June 29, 2007

Time is running away...

I read Dil's blog, (check out the link down there) and she told that the LRT service has already been there for 10 years.

And it still sounds new to most of people. Even me. LRT are one of wonders in KL, at least for me. It helped me a lot. Going to work, shopping, dating, rushing, what ever you name it.

I got to knew a long lost last time fling on an LRT also.

I even got to know Tasha (the one who got married tu) on an LRT too. I was on my way from Setiawangsa to my office at Kerinchi stop. On that journey..

Ah takyah citer lah.. sibuk je nak tau.. hehehe..

My point was time ran so fast. I felt so left behind.

I'm so lazy to move my ass off home, but going to work is really aspiring me to write about a lot of things. Before this, all i do was at home making calls, and sometimes going in to the forest checking out this and that. Stuffs like that. I don't really meet people except for monyet, ikan, babi dsb nya. I see people but all those regular people.

You know what. Those binatang are quite, i don't know how to say it you know. They only appeared when I was off camera. When I hold a camera, no one dare to come close.

Camera shy la i think. I used to see a lot of babi last time. Almost everyday.

So again, i only met people. All the same people lah. I miss babi. Long time no see. Already. I already forgotten how do they look like. It has 4 legs kan? Very short right? twisted tail kan? Hmm.. i never saw pink babi live. Only black babi.

Talking about Aishwarya Rai, last night, I saw her movie, Mistress Spice.

To be frank, it's not a movie at all. It's all about her. The fascination of looking deep into the television, that actually displaying her face throbbed my heart. I don't remember what was the storyline. I can only remember she was pasting the spices all over the body before she met with the guy to make love. Damn.

Well, she's married to the Belachan's family member.. eh Bachan. Whose that guy? Abishek eh? That guy was even younger than her.

I saw her close up photo on the papers few days back. It was like a legendary masterpiece drawing.

Hmm out of words of how to describe her already.

Watching her cost me a lot. I'm late for work and the girls who was supposed to come over for an interview today also didn't turn up.

Another thing, I woke up just to find out my wireless router modem is disfunctional. Have to get a replacement.

I should have proceed with my hemsem sleep. Sleep like a monkey. Let the time run farther so I don't really bother to catch up.

June 28, 2007

Desperate Mode

I'm quite desperate. Need a clerk staying around Taman Universiti Skudai to help me on the office work. B. Mende aaa lu. Nak commission plak. Gua pun xde sen ni. Belanja McD boleyla.. Dah la gua call nak ajak lunch pun x angkat.

Actually there was one girl called asking for the job. At that time, I was pooping in the toilet. Luckily the handphone was within my reach so that I can ask her to come over for an interview the next day.

Before she came, she called again but at that time, I was again in the toilet and my poop were already half way out. The handphone were also out of reach. It was a private number so I guess it must be her. At around 11.20, there were 2 girls coming to the office and at first glance, one of them is cuter than the other one.

The not so cute girl was the one who called for the interview.. CIS....!

Anyway, she claimed to be fun, cheerful, and happy go lucky but I think my standard for being happy go lucky is way too high for her. I was a lil bit irritated when she sometimes gave me the look like I was flirting with her. Owh come on...! I think she's having problem with her self esteem, shy, timid and a lil bit smelly too.

The smells may caused by walking around Taman U looking for job the whole day.

End of the interview and I told her that I will call her later.

Wednesday was a lil bit boring day. I started the day with seeing Mel and gave her the album of her pictures I shot at Punggai and Batu Layar near Desaru. Thank god, her friends were interested and they may lookup for my service later.

Last time, Wednesday is the day I've been waiting for. It is the cheap movie day. I used to watch movies every wednesday with my ex-fiance last time. Almost every week. No single movie that I missed.

Now in JB, I would normally asked Lin for the movies. Or else, I would just went to Jusco Tebrau and watch with myself. It's kinda pathetic sometimes for not being able to share the emotional intrigues from the movie.

So my wednesday went off just like that. It was very frustrating when I get back to my car when I see this stupid note on my car.

I've been parking my car for the last 2 weeks and no one has ever warned me about that parking space. That parking space is actually just a small area which cars can get in and park. I opted to park there as the local council issued a lot of summons to my car unconsiderately. Sometimes, I left my car for 5 minutes to get the parking coupon but they already put the ticket on my windscreen.

So parking at that small open area is free. Now somebody is being rough. It's okay. I'll just park my big car blocking the way in. Nobody can ever get in or out of that parking space after this.

And tonight, it's very unsangkarable that my comment on ChikaDior's entry has been an intriguing comment that caused her to make an entry out of it..

I used to hear people said,

"Orang selalu cakap, bila kecil comel, bila besar buruk tapi bila tua jadi comel balik.."

And of course it reversible when someone is ugly when small, became pretty or handsome after grown up and became ugly again when they get much older.

One of the case is Aishwarya Rai. Look at her younger piccies. Ouch. X Selera u...

I can't wait to see her growing old.

June 27, 2007

The autistic in me.

I watched a movie about this one group of autistic people on Monday morning; which made me felt lazy to go to the office and I end up playing games from 11 AM to 1AM.

Hahahaha.. If you played Yahoo Games, you know how addictive they are.

You would never be able to see a lady aged 50+ playing games from morning, till afternoon, till evening, then continued till late night, anywhere in the world.

Except my house. Yeah, she's my mom, playing Bejewelled 2.

Back to the movie, as usual, I didn't remember any single names, even the title.

The main character, the herolah easy speaking who is a number freak, gathered a number of other autistic people, to avoid them from being alone. There's a writer who doesn't care about what other people think towards him, and there's a girl who keep telling herself that the mommy and daddy is gonna pick her up by the notice board. There's a middle aged lady who keep asking the hero to go out. And a few more.

One day, a new girl came. She has become the attention of the hero and the writer for her good look. She claimed she's also an autistic by being a 'lurus-bendul' person and she will just say things she wanted to say out loudly! She saw her parents laughing happily when they see someone breaking the olympic records and she went outside, taking with her all the music records and break them up!

Well as other normal movies, the hero and the heroin fell in love, stayed together, misunderstood, separated for a while as the girl's doctor told the hero not to see her again but he insisted himself to look for her and later, they get back together and decided to get married.

In the end of the movie, I think I'm autistic too. Why? Because....

  • The hero is a freak who cannot stay away from numbers. He related everything with numbers. I'm doing the same thing. I cannot avoid looking at things with numbers and getting the sum amount of all the numbers. I keep tracking the car's mileage and took pictures when the mileage reached certain numbers like 1111, 1234, 6789 and so on. I like 6789 because when it's being totalled up it became 30. If the car plate's number doesn't sum rounded to 20 or 30, which number should be replaced to get the numbers to sum up to become 20 or 30?
  • The hero freaked out when the girl rearranged his things. I would get mad as I knew where I put all my things even though the room was in a mess.
  • The hero was unable to talk out what is inside his heart when he is with the one he likes/loved. Gosh.. Me too.
  • The hero plays with numbers to calm himself down. I used to look outside and started to count things when I'm unable to control myself.
  • The hero will call call call and keep calling the heroin after a date, or doing something wrong, or just to say hello, so many times a day, even though he's only talking to the mailbox. If he didn't call, he afraid that she will think that he doesn't love her anymore. That's exactly how I am when I'm in love with someone.
  • The writer envy a guy with a girl who was a center of attention. That's exactly me right?
  • The hero likes dolphin. That's exactly me too..
  • The hero was unable to do anything when he is totally heartbroken. He went and stayed with his best friend, to avoid being alone. This is exactly me and what I've done too.
  • The hero proves that when people in love, emotion overrulled rationality most of the time, and even the autistic people felt the same way. The hero would simply regret what he has been doing and tried to get back what he had lost. Was that me? I think so.
  • That girl, when she gets excited or mad, she tends to speak it out loud. I do that sometimes, especially when I'm excited hahahaha!

    Maybe one more autistic characteristic I have is that I'm addicted to my own-recipe oatmeal.

    I read somewhere that love made us blind. Some say love made stupid people.

    In this case, Love made me to become autistic.

    Am I an autistic? Babi pun nak ngakulah. Hehehehe..
  • June 26, 2007

    Stroke & Acupuncture

    Just recently, I went out for a late night drink with my Taman Desa apartment's housemate, Thiru and her boyfriend, Dave at a Mamak restaurant (I don't really go to this kind of place but what's my choice?) just opposite the road, in front of the apartment.

    We were talking (in fact Dave do talked most) abot a lot of things, work, cars and so many things. Luckily I'm an easy going person so it seems like we were connected in so many things, as we speak in almost the same language in everything.

    He did explain the wonders of where the stolen cars gone (especially TOYOLTA). As the demand for Toyolta cars are very strong in Indonesia, these stolen cars were sent in the containers from Port Klang, to Batam, but were declared as furnitures to Singapore.

    Imagine 98 containers of furniture? The WESTPORT authority thinks that it sounds really fishy so they open up the containers. They found car (a lot of Toyolta Hilux and Harrier) in the containers and after backtracing, a lot more cars were actually had already been sent.

    More interesting, all this containers had been endorsed by the customs.

    Hahaha... If he lies, I lied too!

    The more interesting part of our conversation is actually, he just got stroke 2 weeks ago and he is 90% recovered!

    In 2 weeks?

    My uncle didn't manage to recover after so many years till he passed away.

    And he mentioned about going to an acupuncture place in Taman Megah, Kelana Jaya. It is on the mezannine floor of the secret recipe there.

    They only charge RM15 for less then 20 needles, and RM25 for more than 20 needles!

    Sounds a lot better than going to SJMC of which we are not so sure whether we are able to get recovered or not.

    Since my body has a lot of angin, I think i'm gonna try it out.

    Anyone know this place in particular?

    June 22, 2007

    So many hantu ahhh?

    Yeah guys, so many hantu around la nowadays.

    Last time were so afraid at night, because people say hantu only comes out at night time. Even when P Ramlee made the Orang Minyak movie or whatever ghost movie (ghost movie sometimes not so horror), they made the impression that ghost will only come out at night.

    I was told that ghost are also shy species, that's why they never show face you know. I wonder also why I never see ghost. Maybe the ghost think I'm more ghost than them so they shy. Shame on you la ghost.

    Now, the ghost has already came out of their coconut shell (tempurung). Last time they only appeared in kampung, dark places, haunted houses, horror places and so many scary places you can imagine. Last time in black and white right?

    They're coloured now. They're being put on big posters, big screen, advertisement everywhere, whatever yada yada, now the ghosts are very outspoken and agressive. Everyone also want to watch ghost so they went to the movie and watch all the ghost movie. Jangan Pandang Belakang which displayed the most stupid looking ghost I've ever seen has become the local box-office.

    In that movie, the ghost is still appearing at night time.

    In TV3 SUSUK series, the hantu even came out during day time.

    In sixth sense, it's a ghost movie but it's not scary at all. Not horror. Th ring is horror one. Jangan Pandang Belakang is supposed to be a horror one but when i watch it without listening, it's nothing but a display of non-still images. (Of course la kan)

    But now got new type of ghost also. Now they're everywhere since the government raised the people's wages. Hahahaha.. So fast eh the government want to recover their money back?

    Now ah, u see ah, a lot of road blocks, a lot of speed traps, a lot of police patrolling u know. A slight mistake may cause u to get a ticket.

    Of course not the movie ticket.

    Ticket saman la.. what else.

    So you guys out there, drive carefully. Don't make yourself look suspicious. Make sure your car is abiding the law. Silap sikit je habis la. (Alamak, lupa keter gua cermin gelap)

    * adakah ini hanya di JB sahaja? Bagaimana di tempat2 lain?

    Oh yeah, I'm also looking for a female clerk for my new office. Preferably someone who is staying in Taman Universiti Skudai and decent nice looking. Can anyone help me?

    June 19, 2007

    I'm a net freak again.

    That's what happened when I'm working in the office. There's nothing really much to be done so I was everywhere on the Net looking for nothing.

    Today is the day I'm supposed to be doing the cleaning of the office stuffs I brought in earlier on Sunday. All the stuffs need cleaning.

    Of course I paid someone to do it. Hehe.

    So while waiting for the auntie to do the cleaning, I had a chat with the clerk of the office that I'm sharing the office with. She was talking about issues around. She has never been to that particular Gelang Patah highway and she just did the last weekend, on her way back from KL.

    "It was scary," she said.

    "The highway is very dark and she cannot imagine if anything happened to her and the colleague who was driving," she adds.

    There was a recent case near Senawang (alamak) of which an unemployed husband and a pregnant wife was slaughtered to death in their house. They were only discovered to be dead 3 days after the friends and relatives have not been able to keep in touch with them.

    Thanx to the concerned relatives and friends.


    The economic theory simply theoretized that when the economy is going up, the crime rate will go lower and the other way around.

    So at which stage are we in now? In such a forced economical raise and negative-effect of economical moves, the economical status is hardly able to be defined. At one aspect, the economy is doing just fine, but does everyone got their fair and square distribution of the share?

    We're not that bad yet, are we? Even the US govt admitted it in their report here and here but how true is that.

    Compared to their crime rate, we're much a lot lower but ashamely Malaysians are said to be criminalizing a lot of tourists.

    That doesn't really make u sit well yet uh, but I know we're all concerned about the sharp increase of the crime rate all over Malaysia, especially in those urban and sub-urban areas.

    So bad, even the police stopped the effort of the people to fight crime, even though picketing in front of the Menteri Besar's official Resident won't do a thing but sometimes, normal people like us must start to act from now on. I don't get it when the people are working towards getting the peace of their mind, the police stopped them. And they even arrested some people. What's wrong with the country?

    What is so huge about the Menteri Besar? Mati pun masuk kubur juga. Kena makan ulat juga.

    You know, and we all also acknowledged that the police services aren't so reliable, otherwise we won't be reading about a female student who was found dead along a busy road. They were only concerned about summoning people who drive fast, who parked indiscriminately and so on.

    I still remember even in the movies those days, the police patrolling the areas just by the bicycle. Nowadays, even with cars provided, where have they been?

    Sedihkah? Tak.. Marah...

    Well guys. Take care of yourself. Do not take too much of safety risk.

    * Oh yeah, have u guys checked on the Max Hunt Portal? One of the blog I designed, which the Happycakes Blog is featured there. Stand a chance to win vouchers to get free or discounted price of cupcakes from Jojoe. Cayalah jojoe!

    Good References :


    Who says Malaysians are caring?

    Hell no.

    Or maybe not all of them.

    Or only part of them were really caring.

    The rest?


    I was on my way to Bandar Sri Alam near Pasir Gudang last night when I encountered a traffic jam. I was in a rush as I was supposed to be seeing a friend who is expecting a few cheques and to discuss on a few issues with regard to works and bizzes (hahaha sukati mak bapak aku je tambah vocab korang).

    The jam was caused by the people who were stopping by to, I don't know what they were actually doing, but I can see there was an accident and an old lady was badly hurt.

    An indian guy was seen crying out loud asking help to send her mom to the hospital. A malay guy, 2 chinese guy and an indian guy were quarrelling on who should be towing the wrecked car back, claiming they reached the accident place first. A few other people were seen to communicate using the walkie talkie.

    All other people who stopped there were just standing, waiting and see what's gonna happened next.

    Nobody really came over to the indian guy to calm or to even give their hands.

    If I didn't have anything, I will surely stop and help the old lady to the hospital. After a few meters away off the accident location, i felt bad and sorry to myself but i really need to go.

    I hope somebody will help that poor old lady and her son.

    June 17, 2007

    Happy Father's Day!

    Am I the first one to write this Happy Father's day entry today?

    Sadly, on today's Father's day, I won't be around my father to, not actually celebrate it but to at least be around him. I've got another photography job today.

    Sometimes I wonder why can't they just make the parents day?

    I believe some gender activists have been working it out so that it will be celebrated on different day.

    I wouldn't say my father is the best father in the world but hehe, he's the best father i've ever had. Of course lah, because he's the only one father i have right, so the best or the worst would still be him hahahaha.

    I think my father has a few characters in him. I don't really care as he had actually do the best for me and all my siblings. Even though, there were things that were not so right, he did it for the interest of everyone. He does has his own interests but in return that interest is for everyone also. Pening heh?

    I don't know but I do think some people, like me has this kind of communication barrier with the father. There are still things that I cannot talk to him, especially things that has got to do with emotions and sensitivity. There are times that I was trying to convey a few messages but it ends up with me talking something else serious; job, money talks.

    But I was really touched when I had just started my photography, he dug up his old book collection just to look for this one digital photography book and gave it to me. Even though, that's nothing much anyway, I really appreciate that he's appreciating my interest.

    I feel like hugging him, kissing him by his cheek and say thanx and I love you so much but I didn't. It would seems weird; to both of us.

    Because last time, when I was into ping-pong, he was like denying my rights to play as I got the second in the class, by keeping my bats. Maybe if he didn't stop me, I would be contributing gold for Malaysia in the olympics.

    But well, at least now I can belanja him makan-makan at nice places. 'Setakat' 4-5 hundred, no sweat will actually comes off my 'dahi-luas'. Last time, I got to pay them monthly (you knowla credit cards).

    One thing about him, if he wants something, he will ask me, like let say, 'Kau nak makan maggi tak?' Or, if he wants to go outside for dinner, he will tell me, 'Jom kita makan luar. Mak kau nak makan luar malam ni.'

    But the fact is, he's the one who wants it. It's understoodable already. But I like that. He will only says he wants anything with my mother. Understood also lah. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhhhhhhhhhh.....

    See, that's how bad our barrier of communication.

    I hope i can be a good father one day, as good as my father. I didn't say my father is not a good father but he's very good in his own way. If he's not good, I might not be as who I am now. Think, how many are there who were still unable to make a living, to survive, to live poorly or didn't even make it to live.

    I'm thankful to god to have such a father. My brothers, ikhwan, izzat and sisters, ina, adik and farah, be thankful that we have such a caring and responsible father. So be a good children to him, don't ever disappoint him in anyway.

    To all fathers in the world, my friends who have already been a father and who ever had been a father also.


    * I love you so much abah. *hugs*

    June 15, 2007

    Penang, here i come!

    That previous night, we've checked-in into the Grand Continental Hotel (syiok!) and later we went out for dinner ourselves as nobody was there to take us out. Back from dinner, I was playing with the piccies till late 3s and slept.


    I was awaken by Tasha phone call as early as 6.00 AM as I was supposed to be going with her to the make up place. First, we were supposed to be going to have breakfast but realizing that we're gonna be late, i took the initiative to sebd her myself to the make-up place just to get to know that she will be in the last position. There were 7 other girls who are also getting married the same day were waiting for their turn.

    Yang tukang make upnya nampak macam lembut and he was like couldn't resist looking at me, whether he was wondering whut am I doing at the place where everyone else are women or was he looking at me? Maybe he likes my camera.

    At 10.30, I decided to go back and getting ready for the afternoon event.


    At around 11 something yada-yada, we checked out and headed straight to Tasha's house and getting ready for the photo shoot. We had our lunch (the Nasi Minyak was marvellous) and waited for the groom to arrive.

    It damn hot! The bride has to wait under someone house's porch. I was already smelly like a pig. Should I care?

    Dia datang (pap pap pap), dengan lenggang-lenggoooooooknyaaaaaaaaa (ulang la sampai esok).

    As he arrived, the reception started. There's no such thing as kompang, just a bunch of old folks playing some musical instruments. They went inside, merenjis-renjis the rose water, went outside had their meals and meeting the guests, a normal ritual which is being used all over the country. Then, they came back in for more photo session till everyone got bengkok.

    I'm gettin' tired and it's time to call it a day. After being agreed by the wedded couple and the family, we took off and we go round-round the Alor Setar town once again!

    After one round in Alor Setar, dengan air mata yang tak berlinang, we went out of the town heading towards the hiway and Penang here we come!


    Don't do that! The scenery along the hiway was making me all hungry, because of the paddy. Imagining myself eating nasi, of which my stomach is already empty. Dropping by the Gurun rest area and refreshing ourselves, to Penang we proceed the journey!

    The bridge was badly jammed, just because the people there just love the accidents. As we passed the bridge, we straight away headed to the QueensBay Mall, the place where I wanna be, eh silap, the place where brother's working.

    At the secret Recipe we had our meal for dinner. There and then Mizan and his friend arrived and we had chit chat together.

    After sometimes, we made a move to Restoran Kayu Original and had another meal.

    This time we eat nasi. Kita mesti makan nasi (KFC).


    After those happy-happy moments in Penang, we made out move to the hiway at about 2.30 AM and started our journey to KL slowly. I stopped a few times before arriving to my sister's house at around 10.00AM, had fun at the swimming pool and went out.

    ...to be continued

    At last... huargh!

    I've finished all the photo job.

    From shooting, filtering, selecting, editing, sending to print, selecting bad prints, redo editing, reprint, sorting, pasting 'em into the album, burn all the pictures in to the DVD-ROM, design the cd cover and the inlay cover, print them out and paste them into the album.

    Does it worth the RM500 i'm asking?

    U judge lah. Hehehehe.

    My mak suggested that I should have asked for more. I don't know. I think that would be okay. I just love people loving the pictures i took. And next is the photo shoot this Sunday in Punggai, Desaru, Johor.

    Well, there was a rape case reported in JB. The raped girl is 19 and the boyfriend is 22. My only concern is, WHAT WERE THEY DOING IN GELANG PATAH AT 10.30 PM?

    I believed their car was not rammed from behind in the middle of the Gelang Patah town. Gelang Patah is such a not even quarterly developed area which majoritily the people there live in kampung. And the roads there were isolated and very quiet.

    What was a 19-year-old-girl and 22-year-old-boy doing at that isolated areas?

    She was trio-raped. I'm imagining it.. Hmmmm...

    Who benefited most?

    A. The first man
    B. The girl (for having sex with 3)
    C. The boyfriend (to watch such a bizarre thing)
    D. The reader (to enjoy reading such story)

    Figure it out y'all.

    I'm trying to emphasize that, whatever lah, it is very important that you have a powderful car and a good driving skill. In such a situation, and if you plan to have such a nightly quiet romance on the road (just like those who were always kantoi'ed in putrajaya), always be ready with the plan 'B' or 'C' or 'D' sampai 'Z'.

    In this case, obviously, they were unable to ran off the 'penjahat' and later they were trapped.

    The boy was slashed with parang and the girl (again i mention) was raped.


    1. Don't go out late nightla girls.
    2. If still wanna go out, don't go to such quiet and isolated places.
    3. If you still wanna go there also, please la drive something powderful.
    4. Even if it's powderful, learn how to drive defensively and aggressively.
    5. And still, have someone who you can rely on (like me) to accompany you.

    It's already subuh. I'm going to bed. Daa!

    June 8, 2007

    Kedah, here I come!

    - Kedah la tu! -

    My jiran, Pakcik Mustapha (takde kena mengena dengan gambar di atas) was also doing a wedding. His daughter is getting married to someone who work in ASTRO, and he insisting me to stay as he claimed that a few AF stars will be coming down to sing.


    Anyway, I helped him a lot (thanx to the Nissan Frontier), taking the fuel wood, charcoal, carry all the periouk belanga from other places to his house.

    And then, on that Thursday, I drove off JB at around 3.30. Pakcik Mustapa gave me some kuih baulu to eat during the journey. Now I feel a lil bit sad; It's been 3 days I've been all the time with him, helping him. Sentimental gua ni.

    3.45PM from the Kempas Shell Station. 5.30PM reached kampung, fetch the 2 scrooges (Hafiz and Hafiq) and drove off at 6.00PM. 7.00PM dropped by the Seremban R&R and refueled, then drove non stop to Alor Setar Utara. Arrived at the Alor Setar town around 11.20PM.

    For one hour, I was driving around looking for Tasha's house but I just couldn't find it. After one hour, I checked the invitation card; WE SHOULD HAVE ENTERED FROM ALOR SETAR SELATAN.


    Breaking the car speed record, we managed to find Tasha's house. Itu pun after a few times we ask around. It was like no wedding. Takde khemah apa pun? Then, being so tired, we found a cheap hotel nearby and checked-in. RM60 per night. Then we off to a stall nearby and had my best Mee Goreng Mamak there. Wow!

    We woke up the next morning scratching our own body. Gatal!

    Met Tasha, had breakfast and we started the job. Beli lampu! Pasang lampu then semayang jumaat. After that, we rushed to the hotel where Tasha will be doing the make up herself! Real photographers uh? Make up pun amik gambar jugak.

    After that, we went off rushing to the mosque as the Nikah is gonna start soon. I let my cousin drive my car while I drive Tasha's car to the mosque. This is where I said the Pre-Nikah Speech was like about one hour. DAMN! Then, as usual I took photos again and again and again!

    Tiba-tiba rasa malas nak tulis (sebenarnya kejap lagi nak pegi semayang jumaat). Nanti saya sambung lagi yer.. Nah gambar!

    June 6, 2007


    I'm back!

    but I'm still tired.

    I was driving 1845kms in total, spent about RM350 on petrol, RM200++ on the tolls and almost 24 hours of total driving time, even though I was accompanied by both of my cousins, I was driving all the time.

    Now that I learnt some new facts; (at least to myself)

    1. Actually driving directly non-stop from Melaka to Alor Setar will take 5 hours, with the speed of 100-120km/h.
    2. The driving distance from my house (in JB) to Tasha's house (in Alor Setar) is not even 800kms away.
    3. It's very hard to find a place to eat during midnight at Alor Setar. Anyway, there's one stall by the mainroad near the Alor Setar (S) exit, where it serves nice hot Mamak Styled Fried Noodles.
    4. That my Honda Civic can do 16.2 sen per km of petrol using Shell V-Power on the highway; of which using normal petrol will cause me more. (Average for the whole journey was 18 sen per km)
    5. Nasi minyak kat Kedah sedap!
    6. Alor Setar is such a small so-called-bandaraya.
    7. I think people in Alor Setar drove fast.
    8. When it comes to wedding, the northern people are not so kay-poh-chee as we do in the south. Even the wedding is going to be held tomorrow, they still don't bother to put the canopy tent up.
    9. The wedding Ceramah in Kedah took almost an hour. Damn!
    10. Do they use kompang? I don't see it during Tasha's wedding.
    11. To be a photograper, you must be really selfish. I wasn't but I really have to.
    12. Penangites love accidents.
    13. Penangites love to park according to their father's happyheart.
    14. The rice in Nasi Kandar Kayu Original tiada tandingannya. It's the best!
    15. Sleeping in my car with the Air-Conditioner being switched on for two hours will cause the fuel being consumed almost a quarter.
    16. The price of a PC; which contain 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 250GB of hard disk, 2 CD/DVD writer, 17" LCD monitor, cause me only RM1850 nowadays! Damn!
    17. My house in Taman Desa has a special door know set. It was broken and I've gotta fix it.
    18. There were some unseen scenes in the Hot Shot movie. The one that I watched was cut by the LPF.
    19. I learnt that my Car can do 225km/h with the load of 3 people and a rear bonnet full of bags, computers, album bla bla bla.
    20. My two cousins smoke a lot! Damn!

    Alrighty then. Will post later. Am very busy for now. Cya!

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