June 27, 2007

The autistic in me.

I watched a movie about this one group of autistic people on Monday morning; which made me felt lazy to go to the office and I end up playing games from 11 AM to 1AM.

Hahahaha.. If you played Yahoo Games, you know how addictive they are.

You would never be able to see a lady aged 50+ playing games from morning, till afternoon, till evening, then continued till late night, anywhere in the world.

Except my house. Yeah, she's my mom, playing Bejewelled 2.

Back to the movie, as usual, I didn't remember any single names, even the title.

The main character, the herolah easy speaking who is a number freak, gathered a number of other autistic people, to avoid them from being alone. There's a writer who doesn't care about what other people think towards him, and there's a girl who keep telling herself that the mommy and daddy is gonna pick her up by the notice board. There's a middle aged lady who keep asking the hero to go out. And a few more.

One day, a new girl came. She has become the attention of the hero and the writer for her good look. She claimed she's also an autistic by being a 'lurus-bendul' person and she will just say things she wanted to say out loudly! She saw her parents laughing happily when they see someone breaking the olympic records and she went outside, taking with her all the music records and break them up!

Well as other normal movies, the hero and the heroin fell in love, stayed together, misunderstood, separated for a while as the girl's doctor told the hero not to see her again but he insisted himself to look for her and later, they get back together and decided to get married.

In the end of the movie, I think I'm autistic too. Why? Because....

  • The hero is a freak who cannot stay away from numbers. He related everything with numbers. I'm doing the same thing. I cannot avoid looking at things with numbers and getting the sum amount of all the numbers. I keep tracking the car's mileage and took pictures when the mileage reached certain numbers like 1111, 1234, 6789 and so on. I like 6789 because when it's being totalled up it became 30. If the car plate's number doesn't sum rounded to 20 or 30, which number should be replaced to get the numbers to sum up to become 20 or 30?
  • The hero freaked out when the girl rearranged his things. I would get mad as I knew where I put all my things even though the room was in a mess.
  • The hero was unable to talk out what is inside his heart when he is with the one he likes/loved. Gosh.. Me too.
  • The hero plays with numbers to calm himself down. I used to look outside and started to count things when I'm unable to control myself.
  • The hero will call call call and keep calling the heroin after a date, or doing something wrong, or just to say hello, so many times a day, even though he's only talking to the mailbox. If he didn't call, he afraid that she will think that he doesn't love her anymore. That's exactly how I am when I'm in love with someone.
  • The writer envy a guy with a girl who was a center of attention. That's exactly me right?
  • The hero likes dolphin. That's exactly me too..
  • The hero was unable to do anything when he is totally heartbroken. He went and stayed with his best friend, to avoid being alone. This is exactly me and what I've done too.
  • The hero proves that when people in love, emotion overrulled rationality most of the time, and even the autistic people felt the same way. The hero would simply regret what he has been doing and tried to get back what he had lost. Was that me? I think so.
  • That girl, when she gets excited or mad, she tends to speak it out loud. I do that sometimes, especially when I'm excited hahahaha!

    Maybe one more autistic characteristic I have is that I'm addicted to my own-recipe oatmeal.

    I read somewhere that love made us blind. Some say love made stupid people.

    In this case, Love made me to become autistic.

    Am I an autistic? Babi pun nak ngakulah. Hehehehe..
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