April 24, 2009

Once - The movie

I was supposed to go to the cinema last Wednesday night, but since I arrived home early I decided to go jogging.

I went completely exhausted after jogging. My heart beat was faster than the beat of the triple pedal drums.

I decided not to go to the cinema as I wasn't able even to stand still. It was about 10PM when I was browsing through the channels on astro, I heard Irish english and I stopped to take a look.

The info page was telling that it is the movie Once. As I was always amazed by the Brit/Scotts/Irish english, this may be just another ear-sweetener as I need something to waste my time while waiting to go to sleep.

Ai first I thought it's just another chicky movie.

I end up watching the whole full movie. It was a musical + romance movie, of which not so musical and not so romance. You know what I mean.

I strongly suggest people to watch this movie. The song Falling Slowly is an award winning song, written & performed by the main cast himself, Glen Hansard, who happened to be not an actor. Same goes to the heroine, of which both of the main cast are the real musician.

And this is amongst the cheapest movie ever produced but with a very deep impact.

Search in wikipedia for movie once and you'll find a hell lot of surprises.

April 21, 2009

Jamban yang kurang ajar...

Kita semua tau, masalah terbesar di jamban ialah orang tak flush selepas pakai jamban. Maksud pakai tu bukanlah pakai macam pakai seluar, tapi macam kencing ke berak ke... Oleh kerana masalah itu, muncul lah ciptaan jamban flush sendiri yang menggunakan sensor. Kalau ada yang kencing tak flush pun dia akan flush sendiri. Bagus jugak kan? Sepatutnyalah....

Last weekend, saya balik ke JB sekejap, saja jalan-jalan get away from home. Hari Ahad, sempatlah saya ke City Square sekejap. Ingat KL aje ke yang ada City Square? Johor pun ada ma!! Lagi meriah! Ada cinema lagi.

Tapi masa kat sana, tiba2 saya sakit perut yang memulas2. Rasanya kena ke tandas ni. Masuklah satu tandas ni bayar 30 sen sahaja. Oklah. Masuk2 aje ada tandas menyangkung (biasalah orang kampung mesti nak berak sambil menyangkung kan?) yang kosong so saya pun masuklah.

Masuk2 aja dia flush! Ada automatic flush rupanya... Hehehe.. Baguslah at least tak perlulah saya nak siram air supaya tahi tu tak melekat nanti.. Nantikan, laju je tahi tu turun ke dalam lubang tu nanti.

Bukak seluar, saya pun menyangkunglah tunggu tahi tu datang. Masa tu sure la tak boleh duduk diam kan, kejap ke kiri kejap ke kanan supaya perut kita selesa.

Dalam masa gerak2 tu dia flush lagi. Gerak lagi flush lagi. Gerak lagi flush lagi. Eh. Asyik flush je benda ni. Rosak ke? Jenuh dia flush jamban tu. Tahi pun tak keluar lagi ni. Sensitif betul sensor flush tu. Gerak kepala dalam 2-3 CM pun dia dah flush. Tak ke membazir bil air dan bil api tu nanti? Tak cukup 30 sen tu rasanya.

Dalam lebih kurang 20 kali dia asyik flush aje (saya kira tau), yang ditunggu2 pun dah tiba. Saya sungguh concentrate masa tu tak gerak2 supaya tak diganggu dek flush tu. Nanti hilang fokus. Tak best.


Punyalah sedap melepas. Lama betul dia nak keluar. Mesti panjang giler ni. Saya pun agak penasaran nak melihat panjang mana atau besar mana tahi yang keluar sampai perut saya sakit yang amat2 sangat. Bila saya tunduk aje ke bawah...


Kurang ajar!!!! Tak sempat nak tengok!

* siap masa dah nak keluar pun dia sempat flush seround lagi...

April 17, 2009

Invited Readers Only?

I noticed that most of the links I posted here are open for invited readers only of which before it wasn't.

Does this has got anything to do with the piahzadora blog last time? Hehe.

Well, it's still their pick not to publish their blog to the public but sadly, I missed reading blogs for so long I have not been.

There are some dead blog as well. Just like this blog, hehe, it was rested for quite a period.

That means I have to dig some new blog to read.

Well, where's piahzadora blog? Anyone?

April 16, 2009

Fast & Furious 4

I watched it last night.

I can't remember I sat relaxed for even a minute. Not so much on the car technologies and so on but the actions were superb! Again, it's the battle of imports against tyhe muscle car.

As I was driving out of the cinema, everyone was trying to be furious on the road.

But not so fast.


April 13, 2009

R u sure or not?

Today, when I was opening my gmail, I stumbled upon this advertising on top of my the gmail application. It reads like this:-

'Suami Jimak Lebih Lama - www.suamiperkasa.com - Kini mampu jimak isteri (1~3 jam). Isteri pasti puas. Dijamin...'

3 hours?

Can your wife/partner really stand for 3 hours of sex?

I seriously doubt it...

April 10, 2009

Why is MBPM not in the 'Almari' (Cabinet)?


I see a plot of a play is coming. Wasn't it so obvious?

  1. MBPM who didn't get so much nominations to challenge the post, suddenly got enough nominations to be elected, last minute.

  2. MBPM was then investigated on politic money case during the Pemilihan, found guilty but he was only warned (KMM wasn't allowed to compete at all, but still got face to sit on the stage together with all the other leaders).

  3. There are rumours saying that there were 3 counts of the votes. First & second count, somebody else's win but in the third round, MBPM won and waited for the announcement with a proud face.

  4. Rumours then again said that the FRU were around during the announcement of the election result. XPM were seen to leave the hall with shame and people were booing and rioting at the back.

  5. Surprisingly, The previous XPM joined the stage just when the Perhimpunan was about to end. It shows the sarcasm of the XPM towards the just discrowned XPres. (do you got me?)

  6. All of a sudden, everyone ask people to support the new elected Ketua. Hehehe.. It has never happen when there are so many leaders ask the people to give their support to the newly just elected Ketua.

  7. All of a sudden, the Ketua was telling the people that he wasn't hoping to be put into the Almari (Cabinet) even though he's the Ketua.

  8. Lebih sudden, the Ketua was not appointed in the Almari. It breaks the tradition of the party.

  9. Sangat sudden, his contender, who was announced lost in the Pemilihan Ketua, is being put in the Almari, to serve the country.
Mari kita lihat, siapa yang kena...!!!

April 8, 2009

Terima Kasih

I'd like to thank all my friends who manage to attend my wedding which was held last saturday 4th April 2009.

I really appreciate it. Serious.

It's really great to see all the great faces at my wedding.


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