May 25, 2007

American Idol :: It's Jordin....!

She's an idol at 17. Isn't that great when all the other people were expecting Melinda to become one?

Well, It feels good to be among the first to watch it. You know, when other people are busy working and it's a weekday, so nobody can really bother to buy tix and really watch because tomorrow they're working.

What can you do with RM5. With RM10 it's already two tixes. Sounds good isn't it? And it's free seating some more!

It sounds much better when it started, you can see a bunch of people waiting to be sentenced to death; by hanging rope at their neck. Then a boy started to sing, followed by the rest, an S.O.S song.

And then Swann, who is going to ally with Barbossa, was seen paddling a small boat going through river junctions and underbridges just to get to the Sao Feng's pirate place in Singapore. William, who was actually tricking people to be caught stealing a magical guide, was about to be killed when Swann screamed and revealing that who's who. The drama was nicely disturbed by the British army ambushing them.

"Welcome to Singapore...!"

Then William and Swann, together with Barbossa continued on Sao Feng's contributed ship, going over to the place named Davy Jones Locker, where Jackie was undergoing his punishment. They reached to somewhere like the end of world, where the sea water end up like the Niagara Falls and fell down.

Jackie was like experiencing skizofrenia, of which he saw people like himself and he was talking to himself in that Black Pearl, where he's the captain and the rest of himself was the crew. Later he found out that he's actually alone and as he went down the Black Pearl, he saw a stone, of which later follows and fascinated him. Tired, he tried to pull the black pearl to the sea. The stone, which was actually a crab, called its friends and helped Sparrow to take Black Pearl to the sea.

That Davy Jones Locker was actually a mind-bending trap for Jackie!

While, those people on the ship were taken by the water to Davy Jones Locker's seashore. They met Jackie and started the journey to the Shipwreck Islands, where the meeting of the Pirate Heads will be held.

Then, there were dramas of who betrayed who and what good business is. Those people were actually found themselves being tricked by Sao Feng and dealings has made Swann fell into the hand of Sao Feng, who thought she is the Calypso, the goddes of the sea trapped in a human body.

Sao Feng was later killed in an attack of which Swann has became his ancestor; to lead his ship to the Shipwreck Islands and to represent him in the meeting. She was even voted as the pirate king by Jackie, of which had brought them to a decision; to fight the East India Trading Company navy armada.

William and Swann managed to get married to each other in the battle, which was done by Barbossa but later, William was murdered by Davy Jones, of which later Jackie used William's hand to kill the heart in the chest; which means Davy Jones is now dead and William is gonna replace him as the Dutchman's captain.

At least they can see each other only one day after every ten years than nothing at all. And Jackie loses his Black Pearl again of which Barbossa who planned to leave jackie found that he loses that magical guide thingy.

Hehehehe. And that's actually the whole 2 plus hours of the Pirates of the Carribbean : At World's End movie :p.

Hahahahaha! It's always good to be among the earliest people. You can tell people about it.

Happy watching! And congratulations to Jordin. AGAIN!

Rating :: 4.2/5

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