May 28, 2007

Who says Virus can attack my Laptop?

I said that.

As usual, I love to try out new programs on the Internet and recently I've tried out a program which can do some photo joining and out of those thousands of softwares, I was interested into this one particular software.

It was PhotoBlahBlahBlah and it gaves me good results with the photos. Buying is not really a good idea, so what else.

I went hunting for the software crack!

So i googled (since when google had became a verb?) for the software cracks and found one so I downloaded it and test it out. It works very well and I'm now using a full version of the PhotoBlahBlahBlah software. Nice!

There's one lame reason of why I'm not sharing my Laptop to anyone. It has no NT-virus software at all. I think there's one but I've disabled it; just because I like my Laptop running with it's full capability without those anti-virus boggling the rest of the memories.

I'm very aware of the complications of not having the anti-virus. For me, when you have that NT-virus running inside your system, the more you'll be not aware of what you have downloaded and executed in your PC. You think you are protected and you're not worry about it at all.

That's pretty wrong. Err, Very wrong. Hmm.. You are absolutely wrong.

Virus patterns are always changing, as rapid as the technology. There are viruses which able to mutate themselves. And how often do you update your anti-virus. How good the anti-virus is able to cope up with the virus advancement?

I believe there are millions of computer virus out there were being widely spread all over the world, and there either mutating themselves or the creator is busy upgrading their viruses. Some looping program may get the whole DRC into a real disaster (and it happens :p)

So back to my case, I do take precautions by not easily downloading any executable files or whatever. And downloading these cracks are absolutely high risk! As in my case, i downloaded the zipped file and it went well as there's no executable file at all.

I was wrong but I still didn't realize it. I was unable to open the's comment page and i thought it was normal. Only when I googled up a few things and everytime I clicked on the links provided, it brought me to a website; search for all porns and what sort. WTF.


Don't wait for so long to do this. Once you realize anything wrong with your PC, shutdown and restart in Safe Mode. How? Press F8 when the PC starts and wait for the menu asking you whether you wanna do normal start or choose safe mode.

Then, start in safe mode, login as administrator and click on search. Minimize your search by limiting the date from a week before till today. Search for all files. Then click search and wait for the search to end.

(We do in safe mode as these virus will normally not being loaded in safe mode. So it's much easier for us to delete the files)

Sort your search result by type and scroll down till you see application and application extensions. Look for weird .exe & .com files and delete them. And look for new .dll files delete them. Do not do this if you have just installed service packs or any new programs.

Then restart. If it happens again, repeat. If you succeed, you'll be happy to know that you are able to vanish the viruses yourself. Feeling good?

Well, this is quite a high risk thing to do so, do at your own risk.

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