemudian, aku dihantar belajar membaca al-quran dengan Ustaz Che' Kob, seorang guru agama di Machang, Kelantan yang telah membuka mataku dengan al-Quran. Senang sekali aku menghafaz ayat-ayat lazim yang aku masih mengingatinya, sehingga kini. Jauh sekali guruku yang seorang ini untuk aku berjumpa kembali. Sayangnya terhadapku tak ubah seperti kesayangannya terhadap anak-anaknya, kerana aku sangat jelas sekali antara muridnya yang menyinar walau umurku tidak sampai pun 5 tahun waktu itu.

Kemudian ku berpindah dan bersekolah di Batu 9 Cheras, dan kemudianku berpindah lagi ke Sekolah Rendah Sultan Sulaiman, Kuala Terengganu. Pada tahun 4, aku menjadi anak murid kesayangan Cikgu Aman, yang sentiasa yakin aku mempunyai bakat sukan, walaupun aku secara lahiriahnya, sangat lembik. Beliau tidak salah, kerana tidak lama kemudian aku muncul sebagai salah seorang pemain ping-pong terhebat di sekolah, hebat menyaingi pelajar-pelajar tahun 5 dan 6.

Di sana juga, aku bertemu dengan guru Rahman, yang telah membuka telingaku dengan alunan mashaf-mashaf al-quran yang bisa membikin tubuhku gementar diuliti dengan linangan air mata. Aku sangat rindukan alunan merdu suara Guru Rahman. Kerinduanku itu seolah membolehkan aku sendiri mengalunkan mashaf-mashaf al-quran itu sendiri, walaupun tidak seindah alunan Guru Rahman itu.

Aku berpindah lagi dan guru-guru hidupku bertukar lagi. Di tahun 5 dan 6, aku bersekolah di Melaka di mana Pak Langku sendiri dan rakan karibnya, Cikgu Khamis menjadi guru rapatku. Mereka berdualah yang bersungguh-sungguh menonjolkan bakat kehidupanku untuk menjadikanku contoh kepada pelajar-pelajar yang lain. Aku berjaya memasuki sekolah menengah berasrama penuh di mana persekolahan ku yang sebenar bermula.

5 tahun ku di sana, guru yang paling memberiku perhatian ialah cikgu Jaafar. Antara pelajar tahun 1 yang pertama diketahui merokok, aku lebih berhati-hati menjalani kehidupan di sana. Cabaran dari senior-senior yang suka membuli, memukul dan apa sahaja, bukan sahaja menaikkan semangatku, malah aku berjaya mengatasi diriku yang lembik; di mana di tahun kedua sahaja aku antara yang terawal yang berjaya menyertai pasukan Kadet tentera, kebanggaan hidupku sehingga kini.

Selain cikgu Jaafar, cikgu Sharifah Asmak & cikgu Hafshah adalah 2 orang guru yang berjaya merobah persepsi diriku terhadap diriku sendiri. Walaupun aku merasakan yang aku sering dianiaya oleh mereka berdua, namun, itulah yang membuatkan aku lebih rapat dengan mereka dan membenarkan diriku memberi peluang kepada diriku untuk membuka mindaku dengan menerokai falsafah dan pemikiran kedua-duanya; yang aku rasakan sangat berbeza dengan guru-guru yang lain.

Puan Hafshah, walaupun sering mendendaku di kelas biologinya, aku rasakan itu adalah sesuatu yang perlu aku lakukan untuk mengambil perhatiannya. Aku sering menjadi pelajar yang terakhir akan duduk di dalam kelas sejarah Puan Sharifah Asmak kerana aku malas menjawab soalan. Malas atau pun tak tahu? Kedua-duanya sebab aku memang tidak mahu ambil kisah pun walaupun dalam kuiz sejarah yang aku mewakili sekolah, aku dapat markah tertinggi walaupun aku tak pernah menghadiri perbincangan yang sering diadakan.

Mungkin sebenarnya aku inginkan perhatian yang lebih dari kedua-dua orang guru ini. Aku pun dah lupa.

Dan Sazuan Nazrah juga telah menjadi guruku di luar kesedaranku. Dia telah membuka mataku tentang kewujudan kehidupan yang tidak pernah aku bayangkan dan alami sepanjang hidupku.

Cikgu Jaafar, sebagai seorang guru penolong kanan Hal Ehwal Murid dan Guru Disiplin, tidak sekalipun bercakap dengan lembut denganku. Di hari terakhir aku berjumpa dengannya di sekolah, pelukan dan kata-kata perangsangnya yang tidak tersangka-sangka terhadapku menjadi modal linangan air mata sepanjang perjalanan pulang ke kampungku. Sehingga kini, ia masih menjadi pegangan hidupku. Sijil kuning yang cemerlang membuktikan ketidaksia-siaan persekolahanku.

Di kolej, hidupku tak ubah seperti orang tak berhaluan. Tak mengapalah kot. Itu pun adalah lebih kurang dengan kehidupan aku sekarang.

Aku cuma ingin mengucapkan selamat hari guru kepada semua guru2 yang telah menjadi guruku, secara langsung dan tidak langsung, dan kepada semua guru2 yang kukenali.

* I'm so sorry, this entry has to be in Malay. You need a translator? :p

May 14, 2007

about: getting mad

This is a self created tag

What is getting mad to you?
Somekind of a betrayal. I'm actually quite invulnerable to provocations and hardly get angry or mad. It's such a very bad feeling of dissatisfaction and exaggerated curiosity that will drive myself into my emotional irrationality state which can expedite my insane manner of thinking, reacting and executing my plans.
Why do you get mad?
Because someone managed to get onto my nerves.
If u get mad, what would you do?
I'm not so sure. I used to drive car crazily when I got mad with my ex-girlfriend (sorry). I used to get outside, take the nice night air and breathe them deep in. Sometimes I revenged. Sometimes I yell (especially to my sister, Farah). Most of the time I'll be upset, sad and just keep quiet all by myself miserably.
What are your major mad possible causes?
Especially when someone did not response to my inquiries inadequately and honestly, especially when I'm desperately seeking for the honestly truth, and it became worse if it was not the answer that I was expecting.

I would be rarely intimidated with people's irritation but I could not stand someone messing up with people i care.

Getting humiliated is fine but sometimes people were just love to get over the boundary.

Some people they just love to provoke (especially girlfriend hehehe)
Who are the people that you think would not cause you mad at all?
People who I don't care, has got nothing to do with me. They can do anything to me except to those people i care.
Who are the best candidates to get you mad?
My best trusted people around, those who are connected to me bloodly, emotionally, chemically, mutually and mindly.
How do you feel exactly when you get mad?
I feel sad and bad. I don't understand why do i have to get mad and why someone has made an effort to make me mad. I don't like to be mad as it makes me feel lonely. When I get mad, people will keep themselves away. I can be angry and laugh few seconds after that but being mad affect me emotionally. It ruins my funtype characteristic totally. Sometimes I feel like being betrayed.
How do you handle it?
After that questioning, I will just keep quiet, looking for something to soothe myself or just face it.
Those who you wish you may not be getting mad with.
Everyone! Especially my beloved girlfriend (if any later), my beloved family members and friends, those who i sometimes regarded as my very own blood.
TAG YOURSELF! Jangan malu-malu...!

* I'm going to climb Gunung Panti today! I just can't wait for the morning to come.

May 10, 2007

Malay 'o' malay.

Oi Melayu Tua Kutuk!

U tell me u want to do business,
U said oredi retired ma,
I said i'll help you,

Fine, u found a lobang,
U tell me the spec is 2 to 6 feet long,
2 to 6 inches in diameter,
The price u want is RM80 per tonne,
I say cannot, no profit I want RM100,
Plus lorry RM30,
U say no problem.

Then I supply you,
First 4 lorry,
Payment is good,
No complain, No deduction,
I'm happy ma!
Good business, sure I want more ma!

So I told my workers to find more workers,
I already brought in 12 more Indons,
To work in my place,
That's a lot of money!

So I sent another 3 lorries,
During payment u said got problem,
Lorry No.2 not yet being paid,
Because the amount not correct,
Plus now the sawmill deduct 8%,
Even the lorry also you deduct meh?

I told my partner this is fishy,
I'm not satisfied i ask him let's go to Batu Pahat,
We go and look for the sawmill and ask,
What's going on.

There we meet Ayong,
A cute girl from Senggarang,
Shit this girl make me nervous,
So cute ma!

Okay back to biznes,
We talk and talk and talk,
She said she want 4 feet,
5 feet, 6 feet don't want,
Too long,
Then 3 inches to 6 inches can,
Only straight, bengkok-bengkok dowan,
Hahaha, i smiled to myself,
Sounds so lucah one.

Alright, we got the spec,
Now we asked, how many lorries you have paid,
She said she had paid all 7,
And did she deduct anything,
She said she paid everything.

Now I know already,
I'm now so hancing,
Kena kencing dengan this old malay man,
Haji Mat his name,
Haji tua kutuk.

Itulah malay,
Wanna do biznez but so greedy,
Do nothing only pickup payment gave RM20 already,
One lorry got more than RM300 dy,
7 lorry?

U Imagine if i supply 1000 lorries?
Now i better gave Ayong RM5 commission per tonne,
Can mengorat also.

* sing like Irreplaceable by Beyonce

May 8, 2007

The bloggers movie

Scene 1 : Dine @ Delidephia's
Main star : Izham, Taiko
Supporting : Zetty, Abby, Diva, Lilithfair, Muid, N82.
Extras : A lot of extras.

We came for free food at cyberjaya. There were more bloggers supposed to be coming but you know, things happened.

So it was fun. Rugi tak datang!

Scene 2 : Karaoke @ BSC's KTV
Main star : Izham, Taiko.
Supporting : Zetty, Ya, Adik, Ina, Pye.

I and Taiko planned to go to karaoke the next day. Hahaha. Now you know how my 'cari-makan' songs eh zetty? Bz huh? Bz going here and there and snap pictures! Then we plan for tea at the KL-Sentral.

Scene 3 : Tea @ KL Sentral's Secret Recipe
Main star : Izham, Taiko.
Supporting : B-Terabot, Suliza, (the girl from MMU), Adik, Farhan(Towkey Kedai).

Yes, Farhan is the towkey kedai. It happened that when we reached there, I noticed someone I know as she and her friends were looking at me (perasan) when I arrived at the Secret Recipe Restaurant. Later I said Hi to them and it's confirmed that she's B-Terabot, a blogger as well, together with her friends.

Suliza. Kamu sangat cute sebab tolong share gambar itew.

More pictures will be posted in my photo blog. Tolong check hari-hari.

May 4, 2007

*sigh*.....It's strange uh....?

I woke up a few times in that bus. Purposely opted to ride on the midnight bus so that I can sleep all the way; without having to worry of my sleeping amount. At almost 12 from the Butterworth's Bus Station, I fell asleep soon afterward, after I saw that one nice figured pretty scarfed girl sitting behind me. She was in a red t-shirt and a pair of jeans as well, matched with a nice knotted white scarf on her hairs.

A day in Butterworth then to Sungai Petani, then Alor Setar, Kangar, Kuala Kedah and back to Butterworth is a tiring day for me. I was so fatigued and worn that I heard nothing after that......

As the bus stopped, I'll be turning my head back and asked her where are we now. She seems not to be sleeping all the time; as whe was all awake whenever I opened up my lousy eyes. First was Slim River, then Ipoh, then Kuala Lumpur.

Then again, the bus stopped and i suddenly woke up and asked her. It's Seremban.

It's 5 AM.

I rushed to pick all my bags and walked down the bus. She walked out as well, just behind me. I can feel her bags pushing on the back of my knees and as I turned back, she was giving me that heart-throbbing smile again and again. I didn't know that she's going to Seremban as well. Hmm, i can plan for something then.

I jumped off the bus and put my bags on the ground. She get off the bus too and walked slowly. I didn't really notice of what she was doing as I was waving to the bus driver as he drove off.

As I turned around, she has disappeared. As I turn and turn around looking for her, I noticed that she's waving to me from inside the bus.

Aik? What's going on?

I headed to the toilet as I was thinking that I might still be sleeping. As I paid the toilet fee of 30 sen, i peed and washed my face. My face was as oily as I can pour it into a pan and fry fish. Heeyerk!

I walked out, and my hand automagically stole a pack of tissue from the toilet counter as the toilet keeper was not around. I wiped my face and stood at the taxi stop, attempting to make a call to my auntie.

"Tooot-tooot. Tooot-tooot. Hello..!"

Luckily she is already awake.

"Mak ngah, dah bangun ke? Izam ni."
(Mak Ngah, are you awake? It's me, Izam)

"Oh yeke. Ada a**&@*^*&%... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"

Suddenly, her voice changed and there's a guy laughing at me horrendouly, followed by some weird unnerving sounds. Then, the conversation was automatically terminated and as I was trying to redial the number, there's an error connecting.

I tried with other phone and succeeded. I reached home by cab and asked her for my house's key. Then, she asked,

"Apo bondo eh dalam telpon tu? Takut mak ngah di buek eh, toghuih lotak telepon."
(what was in the phone. I was so scared that hanged up on you)

Hmmm.. That was peculiarly weird in such a not so creepy way. Anyway, I left that stolen tissue pack in that cab.

I may need to fresh up. Rasa nak berak pulak ni...

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