May 18, 2007

American Idol

Melinda has been voted out.

What a sad news for me and maybe some others. Even Simon has been keping to say that he'ww surely select Melinda for the final, it doesn't affect the American to not to vote her in, or maybe the vote is not enough.

Or maybe the Americans have had enough of Simon's commentaries. It seems like whatever he commented all these while has greatly affected the votings.

Or maybe, with Blake Lewis in it, all the hideous deejay of techno-rave fans were coming out to vote for him thus all of a sudden the votes for him jumped up like hell.

Jordin? Maybe because all students were voting her, as she's still very young.

Whatever it is, losing Melinda from the American Idol is not that unexpected. Anything can happen.

Malaysian Idol once crowned Daniel, who I think failed enough to stop the program from continuing.

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