June 26, 2007

Stroke & Acupuncture

Just recently, I went out for a late night drink with my Taman Desa apartment's housemate, Thiru and her boyfriend, Dave at a Mamak restaurant (I don't really go to this kind of place but what's my choice?) just opposite the road, in front of the apartment.

We were talking (in fact Dave do talked most) abot a lot of things, work, cars and so many things. Luckily I'm an easy going person so it seems like we were connected in so many things, as we speak in almost the same language in everything.

He did explain the wonders of where the stolen cars gone (especially TOYOLTA). As the demand for Toyolta cars are very strong in Indonesia, these stolen cars were sent in the containers from Port Klang, to Batam, but were declared as furnitures to Singapore.

Imagine 98 containers of furniture? The WESTPORT authority thinks that it sounds really fishy so they open up the containers. They found car (a lot of Toyolta Hilux and Harrier) in the containers and after backtracing, a lot more cars were actually had already been sent.

More interesting, all this containers had been endorsed by the customs.

Hahaha... If he lies, I lied too!

The more interesting part of our conversation is actually, he just got stroke 2 weeks ago and he is 90% recovered!

In 2 weeks?

My uncle didn't manage to recover after so many years till he passed away.

And he mentioned about going to an acupuncture place in Taman Megah, Kelana Jaya. It is on the mezannine floor of the secret recipe there.

They only charge RM15 for less then 20 needles, and RM25 for more than 20 needles!

Sounds a lot better than going to SJMC of which we are not so sure whether we are able to get recovered or not.

Since my body has a lot of angin, I think i'm gonna try it out.

Anyone know this place in particular?

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