March 12, 2008

Tagged by Azq

* Sorry Azq. It took me so long to do your tiggity tag thingy.

Tag #1

2008 Wish List

- I wish I can survive the incoming hard years.

Tag #2

5 things in my bag

(I have a question... Which bag?)
If you mean my luggage bag, of course I have my clothings, handphone charger, toothbrush kit, my eye aid kit and deodorant.

If you mean my camera bag, of course i have all the bodies and lens inside
5 things in my MAIN wallet

(do people have 2nd wallet?)

1. MyKAD
2. My bankcard
3. My Driving License
4. Pitih (fulus or money)
4. My Credit Card

5 favourite things in my bedroom:

1. A place to lay down of course
2. My towel, easy to berak
3. My quilt to cover my feet when I'm cold
4. My pillow to hug
5. My handphone to call/sms

5 things I wish to do:

1. Travel all over the world and snap kickass photos
2. Have enough money to help other people
3. Do something worth it that I feel like not stopping doing it
4. Have all the people i love and care about around me all the time
5. Tell Pak Lah to step down and let Najib become the prime minister like Tun's wish

5 things I'm doing now

1. Garu bontot
2. Wishing Ema happy birthday. It's her birthday today!
3. Thinking of what else I'm doing now
4. Korek hidung
5. Wondering of how to get Pak Lah to step down

Hehe dah.. Aku rasa la macam pernah buat aje tag bila aku dah siap..

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