February 28, 2008

Where are we heading?

8th March will be just like any other electoral day, of which the results are oftenly predictable.

I could see a lot of political come into play when certain candidates were being either taken out or being pushed to an unsafe place.

And to some, they were ensuring their good feeling by having themselves at the safest place ever.

The opposition party had also been doing the same thing but at the end, they made it back to normal.

I really hate it to know that this one candidate finally being nominated.

The best thing is my own cousin is also being nominated for a parliamentary seat.

Will these nominated people be on their seat to fight for the right thing or their own 'rights' only?

By right, a parliament member have the freedom to vote or not to vote for a certain issues but in this country, if you're a government parliamentary member, opposing their own proposals will cause you to lose your seat.

And the current method of doing the nomination is obviously out of concept. Nomination should be done by the people and finalised by the people, not by the leaders. Leaders may want to have someone who may not actually help them but also someone who may not be a threat.

Kelantanese people has been smart by voting the right people they think they deserve to represent them. So do Penangites, and Kedahans.

To be frank, in N9, Johor & Melaka, the ruling party can 'sapu-habis' even though they put a monkey to participate.

For me, vote to get things right. Be wise and think what people like you can contribute for the best of this country.

Remember, we run the country, not the government.

They rule. We run. Sometimes we run away too... :p

February 22, 2008

On a website

I was busy the whole week working for my new website and a few other things has also came nicely in my way.

Please kindly point your browser to my new website http://izham-photo.com

Thank you very much for your support.

February 12, 2008

Majlis Aqiqah AFI

2 ekor kambing telah berjaya disembelih sendiri oleh adik ipar saya. Adik ipar saya itu bukanlah kambing. Mana boleh kambing sembelih kambing. Jadi adik ipar saya itu ialah seorang manusia yang memandu Bing-Em-Dabelyu.

Kalau nak rompak, silalah rompak adik ipar saya.. hehehe..

Saya ada terlalu ramai sejarah kambing dalam hidup saya. Bermula sejak sekolah rendah lagi, kawan saya nama dia Mohamad Nur Sulhi yang pernah terberak di dalam kelas. Terberak tu bukanlah dia berak di hujung kelas, tetapi di dalam seluarnya. Nak kata dalam seluar pun tak juga sebab lepas tu dia cicir sebijik-bijik macam tahik kambing.

Tak pakai spemder rupanya. Saya pun tak pakai spemder tapi tak pernah pun berak cam kambing. Berak dalam seluar tu pernah la jugak.. Hehehe. Masa tu dalam bas Tai Lye nak pergi Melaka. Nasib baik pakai spemder. Spemder je kena taik.

Aku cirit masa tu. Siot tol. Sejak daripada itu aku akan berpuasa khatan 3 hari sebelum travel naik bas.

Eh khatan dengan sunat tak sama ke? Apsal nenek aku dulu tanya nak sunat ke tak?

Ada member aku ni pulak, bini dia tanya, nak sunat kali kedua ke tak? Hehehehehe.

Sejak itu kawan aku yang bernama Mohamad Nur Sulhi di panggil Mohamad Nur Sulbing atau panggilan ringkas nya Nurbing.

Sejak itu juga sering kedengaran embekan-embakan oleh murid-murid lain yang tidak bernama Mohamad Nur Sulhi. Hairankan. Manusia pulak yang nak jadi kambing.

Di sekolah menengah juga ada. Tapi sejarah kekambingannya tidaklah begitu jelas memandangkan kambing ini bercermin mata, jadi pandangannya juga tidak jelas. Yang jelas bila ditarik cermin matanya dia akan menjerit macam kambing baru lepas pijak anak dia sendiri.

Di universiti juga sama. Ada 2 orang kawan saya yang kambing. Seorang tinggi dan seorang rendah.

Berdasarkan pena'kulan mantik, kita boleh membuat satu rumusan bersama iaitu kambing pun boleh belajar sampai ke universiti ek. Saya membuat kesimpulan bahawa kambing yang disembelih untuk dibuat aqiqah tidak sempat manjadi manusia seperti mana kawan-kawan kambing saya tadi.

Patutlah ramai yang bela kambing. Kambing pun dah boleh belajar sampai lulus universiti. Hehehe..

Jangan terperanjat la satu masa nanti Kambing akan jadi Perdana Menteri. Kalau 'Black' pun boleh jadi presiden USA, tak hairanlah satu hari nanti bangsa kambing pun boleh menjadi perdana menteri malaysia. Ala yang ada ni pun lebih kurang aje. Hehehehe.

Berbalik kepada cerita aqiqah tadi, anak ipar saya ini (anak sedara) agaknya nervous sampai tertido. Ni belum nak sunat lagi ni. Tunggu la ko sunat esok.. hahahahaha!

Setelah habis berzanji, Afi dikejutkan dari tidurnya dan lelaki mendung pertama yang memegang AFI itu adalah bapanya, iaitu adik ipar saya. Lelaki mendung kedua yang mengantuk sambil memegang dulang berisi bunga-bungaan itu adalah sepupu saya yang juga berpangkat bapak saudara.

Boleh juga dipanggil Bapak Saudabing.

Teknik panning itu sedang menunjukkan bahawa dulang itu akan dibawa dari seorang ke seorang pakcik yang datang ke majlis tersebut. Pakcik itu bukanlah nak minum air dari buah kelapa tersebut tapi sebenarnya dia akan menyapukan air kapur (kot) ke kepala AFI dan ambil gunting lalu mengguntingnya rambutnya sikit.

Kalau dulu dipanggil cukur jambul. Sekarang dipanggil cukur jambing.

Pakcik itu sedang memotong jambing dengan berseleranya. slurrrrp!

Semua orang nak cium AFI. Habis budak tu bau busuk macam kambing kena palu.

* Baby portraitures on my Photo Blog

February 9, 2008

The School Movie

Short Scene

In an Art class test at an SJK Chinese, all students were asked to illustrate the Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner. Everybody was busy drawing except for this one grinful looking chinese boy who just had damn no idea of what to be drawn on that piece of drawing paper.

He tried to peek around, if somebody would be nice but crazed enough to share their idea of the dinner. The cute girl sitting next to him covered up her drawing when he peeked into her drawing.

"What are you waiting for? Start drawing....!" the grumpy fat lady teacher yelled at him.

He was just grinned to the teacher and everybody.


The school ended. It's going to be a long holiday I guess, as the boy was busy waving at every single friend at the but stop, without even a single word coming out from his mouth. One by one left happily and he was still grinning and smiling. After sometime, all his friend was gone he was left alone. Trying to make himself good, he was stil grinning to himself.

Everybody does suffer while waiting so does him. After a quite sometimes, a bus stopped and dropped an indian lady who seems to be familiar to the boy. That boy rushed to that Indian lady and dip his face into the lady's tummy and started to cry out loud like nobody's business.

That Indian lady, put her arms around that boy's neck and pulled him tighter into her tummy while caressing his hairs, indiscriminately. They then took a bus back to their place.

As they walk up the non steeped uphill path, and as they were approaching the place where they from, I felt my warm tears running through my rough cheeks.

He's an orphan boy and that Indian lady must be the homekeeper as they walked into an orphanage.

That was the Petronas CNY's ad for this year.

Long Scene

A poor boy was sent by his poor father to a school for the richer with the hope that the boy would be getting education and become a better person that the father, who chosed to live in a, maybe an unfinished 3-4 storey home or a wreckage out of an earthquake, near a junction with a working traffic light. They are so poor that the father were actually look for his son's necessities from the dumping yard. Every single thing of their belongings were from the dumping yard.

That poor little boy wore a torn black leather pair of shoes, which was handsewn by the father. He was treated like nobody except for this one girl, who I think likes him.

Even this one particular male teacher treated him like a dirty diseaseful garbage.

There's also one rich boy who used to boast about his toys and on that particular day, he was boasting about a toy who only him and the US President's son had it. It was a RoboDog.

As the poor boy looked at it, the richer boys stopped him from getting near. As the poor boy moves away, the richer boy bullied other students and he was getting to a fat girl turn, the poor boy turned up to chase them away. Since then, that fat girl was in a good term with the poor boy, even when the poor boy was put into detention for not having a proper sports shoes, she purposely didn't wear the proper sports shoes just to be with him.

That worries the poor boy a lot!

And one day, as the poor boy walked with the poor father in the city, they stopped in front an electric shop to watch a free cartoon show, shown on TV. While the cartoon was interrupted for a breaking NEWS of UFO, the poor boy was missing and the father found him with the Super Expensive RoboDog, exactly like the one belonged to the richer boy at school.

The poor boy asked the father to buy this RoboDog and he would never asked for anything after then. The father of course wouldn't be able to afford and all he can do was to beat him in that electrcial shop just to let him off the toy and go.

To compensate, the father went to a dumping yard without realising that he was actually finding junks on top of a UFO ship. He was then found this one green rubber ball and brought it home.

The son was excited as the father brought home a toy and brought it school and boasted to the girl who liked him about that special toy. As he showed up, the girl felt nothing special about the toy and walked away. The richer boys came over and wanted to look at the new toy but he fell in a fight which made him torn his school shirt.

The poor father was pissed over the torn school shirt and as the poor boy who just found something freaky happening to the green rubber ball, the father accused him of being nonsense and put the poor boy into a closet till he fell asleep. In his sleep, he was dreaming of that green rubber ball turned into a slimy rubber dog from space who could do just anything for him, which it can even helped him to get a hundred mark in the test.

As he woke up, the slimy rubber dog was real and he brought the dog to school with the promise to his father that he'll be getting a hundred in the test. At school, the dog turned out useless and he's got a '0' mark for the test. Not to disappoint the father, he added up another '1' and '0' in front of the zero marks to make it look like a hundred.

The idiot uneducated poor father, being proud of his son, showed the test paper off to his colleage at the construction site where he works, but later the supervisor told him that he was cheated by his son. He went back home and gave the poor boy a scold of his life and took the slimy dog from the son and keep it. Angered by the father's reaction, the poor boy challenged the father not to bother him and walked off home. The father told, if he didn't get even a 60% in his test, don't even think of getting back home. The poor boy then went to his teacher's house and study.

The next day, the boy scored 65% and just couldn't wait to show it to the father. At the same time, the father fallen off from the building and died. The teacher brought him to the hospital, not daring enough to tell the poor little boy his father's death.

The teacher was then walked him home and this part was where I cried.

Damn Stephen Chow. I came to laugh but I end up crying.

U just read part of CJ7's movie to tell you the truth.

Happy watching!

p/s : I dare to cut my grandfather's nail that the Parliament will be disbanded this Monday and election is just around the corner!

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