May 14, 2007

about: getting mad

This is a self created tag

What is getting mad to you?
Somekind of a betrayal. I'm actually quite invulnerable to provocations and hardly get angry or mad. It's such a very bad feeling of dissatisfaction and exaggerated curiosity that will drive myself into my emotional irrationality state which can expedite my insane manner of thinking, reacting and executing my plans.
Why do you get mad?
Because someone managed to get onto my nerves.
If u get mad, what would you do?
I'm not so sure. I used to drive car crazily when I got mad with my ex-girlfriend (sorry). I used to get outside, take the nice night air and breathe them deep in. Sometimes I revenged. Sometimes I yell (especially to my sister, Farah). Most of the time I'll be upset, sad and just keep quiet all by myself miserably.
What are your major mad possible causes?
Especially when someone did not response to my inquiries inadequately and honestly, especially when I'm desperately seeking for the honestly truth, and it became worse if it was not the answer that I was expecting.

I would be rarely intimidated with people's irritation but I could not stand someone messing up with people i care.

Getting humiliated is fine but sometimes people were just love to get over the boundary.

Some people they just love to provoke (especially girlfriend hehehe)
Who are the people that you think would not cause you mad at all?
People who I don't care, has got nothing to do with me. They can do anything to me except to those people i care.
Who are the best candidates to get you mad?
My best trusted people around, those who are connected to me bloodly, emotionally, chemically, mutually and mindly.
How do you feel exactly when you get mad?
I feel sad and bad. I don't understand why do i have to get mad and why someone has made an effort to make me mad. I don't like to be mad as it makes me feel lonely. When I get mad, people will keep themselves away. I can be angry and laugh few seconds after that but being mad affect me emotionally. It ruins my funtype characteristic totally. Sometimes I feel like being betrayed.
How do you handle it?
After that questioning, I will just keep quiet, looking for something to soothe myself or just face it.
Those who you wish you may not be getting mad with.
Everyone! Especially my beloved girlfriend (if any later), my beloved family members and friends, those who i sometimes regarded as my very own blood.
TAG YOURSELF! Jangan malu-malu...!

* I'm going to climb Gunung Panti today! I just can't wait for the morning to come.

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