June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Am I the first one to write this Happy Father's day entry today?

Sadly, on today's Father's day, I won't be around my father to, not actually celebrate it but to at least be around him. I've got another photography job today.

Sometimes I wonder why can't they just make the parents day?

I believe some gender activists have been working it out so that it will be celebrated on different day.

I wouldn't say my father is the best father in the world but hehe, he's the best father i've ever had. Of course lah, because he's the only one father i have right, so the best or the worst would still be him hahahaha.

I think my father has a few characters in him. I don't really care as he had actually do the best for me and all my siblings. Even though, there were things that were not so right, he did it for the interest of everyone. He does has his own interests but in return that interest is for everyone also. Pening heh?

I don't know but I do think some people, like me has this kind of communication barrier with the father. There are still things that I cannot talk to him, especially things that has got to do with emotions and sensitivity. There are times that I was trying to convey a few messages but it ends up with me talking something else serious; job, money talks.

But I was really touched when I had just started my photography, he dug up his old book collection just to look for this one digital photography book and gave it to me. Even though, that's nothing much anyway, I really appreciate that he's appreciating my interest.

I feel like hugging him, kissing him by his cheek and say thanx and I love you so much but I didn't. It would seems weird; to both of us.

Because last time, when I was into ping-pong, he was like denying my rights to play as I got the second in the class, by keeping my bats. Maybe if he didn't stop me, I would be contributing gold for Malaysia in the olympics.

But well, at least now I can belanja him makan-makan at nice places. 'Setakat' 4-5 hundred, no sweat will actually comes off my 'dahi-luas'. Last time, I got to pay them monthly (you knowla credit cards).

One thing about him, if he wants something, he will ask me, like let say, 'Kau nak makan maggi tak?' Or, if he wants to go outside for dinner, he will tell me, 'Jom kita makan luar. Mak kau nak makan luar malam ni.'

But the fact is, he's the one who wants it. It's understoodable already. But I like that. He will only says he wants anything with my mother. Understood also lah. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhhhhhhhhhh.....

See, that's how bad our barrier of communication.

I hope i can be a good father one day, as good as my father. I didn't say my father is not a good father but he's very good in his own way. If he's not good, I might not be as who I am now. Think, how many are there who were still unable to make a living, to survive, to live poorly or didn't even make it to live.

I'm thankful to god to have such a father. My brothers, ikhwan, izzat and sisters, ina, adik and farah, be thankful that we have such a caring and responsible father. So be a good children to him, don't ever disappoint him in anyway.

To all fathers in the world, my friends who have already been a father and who ever had been a father also.


* I love you so much abah. *hugs*

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