February 28, 2008

Where are we heading?

8th March will be just like any other electoral day, of which the results are oftenly predictable.

I could see a lot of political come into play when certain candidates were being either taken out or being pushed to an unsafe place.

And to some, they were ensuring their good feeling by having themselves at the safest place ever.

The opposition party had also been doing the same thing but at the end, they made it back to normal.

I really hate it to know that this one candidate finally being nominated.

The best thing is my own cousin is also being nominated for a parliamentary seat.

Will these nominated people be on their seat to fight for the right thing or their own 'rights' only?

By right, a parliament member have the freedom to vote or not to vote for a certain issues but in this country, if you're a government parliamentary member, opposing their own proposals will cause you to lose your seat.

And the current method of doing the nomination is obviously out of concept. Nomination should be done by the people and finalised by the people, not by the leaders. Leaders may want to have someone who may not actually help them but also someone who may not be a threat.

Kelantanese people has been smart by voting the right people they think they deserve to represent them. So do Penangites, and Kedahans.

To be frank, in N9, Johor & Melaka, the ruling party can 'sapu-habis' even though they put a monkey to participate.

For me, vote to get things right. Be wise and think what people like you can contribute for the best of this country.

Remember, we run the country, not the government.

They rule. We run. Sometimes we run away too... :p

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