June 19, 2007

Who says Malaysians are caring?

Hell no.

Or maybe not all of them.

Or only part of them were really caring.

The rest?


I was on my way to Bandar Sri Alam near Pasir Gudang last night when I encountered a traffic jam. I was in a rush as I was supposed to be seeing a friend who is expecting a few cheques and to discuss on a few issues with regard to works and bizzes (hahaha sukati mak bapak aku je tambah vocab korang).

The jam was caused by the people who were stopping by to, I don't know what they were actually doing, but I can see there was an accident and an old lady was badly hurt.

An indian guy was seen crying out loud asking help to send her mom to the hospital. A malay guy, 2 chinese guy and an indian guy were quarrelling on who should be towing the wrecked car back, claiming they reached the accident place first. A few other people were seen to communicate using the walkie talkie.

All other people who stopped there were just standing, waiting and see what's gonna happened next.

Nobody really came over to the indian guy to calm or to even give their hands.

If I didn't have anything, I will surely stop and help the old lady to the hospital. After a few meters away off the accident location, i felt bad and sorry to myself but i really need to go.

I hope somebody will help that poor old lady and her son.

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