May 8, 2007

The bloggers movie

Scene 1 : Dine @ Delidephia's
Main star : Izham, Taiko
Supporting : Zetty, Abby, Diva, Lilithfair, Muid, N82.
Extras : A lot of extras.

We came for free food at cyberjaya. There were more bloggers supposed to be coming but you know, things happened.

So it was fun. Rugi tak datang!

Scene 2 : Karaoke @ BSC's KTV
Main star : Izham, Taiko.
Supporting : Zetty, Ya, Adik, Ina, Pye.

I and Taiko planned to go to karaoke the next day. Hahaha. Now you know how my 'cari-makan' songs eh zetty? Bz huh? Bz going here and there and snap pictures! Then we plan for tea at the KL-Sentral.

Scene 3 : Tea @ KL Sentral's Secret Recipe
Main star : Izham, Taiko.
Supporting : B-Terabot, Suliza, (the girl from MMU), Adik, Farhan(Towkey Kedai).

Yes, Farhan is the towkey kedai. It happened that when we reached there, I noticed someone I know as she and her friends were looking at me (perasan) when I arrived at the Secret Recipe Restaurant. Later I said Hi to them and it's confirmed that she's B-Terabot, a blogger as well, together with her friends.

Suliza. Kamu sangat cute sebab tolong share gambar itew.

More pictures will be posted in my photo blog. Tolong check hari-hari.

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