June 29, 2007

Time is running away...

I read Dil's blog, (check out the link down there) and she told that the LRT service has already been there for 10 years.

And it still sounds new to most of people. Even me. LRT are one of wonders in KL, at least for me. It helped me a lot. Going to work, shopping, dating, rushing, what ever you name it.

I got to knew a long lost last time fling on an LRT also.

I even got to know Tasha (the one who got married tu) on an LRT too. I was on my way from Setiawangsa to my office at Kerinchi stop. On that journey..

Ah takyah citer lah.. sibuk je nak tau.. hehehe..

My point was time ran so fast. I felt so left behind.

I'm so lazy to move my ass off home, but going to work is really aspiring me to write about a lot of things. Before this, all i do was at home making calls, and sometimes going in to the forest checking out this and that. Stuffs like that. I don't really meet people except for monyet, ikan, babi dsb nya. I see people but all those regular people.

You know what. Those binatang are quite, i don't know how to say it you know. They only appeared when I was off camera. When I hold a camera, no one dare to come close.

Camera shy la i think. I used to see a lot of babi last time. Almost everyday.

So again, i only met people. All the same people lah. I miss babi. Long time no see. Already. I already forgotten how do they look like. It has 4 legs kan? Very short right? twisted tail kan? Hmm.. i never saw pink babi live. Only black babi.

Talking about Aishwarya Rai, last night, I saw her movie, Mistress Spice.

To be frank, it's not a movie at all. It's all about her. The fascination of looking deep into the television, that actually displaying her face throbbed my heart. I don't remember what was the storyline. I can only remember she was pasting the spices all over the body before she met with the guy to make love. Damn.

Well, she's married to the Belachan's family member.. eh Bachan. Whose that guy? Abishek eh? That guy was even younger than her.

I saw her close up photo on the papers few days back. It was like a legendary masterpiece drawing.

Hmm out of words of how to describe her already.

Watching her cost me a lot. I'm late for work and the girls who was supposed to come over for an interview today also didn't turn up.

Another thing, I woke up just to find out my wireless router modem is disfunctional. Have to get a replacement.

I should have proceed with my hemsem sleep. Sleep like a monkey. Let the time run farther so I don't really bother to catch up.

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