March 9, 2008

What message?????

Are we mesmerized?

Were you surprised?

I'm not.. I'm not.. This is what the Rakyat should've done but it's still not too late.

It was just about time.

Not to side to any, but I'm congratulating Mukhriz Mahathir for being able to bear the challenge by winning at the Jerlun Parliamentary seat.

Jerlun is a well known fortress for one of the oppositional party.

Sequence of events has brought the messages from the people.

Bravo to Malaysians as they are able to avoid crude street demonstrations in order to convey their message. They have done the rightest things!

My father would agree with me that Malaysia should follow Singapore, leadership with a mentor.

And a clear message has been conveyed.

Who's gonna step down next?

* are they brilliant enough to get the message?

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