May 10, 2007

Malay 'o' malay.

Oi Melayu Tua Kutuk!

U tell me u want to do business,
U said oredi retired ma,
I said i'll help you,

Fine, u found a lobang,
U tell me the spec is 2 to 6 feet long,
2 to 6 inches in diameter,
The price u want is RM80 per tonne,
I say cannot, no profit I want RM100,
Plus lorry RM30,
U say no problem.

Then I supply you,
First 4 lorry,
Payment is good,
No complain, No deduction,
I'm happy ma!
Good business, sure I want more ma!

So I told my workers to find more workers,
I already brought in 12 more Indons,
To work in my place,
That's a lot of money!

So I sent another 3 lorries,
During payment u said got problem,
Lorry No.2 not yet being paid,
Because the amount not correct,
Plus now the sawmill deduct 8%,
Even the lorry also you deduct meh?

I told my partner this is fishy,
I'm not satisfied i ask him let's go to Batu Pahat,
We go and look for the sawmill and ask,
What's going on.

There we meet Ayong,
A cute girl from Senggarang,
Shit this girl make me nervous,
So cute ma!

Okay back to biznes,
We talk and talk and talk,
She said she want 4 feet,
5 feet, 6 feet don't want,
Too long,
Then 3 inches to 6 inches can,
Only straight, bengkok-bengkok dowan,
Hahaha, i smiled to myself,
Sounds so lucah one.

Alright, we got the spec,
Now we asked, how many lorries you have paid,
She said she had paid all 7,
And did she deduct anything,
She said she paid everything.

Now I know already,
I'm now so hancing,
Kena kencing dengan this old malay man,
Haji Mat his name,
Haji tua kutuk.

Itulah malay,
Wanna do biznez but so greedy,
Do nothing only pickup payment gave RM20 already,
One lorry got more than RM300 dy,
7 lorry?

U Imagine if i supply 1000 lorries?
Now i better gave Ayong RM5 commission per tonne,
Can mengorat also.

* sing like Irreplaceable by Beyonce

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