June 19, 2007

I'm a net freak again.

That's what happened when I'm working in the office. There's nothing really much to be done so I was everywhere on the Net looking for nothing.

Today is the day I'm supposed to be doing the cleaning of the office stuffs I brought in earlier on Sunday. All the stuffs need cleaning.

Of course I paid someone to do it. Hehe.

So while waiting for the auntie to do the cleaning, I had a chat with the clerk of the office that I'm sharing the office with. She was talking about issues around. She has never been to that particular Gelang Patah highway and she just did the last weekend, on her way back from KL.

"It was scary," she said.

"The highway is very dark and she cannot imagine if anything happened to her and the colleague who was driving," she adds.

There was a recent case near Senawang (alamak) of which an unemployed husband and a pregnant wife was slaughtered to death in their house. They were only discovered to be dead 3 days after the friends and relatives have not been able to keep in touch with them.

Thanx to the concerned relatives and friends.


The economic theory simply theoretized that when the economy is going up, the crime rate will go lower and the other way around.

So at which stage are we in now? In such a forced economical raise and negative-effect of economical moves, the economical status is hardly able to be defined. At one aspect, the economy is doing just fine, but does everyone got their fair and square distribution of the share?

We're not that bad yet, are we? Even the US govt admitted it in their report here and here but how true is that.

Compared to their crime rate, we're much a lot lower but ashamely Malaysians are said to be criminalizing a lot of tourists.

That doesn't really make u sit well yet uh, but I know we're all concerned about the sharp increase of the crime rate all over Malaysia, especially in those urban and sub-urban areas.

So bad, even the police stopped the effort of the people to fight crime, even though picketing in front of the Menteri Besar's official Resident won't do a thing but sometimes, normal people like us must start to act from now on. I don't get it when the people are working towards getting the peace of their mind, the police stopped them. And they even arrested some people. What's wrong with the country?

What is so huge about the Menteri Besar? Mati pun masuk kubur juga. Kena makan ulat juga.

You know, and we all also acknowledged that the police services aren't so reliable, otherwise we won't be reading about a female student who was found dead along a busy road. They were only concerned about summoning people who drive fast, who parked indiscriminately and so on.

I still remember even in the movies those days, the police patrolling the areas just by the bicycle. Nowadays, even with cars provided, where have they been?

Sedihkah? Tak.. Marah...

Well guys. Take care of yourself. Do not take too much of safety risk.

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