March 28, 2012

Next Project - Unlocking Wii

During my visit to the UK, I was amazed by Wii, something that used to look luxurious to me last time. I've been sweating playing all the games and further my father even had an intention to buy it during his visit last time but in the end he didn't.

Anyway, my brother in Law told me that Wii can be unlocked to run the copy of games and also to do all the wonders. It is by default, not able to run the copied CD, not able to play DVDs and so on.

Being so much interested to get myself a project to fill in my wasted time, I went to Meadow Hall Mall in the Sheffield and I've got myself a set of pre-owned Wii with the price of around 50 UK pounds sterling from Sheffield and it was tested to be working well. That's around RM250, which come complete with the motion plus.

Quickly ran through all sort of reading, I've actually bought a broken link apps by mistake and I even bought another link which seems to be able to work but it is now pending for another item.And I'm also pending for the refund of the apps from the broken link. WTF.

After doing all the reading, I have everything now, except for the original Lego Adventure game; the original CD. In order to unlock Wii, I need to play the game until the first level (which I'm not very good at seriously :p) save it and start the hack from there.

I was actually looking for Sport Resort original CD and it seems like someone is selling it and I might be going to see him tomorrow. Eventually, he sensed that I wanted to do the unlocking project and he suggested other Lego game that can work.

Owh yeah, I don't have the non SDHC card (1-2 GB). Do you guys have any?

Wish me all the best guys. This project is gonna begin tomorrow...!

March 10, 2012

Planting Chillies

The best way to plant chillies without having to pay a lot of attention to it is by planting it inside a polystyrene fishing box. Ample of soil and u can plant as many as 10-15 plants in that box. They will eagerly fight with each other to grow and below is the result...! Nice? Hell nice..!

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