June 8, 2007

Kedah, here I come!

- Kedah la tu! -

My jiran, Pakcik Mustapha (takde kena mengena dengan gambar di atas) was also doing a wedding. His daughter is getting married to someone who work in ASTRO, and he insisting me to stay as he claimed that a few AF stars will be coming down to sing.


Anyway, I helped him a lot (thanx to the Nissan Frontier), taking the fuel wood, charcoal, carry all the periouk belanga from other places to his house.

And then, on that Thursday, I drove off JB at around 3.30. Pakcik Mustapa gave me some kuih baulu to eat during the journey. Now I feel a lil bit sad; It's been 3 days I've been all the time with him, helping him. Sentimental gua ni.

3.45PM from the Kempas Shell Station. 5.30PM reached kampung, fetch the 2 scrooges (Hafiz and Hafiq) and drove off at 6.00PM. 7.00PM dropped by the Seremban R&R and refueled, then drove non stop to Alor Setar Utara. Arrived at the Alor Setar town around 11.20PM.

For one hour, I was driving around looking for Tasha's house but I just couldn't find it. After one hour, I checked the invitation card; WE SHOULD HAVE ENTERED FROM ALOR SETAR SELATAN.


Breaking the car speed record, we managed to find Tasha's house. Itu pun after a few times we ask around. It was like no wedding. Takde khemah apa pun? Then, being so tired, we found a cheap hotel nearby and checked-in. RM60 per night. Then we off to a stall nearby and had my best Mee Goreng Mamak there. Wow!

We woke up the next morning scratching our own body. Gatal!

Met Tasha, had breakfast and we started the job. Beli lampu! Pasang lampu then semayang jumaat. After that, we rushed to the hotel where Tasha will be doing the make up herself! Real photographers uh? Make up pun amik gambar jugak.

After that, we went off rushing to the mosque as the Nikah is gonna start soon. I let my cousin drive my car while I drive Tasha's car to the mosque. This is where I said the Pre-Nikah Speech was like about one hour. DAMN! Then, as usual I took photos again and again and again!

Tiba-tiba rasa malas nak tulis (sebenarnya kejap lagi nak pegi semayang jumaat). Nanti saya sambung lagi yer.. Nah gambar!

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