May 4, 2007

*sigh*.....It's strange uh....?

I woke up a few times in that bus. Purposely opted to ride on the midnight bus so that I can sleep all the way; without having to worry of my sleeping amount. At almost 12 from the Butterworth's Bus Station, I fell asleep soon afterward, after I saw that one nice figured pretty scarfed girl sitting behind me. She was in a red t-shirt and a pair of jeans as well, matched with a nice knotted white scarf on her hairs.

A day in Butterworth then to Sungai Petani, then Alor Setar, Kangar, Kuala Kedah and back to Butterworth is a tiring day for me. I was so fatigued and worn that I heard nothing after that......

As the bus stopped, I'll be turning my head back and asked her where are we now. She seems not to be sleeping all the time; as whe was all awake whenever I opened up my lousy eyes. First was Slim River, then Ipoh, then Kuala Lumpur.

Then again, the bus stopped and i suddenly woke up and asked her. It's Seremban.

It's 5 AM.

I rushed to pick all my bags and walked down the bus. She walked out as well, just behind me. I can feel her bags pushing on the back of my knees and as I turned back, she was giving me that heart-throbbing smile again and again. I didn't know that she's going to Seremban as well. Hmm, i can plan for something then.

I jumped off the bus and put my bags on the ground. She get off the bus too and walked slowly. I didn't really notice of what she was doing as I was waving to the bus driver as he drove off.

As I turned around, she has disappeared. As I turn and turn around looking for her, I noticed that she's waving to me from inside the bus.

Aik? What's going on?

I headed to the toilet as I was thinking that I might still be sleeping. As I paid the toilet fee of 30 sen, i peed and washed my face. My face was as oily as I can pour it into a pan and fry fish. Heeyerk!

I walked out, and my hand automagically stole a pack of tissue from the toilet counter as the toilet keeper was not around. I wiped my face and stood at the taxi stop, attempting to make a call to my auntie.

"Tooot-tooot. Tooot-tooot. Hello..!"

Luckily she is already awake.

"Mak ngah, dah bangun ke? Izam ni."
(Mak Ngah, are you awake? It's me, Izam)

"Oh yeke. Ada a**&@*^*&%... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"

Suddenly, her voice changed and there's a guy laughing at me horrendouly, followed by some weird unnerving sounds. Then, the conversation was automatically terminated and as I was trying to redial the number, there's an error connecting.

I tried with other phone and succeeded. I reached home by cab and asked her for my house's key. Then, she asked,

"Apo bondo eh dalam telpon tu? Takut mak ngah di buek eh, toghuih lotak telepon."
(what was in the phone. I was so scared that hanged up on you)

Hmmm.. That was peculiarly weird in such a not so creepy way. Anyway, I left that stolen tissue pack in that cab.

I may need to fresh up. Rasa nak berak pulak ni...

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