March 28, 2008

About :: Getting Older

First of all, today is Julie's birthday. Happy birthday to her.

Talking about birthdays, birthdays means getting old.

As for me, getting older, also means getting busier from day to day.

Ah yes, the blog has a new name. It's now HTTP://LIFE.IZHAM-MIYAKE.COM. It sounds more like it, right? Hehehe

Is it about getting old or getting matured?

How age can ensure you to act and think maturely?

As from my point of view, the older people get, the more irrational act they do. I would say, we human are actually never grow mature..

Err rephrase.. Human are hardly able to grow mature. Human can only grow to become an adult and getting older.

Some people are getting older and becoming forgetful. Like my father. I am actually unable to accept the fact that my parents are getting old. They started to get the long-sighted eye problem and depending too much on that reading spectacles.

This morning, my father called me as he arrived in the office, asking me whether can I look for him the reading glasses that he may have left it at home. I was smiling thinking how forgetful my father is but at the same time, I'm seriously worried about him. When he forgets, he tends to panic. That makes me even worrier (ada betoi ka ni ayat?)

I've been searching the whole house but i still can't find his reading glass. What should i tell my father?

I saw mom grows older by going through phases of this and that sickness. She is undergoing some treatments and I really hope that she's gonna get better. Even though she's getting older, she's still loyal to her chores; that would include watching TV and a new hobby; playing games! Haha! Zuma it is!

I saw myself getting older as getting more lonelier. Being bachelor at this age, staying with parents and most of my siblings are not around, I actually see myself as not growing old at all. Even though I'm 31, I feel like I'm still a child, being surrounded by my siblings (actually only Farah) and being playful with her, and my mom is around to cook for me and my father is also around to scold me if I'm doing too much.

Hehehe... I kinda like it you know, but the getting lonelier is the part that i'm not sure whether i like it or not. Last time, all the family members are around and the feling was great. That's why whenever there's a chance to have a gathering with all the family members, I'll be the most super happiest person to be in there! Hahaha.. Dahlah most, super happiest pulak lagi..

Eventhough I'm glad for such a thing, there is still a people who grow older, also becoming more self centered and selfish. The common examples are the politicians of course. The not so common examples are a lot, but I'd just like to emphasize here that it's not easy to sacrifice and do something for the love to the people you love most, especially when the people we love are unaware or unable to accept and to tolerate and cooperate with our plans and intention.


Well, the only thing that we may have been going through by getting older is that we are also getting wiser. Through experiences, we are able to evaluate things in a more precised details and considerations.

That is more like it. Older = Wiser.

Well, maturity is for me, subjective! What level or category of maturity are we talking about? When a girl's breast is getting visible, then the old folks will say,

"She's getting matured!"

Correct, correct, correct? (like VK Lingam)

Photography Road Show 2008, Station 1

Date: 29-30/03/08 (2 Days)
Time: 10.00AM – 9.00PM
Venue: Centre Court, Pudu Plaza

Done on that. I'll be actually going up to KL for an Exhibition cum Photography Roadshow at Plaza Pudu from 29-30 March, 10AM to 9 PM. So guys, pleaselah come over if you have time and we can talk talk talk and talk. (correct correct correct and correct or not? hahahaha)

For more detailed information on the roadshow, please refer to Thank you.

March 14, 2008

Things I don't understand

There's a lot of things that I don't understand lately. Let's put them in the point forms.

  • Everyone knows who should be blamed for the BN's losses in the past election but that should-be-blamed person proudly stand his position and thinks that he is still relevant.

  • All the other component parties in BN knows who to be blamed but they have never said it out loud in the public except for the MIC. MCA had done quietly by denying all the Cabinet position.

  • Why people are so worried of the future of the states that has been taken over by the opposition? Just give them a chance to show something. I believe, in a year or two, by managing all the taxes properly, Selangor could have been a much better state. If you don't like, switch back to BN in the next Election.

  • The state with the most tax collection in 2007 was Melaka. Why not Selangor, Pulau Pinang or Johor, of each is so highly industrialized and at least with a working and active sea ports. So, let us see if the opposition can change these facts. Can you imagine Melaka, a small state with not so much economical based industry came up as the state with the most tax collection? Does tourism generates money that much? I bet Penang does more on tourism. Selangor even better!

  • Where's that culprit? Why r u so quiet now?
But...! The thing that I don't understand most for the time being is why the market for the Nikonian Academy Photography Classes in KL is so good that nobody is enrolling in JB?

I'm quite depressed right now. For a lot of things.

* sigh *

March 12, 2008

Tagged by Azq

* Sorry Azq. It took me so long to do your tiggity tag thingy.

Tag #1

2008 Wish List

- I wish I can survive the incoming hard years.

Tag #2

5 things in my bag

(I have a question... Which bag?)
If you mean my luggage bag, of course I have my clothings, handphone charger, toothbrush kit, my eye aid kit and deodorant.

If you mean my camera bag, of course i have all the bodies and lens inside
5 things in my MAIN wallet

(do people have 2nd wallet?)

1. MyKAD
2. My bankcard
3. My Driving License
4. Pitih (fulus or money)
4. My Credit Card

5 favourite things in my bedroom:

1. A place to lay down of course
2. My towel, easy to berak
3. My quilt to cover my feet when I'm cold
4. My pillow to hug
5. My handphone to call/sms

5 things I wish to do:

1. Travel all over the world and snap kickass photos
2. Have enough money to help other people
3. Do something worth it that I feel like not stopping doing it
4. Have all the people i love and care about around me all the time
5. Tell Pak Lah to step down and let Najib become the prime minister like Tun's wish

5 things I'm doing now

1. Garu bontot
2. Wishing Ema happy birthday. It's her birthday today!
3. Thinking of what else I'm doing now
4. Korek hidung
5. Wondering of how to get Pak Lah to step down

Hehe dah.. Aku rasa la macam pernah buat aje tag bila aku dah siap..

March 9, 2008

What message?????

Are we mesmerized?

Were you surprised?

I'm not.. I'm not.. This is what the Rakyat should've done but it's still not too late.

It was just about time.

Not to side to any, but I'm congratulating Mukhriz Mahathir for being able to bear the challenge by winning at the Jerlun Parliamentary seat.

Jerlun is a well known fortress for one of the oppositional party.

Sequence of events has brought the messages from the people.

Bravo to Malaysians as they are able to avoid crude street demonstrations in order to convey their message. They have done the rightest things!

My father would agree with me that Malaysia should follow Singapore, leadership with a mentor.

And a clear message has been conveyed.

Who's gonna step down next?

* are they brilliant enough to get the message?

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