June 15, 2007

At last... huargh!

I've finished all the photo job.

From shooting, filtering, selecting, editing, sending to print, selecting bad prints, redo editing, reprint, sorting, pasting 'em into the album, burn all the pictures in to the DVD-ROM, design the cd cover and the inlay cover, print them out and paste them into the album.

Does it worth the RM500 i'm asking?

U judge lah. Hehehehe.

My mak suggested that I should have asked for more. I don't know. I think that would be okay. I just love people loving the pictures i took. And next is the photo shoot this Sunday in Punggai, Desaru, Johor.

Well, there was a rape case reported in JB. The raped girl is 19 and the boyfriend is 22. My only concern is, WHAT WERE THEY DOING IN GELANG PATAH AT 10.30 PM?

I believed their car was not rammed from behind in the middle of the Gelang Patah town. Gelang Patah is such a not even quarterly developed area which majoritily the people there live in kampung. And the roads there were isolated and very quiet.

What was a 19-year-old-girl and 22-year-old-boy doing at that isolated areas?

She was trio-raped. I'm imagining it.. Hmmmm...

Who benefited most?

A. The first man
B. The girl (for having sex with 3)
C. The boyfriend (to watch such a bizarre thing)
D. The reader (to enjoy reading such story)

Figure it out y'all.

I'm trying to emphasize that, whatever lah, it is very important that you have a powderful car and a good driving skill. In such a situation, and if you plan to have such a nightly quiet romance on the road (just like those who were always kantoi'ed in putrajaya), always be ready with the plan 'B' or 'C' or 'D' sampai 'Z'.

In this case, obviously, they were unable to ran off the 'penjahat' and later they were trapped.

The boy was slashed with parang and the girl (again i mention) was raped.


1. Don't go out late nightla girls.
2. If still wanna go out, don't go to such quiet and isolated places.
3. If you still wanna go there also, please la drive something powderful.
4. Even if it's powderful, learn how to drive defensively and aggressively.
5. And still, have someone who you can rely on (like me) to accompany you.

It's already subuh. I'm going to bed. Daa!

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