April 10, 2009

Why is MBPM not in the 'Almari' (Cabinet)?


I see a plot of a play is coming. Wasn't it so obvious?

  1. MBPM who didn't get so much nominations to challenge the post, suddenly got enough nominations to be elected, last minute.

  2. MBPM was then investigated on politic money case during the Pemilihan, found guilty but he was only warned (KMM wasn't allowed to compete at all, but still got face to sit on the stage together with all the other leaders).

  3. There are rumours saying that there were 3 counts of the votes. First & second count, somebody else's win but in the third round, MBPM won and waited for the announcement with a proud face.

  4. Rumours then again said that the FRU were around during the announcement of the election result. XPM were seen to leave the hall with shame and people were booing and rioting at the back.

  5. Surprisingly, The previous XPM joined the stage just when the Perhimpunan was about to end. It shows the sarcasm of the XPM towards the just discrowned XPres. (do you got me?)

  6. All of a sudden, everyone ask people to support the new elected Ketua. Hehehe.. It has never happen when there are so many leaders ask the people to give their support to the newly just elected Ketua.

  7. All of a sudden, the Ketua was telling the people that he wasn't hoping to be put into the Almari (Cabinet) even though he's the Ketua.

  8. Lebih sudden, the Ketua was not appointed in the Almari. It breaks the tradition of the party.

  9. Sangat sudden, his contender, who was announced lost in the Pemilihan Ketua, is being put in the Almari, to serve the country.
Mari kita lihat, siapa yang kena...!!!

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