September 28, 2007

I'm in KL and terribly fooded.

Since Wednesday.

Izzat my brother has gone back to volgograd russia for his study. I can see he's a lil bit sad while leaving us at the airport. Yelah, it was a nice 2 months of staying together with the family and I got to gain weight because of him.

Because of him, my mom cook all the good food. So?

That's why i gained weight instead of losing.

After he went off, I went to the Cilis (betul ke eja nih) at the One Utama. At first, we weren't able to get a seat but a while later a few non-muslim leave the restaurant and we (there were me, my sister ina and her hubby and their son, afiyak) were seated.

And later we were comfortably sated too.

I ordered the juicy oldtimer burger, ina ordered steak and pye ordered fajitas. Damn. I was so beefed to the max. When I'm beefed, i feel like bodoh. Bodoh till i'm not able to say anything rather than just being quiet.

Beef at the cilis are so nice.

On thursday, I went to the Mid Valley with Mazuien and we had sushis. I still remembered last time when I went to the Sushi King, one of the staff there told me that sweet soy sauce was alcoholized.

Was it true? Because yesterday i mixed it well with the wasabi and enjoyed it with 13 plates of sushi. And that wasabi bites to my brain, gosh. Addictive!

Later that night, I had nasi lemak panas telur mata kerbau goyang! Hahaha.. and someone think that I'm jahat.

I'm gonna be free today as all my things had been settled yesterday. I was thinking of visiting some friends at work but what for? They're all working and we cannot even have tea so I don't know what to do actually.

Expecting to see some bloggers today. I was thinking of a place to go for berbuka puasa. Any suggestion? A friend asked me go to Terminal Seafood but I'm not really into buffet.

Later guys. Last Friday, I followed Romdzi and another friend to a movie so, I really cannot miss this one.

September 25, 2007

8 facts -Tagged by kak eldynna

List out 8 facts about yourself. So here they are....

Fact #1

I like to bully cats. There are time i like cats, especially when there are a lot of mouse around. I hate cats for messing up with the rubbish in front of my housegate. They also like to poop in front of my house. There's a say,

Di mana ada pasir, di situ kucing berak.


Fact #2

I hate folding cloth. My mom knew that it's useless to ask me to fold the cloth as in the end she has to fix 'em all again. All this while, I only knew how to hang my cloth.

Fact #3

I hate lady drivers who caused me to step on the brake pedal everytime I'm driving behind them. These lady drivers also caused a lot of traffic jams, where, when there's no reasons for traffic jam, they became the reason. Ustaz Sheikhul-Haram bersabda,

"Sesungguhnya memandulah dengan berhati-hati dan biar lambat asal selamat. Jika anda dipandu oleh wanita, bersedialah dengan ucapan syahadah dan bertaubatlah selagi sempat"


Fact #4

I'm very particular of my car fuel consumption. I will normally fill in my fuel to the maximum and then I'll take out my calculator and start calculating. Make sure you reset the mileage reading upon your previous refill. For my Frontier case, let say the mileage reading is 750km and the fuel refill cost about RM108 which is about 71 liters.

So the calculation would be like, 750 km / 71 liters ~ 10.563 km per liter.

Which 1 liter = RM1.52, so RM 1.52 / 10.563 ~ 14.3 sen

By knowing the numbers would be around that figure everytime you refill your gas, that means your car has no problem and you should not worry of anything.

After calculating, reset your mileage reading to zero again for your next calculation. People say i'm very calculative about it but my point is to ensure that the car is operating at it's normal mode of operation. If it gives a lot of difference, there must be something wrong with the car.

Fact #5

On the highway, I drove pretty slow unless I really have to hurry. My normal speed would be at 90-120 km/h as I will apply the most little pressure on the accelerator. So, I'll be driving like a syaitan in town; as I'm always late for everything.

It's kinda fun you know, to drive like an asshole and sometime you can even hear people swearing at me. Not to mention all the sensored signs.

Fact #6

Other people will feel that they will do better in things from time to time. I felt the other way. The more I do it, the sucker I am.

Maybe I'm lacking of new ideas and things always work the other way around.

I need a break. Feel like going somewhere. Sape nak itot?

Fact #7

Most of the time I'm an asshole. I like to be a jerk to irritate people. One of the incident was that a far neighbour taken my car park in front of my house. I still remember last time when I parked in front of their house, they immediately asked me to move my car as they wanted the car park.

There were this one time, they've taken up my car park.


I parked both of my cars, one front and one behind, so close that she wouldn't be able to get out of that car park.

The next day, I went out with a friend so early and never come back until 5 o'clock. I took all my keys away.

The girl was unable to go to work.. Hahahahah...

I had a terrible scold from my mom. Hehehe.

The point is, jgn la cari pasal dengan aku. Memang aku balas balik kow-kow punya.

Buat baik di balas baik... remember that.

Fact #8

I need more friend in JB. Sape nak jadi kawan saya?

Now to list out who are gonna do this tag. What about only girls this time?

1 - Sufiyah
2 - Mazuien
3 - Irmasnina
4 - Voeg
5 - Sarclover
6 - Diva
7 - Kak Azyda
8 - JianaJone
9 - Erin
10 - Taiko

So taiko is a girl also today. hehehe..

September 24, 2007

Weekly jots.

It seems like i have been updating this blog weekly. Or maybe a few daysly. Hehe.

The thing is that I have been so mobile that I cannot sit and do something properly. Things that I can really do properly is watching TV. I haven't even visited my own office for quite sometimes. Furthermore, there's nothing much there plus i'm so lazy to do things nowadays.

The fact that I've just got myself a newly launched camera, which is a Canon EOS 40D, which is supposed to make me a lil bit happier, as you know, people will get excited as they got new things, I felt nothing.

Last week, I've spent most of my time browsing the photography forums looking for a specific camera lens to be added into my lens collection but good deals are way far from reaching me. Nobody is letting me their lens at good price.

And today I noticed a few things that caused the not-so-smooth traffic flows around JB. Back then, I've always wonder what has caused the traffic so slow even though there's nothing can cause the traffic slow flow.

Case 1

This morning as I was sending my car for some minor repair, I was driving behind a car which the driver was tapping on the brake so many times until I'm not sure when did he/she got the time to floor the accelerator. I overtook the car and I saw a chinese lady driver with her seat pushed to the most front and the distance of her body to the steering is almost none, and it seems like she cannot see the road properly (she was driving a VIOS) as i think she is short too.

The braking-all-the-time is really irritating. She drove slowly on the right lane. I overtook her using the left lane. I followed behind her with the speed of only 40km/h.

Case 2

As I was driving under the perling-pasir gudang flyover bridge, i see a lot of cars slowing down even though there's nothing ahead. The road was clear, not narrowing from 3 lanes to 2, no accident no nothing. As I was driving quite fast (u know me) suddenly i've got to jump om ny brake as all the car in front of me braking for nothing. There's no car at all ahead the car in front of my car (it's clearly visible as I was driving my Nissan Frontier). That was close.

Again I took over using the left lane and see a lady driver again. What's wrong with you people? Are you aware that braking for nothing will risk you being hit by the vehicle behind of you.

Case 3

There's a queue of cars waiting to get into the right junction. The first vehicle was a Perodua Viva driven by a lady, followed by a lorry transporting sand for construction, then a proton saga then me. As the road was as clear as crystal, the perodua viva make its move to the junction and followed by the lorry when all of a sudden the perodua viva braked for nothing and the lorry hitthe perodua viva. The following proton saga was almost being hit by an incoming Pajero and I was lucky for not making my move yet.

When asked, she said, the car moved a bit fast so she braked to slow it down. Then she got hit.

Case 4

I was driving behind a Nissan Sentra, which was driven quite fast. I was driving behind it when unfortunately it was passing a lorry and the brake lamp illuminating a lot of times again. There was no car in front of that Nissan Sentra but the car keep braking and braking until I got fed up and i took over both vehicles using the most left lane. There were already a long queue of vehicle behind my car.

When I passed the car, again it was a lady driver. Again. Apa la yang ditakutkan sangat lalu sebelah lori nih?


What do u think ? Vanish all the lady drivers? Hahahaha.

September 20, 2007

Malay Entry :: Memendam Rasa.

Hari ni aku sangat emo.

Bukan Nemo ok..

Apa taknya. Tiap-tiap hari aku terpaksa memendam rasa dengan orang sekeliling. Maksud aku tu dengan orang yang duduk kat uda ni la. Duduk tu bukan la duduk atas kerusi tapi maksudnya menetap la.

Bulan Ramadhan adalah sangat kebulanan yang kemencabaran kesabaranan aku. Walaupun Ramadhan tu hanyalah sekadar nama salah satu daripada bulan yang ada dalam tahun hijrah Islam, Ramadhan adalah nama salah seorang sepupu aku yang pinjam duit tapi belum bayar. Tapi takdela pulak sepupu aku yang nama dia syawal.

Selain dari mencabar keimanan untuk menahan diri daripada makan dan minum sewaktu memandu di waktu panas terik, banyak sangat dugaan yang aku alami sepanjang hari di Bulan Ramadhan tahun ini kerana Allah Taala. Ha korang baca niat puasa tak malam tadi?

Bangun pagi aje dah kena layan traffic jam. Budak-budak pergi sekolah awal giler konon nak balik cepat la pasal puasa kan, tapi banyak jugak aku tengok budak-budak hisap rokok. Kalau makan minum tu ada la maaf lagi kan.

Pastu tengahari pun layan jam lagi pasal budak2 sekolah pagi balik awal. Apa diorang berbuka puasa waktu tengahari ke? Pastu layan jam budak nak masuk sekolah petang pulak. Nature kerja aku pulak membuatkan aku selalu terkena kat tempat-tempat yang jam tu. Kalau jam tu boleh makan dengan roti boleh la jugak.

Bandar Baru Uda, takdela besar sangat tapi boleh dia buat DUA (2) pasar Ramadhan. Giler betul. Dahla pasar dia dekat-dekat pulak tu. Jalan kaki 10 minit dah boleh sampai Pasar Ramadhan satu lagi.

Layan kesesakan lalu lintas lagi. Lalu lintas maksudnya ialah lalu lalang dan melintas jalan. Lalu lalang tu pulak maksud dia lalu dalam lalang. Kalau lalang tu ada duri boleh la pijak duri dia. Boleh merasa duri lalang tembus kat kaki dan berdarah, pastu boleh la melawat doktor dan mintak MC. Esok takyah puasa yahooo!

Lintas pulak ialah sejenis spesis ulat yang macam lintah. Kalau lintah hisap darah, lintas hisap jalan. Kerja dia asyik ulang-alik dari seberang sini ke seberang sana, macam melintas la. Dari situla wujudnya perkataan lintas ni.

Disebabkan ada 2 pasar Ramadhan, baik dok rumah ajela kalau dah pukol 5 petang.

Nasib baik takde budak main Futsal depan rumah, kalau tak masya allah. Cuba korang bayangkan nenek korang sepak bola ke pintu grill rumah korang berkali-kali. Begitulah perasaannya bila budak-budak tu bermain bola. Dia cover pakai pagar besi je... Bodos...

Pastu, dah nak masuk Isyak, diorang bantai main mercun pulak. Korang tau tak asal usul mercun ni. Ah tak payah la cerita..

Mementang la depan rumah aku tu playground, diorang bantai main mercun memekak macam main combat-combat kolonel saunders. siot betul.

Pastu pergi masjid, satu hal pulak lagi.

Tadi lepas semayang tarawih, aku pun keluar. tengok-tengok selipar aku dah takde di tempatnya tapi kat sebelah tempat yang aku letak tu, ada satu selipar yang sama spesis dengan aku punya. Aku pun sarung ajela.

Tiba-tiba ada pakcik tu sound aku.

"Tu selipar tu saya punya tu...."

Lepastu dia siap secure kan semua selipar ahli keluarga dia, macam aku ni nak curi selipar-selipar diorang tu. Agak humuliated la jugak tapi dia memang tak tau cerita so takpelah..

Cari punya carik, ada kat somewhere else, very good condition lagi tapi yang aku tak tahan tu siap basah sandal tu. Aku pun tak basahkan.

Tension aku. Dah la orang ingat aku nak mencuri selipar dia. Sure dalam kereta nanti dia bagitau anak bini dia.

"Kalau abah tak selamatkan selipar-selipar korang tadi, sure hilang. Tadi ada pencuri nak curi selipar abah. Nasib baik abah cepat."

Dah lepas ni kalau jumpa dia kat masjid, dia cap aku pencuri pulak. Siotttt...

September 19, 2007

How Ramadhan used to be..

My father is a government servant who would stay at a place for long. Every few years, he will be tranferred to other places.

To list them down, but it would be not necessary, I've stayed in so many places. Even though our country is not as big as other countries, different places have different ways of doing things.

Last time, there were no pasar ramadhan. As I can still remember, in Kelantan, people would go to the bazaar to get kuihs for berbuka puasa.

Before i forgotten, I do think that the English Dictionary should adapt the word kuih, as they adapted the word amok.

My father took me to the mosque for Tarawikh and I was actually feel like crying wondering when is the prayer gonna finished.

Then, I think I've started to fast as early as I was 7. I can't remember how many days i did but i started to complete the whole month when I was 10.

My brothers and sisters did much better than me. Most of them started to complete the whole month as early as 7 or 8 years old.

When I was in standard one, the reason why I went to tarawikh is to eat after the prayer. There's nothing special about it, but having food together with other people is something fun for me. We are able to rush for foods and so on. But note that only kids did that.

My favourite drinks for berbuka puasa was either cincau (jellygrass eh?) or red syrup with selasih. Nowadays, i only consume plain water, not more than that.

Last time, the dates comes in a compact packaging, which were heavy with sugar and sometimes they're a bit elastic but for me, they're nice! Nowadays, they have imported the new wet or fresh dates, which no longer come in that compressed packaging, but the dates were even came with the stem. Of course it taste nicer.

Last time, before the berbuka puasa time, I will sit in front of the food waiting for that moment to come, waited hungrily until one day my father was mad at me for not being patient. Since I started working, most of the time, I would spend my time in front of the PC while waiting for the moment to come. There are even times when I break my fast only with mineral water.

Now, i ate everything my mom prepared. Like today, I didn't to east so much but everything she prepared for us were irresistable. For 2 days, I've been having rice for sahur.

Last time, while waiting for the berbuka puasa, The television will air the drama play of the historical story of Prophet Muhammad or other prophets. Today, they play the drama of a french boy who was not fasting at all. And if you notice the girl who acted in that drama, was the same girl who was the Sargeant Saunders in that TV3 Merdeka advertisement.

I love that girl. So much hehehe..

And I still remember last time, when I was in Terengganu, to be exact while schooling in Sekolah Rendah Sultan Sulaiman, and I was in standard 3, the school canteen operates as usual and they were like almost 80% of the students were not fasting, especially the standard 6 students. They eat like nobody's business. I was just standing behind the entrance looking at what they eat.

Then, i feel like miskin. I want to eat but as I'm fasting my mom didn't give me money at all. At that time, I pity myself hahahaha.

There was this one day, I bought my mom my favourite goreng pisang with sambal. In terengganu, they eat goreng pisang with sambal in red, just like the johoreans who eat goreng pisang with sambal in black.

I got scolded because I didn't realized that I ate some of them while walking home. I was fasting but I totally forgotten that I was fasting so I just eat without realizing that it was for my mom.

When I was in standard 5 and 6, i faced the most challenging days of my fasting days. My granma was up for doing the dodol, from 6 AM and end up only at 5PM. The crazy heat made most of them to break their fast but I luckily passed it.

Not to mention doing the lemang part, rendang and so on.

Nowadays, when I ask my granma about doing the dodol she says AH!

Last time, people won't normally fast on the last day of Ramadhan for the reason of cooking this and that, slaughtering the cows and so on. Nowadays people have no good reason to do so.

I wouldn't be sleeping if I'm to list everything down in here. Well, the most important thing is to enjoy puasa. I enjoy puasa as days that I don't have to think about food anymore.

I even ask my mom not to cook a lot, but she knows me too well that she will still cook with knowing that I would still be the person who lick up all the dishes till the last drop.

No wonder eh? Last time my butt was solid flat but now I have a lil but of figure. Hehehe..

September 13, 2007

Selamat Berpuasa.



1.Nasi putih panas..
2.Ikan keli bakar, cicah air asam
3.ulam raja ngan sambal + tempoyak
4.Gulai nenas ikan masin
5.air sirap+biji selasih..

Slurrrrrrppp.... sheeesh.. (the floor is wet with drops of you saliva I think)

I was told by my brother who is studying in Russia that the Moslems in Russia had their lunch after the Jumaat Prayer during the Ramadhan.

Most of my Bakau workers didn't fast at all. So this year, I announced the first day of Ramadhan to be their official holiday, nobody should do their work so at least they can fast for at least one day. Hope they would.

I myself is suffering from mild dehydration and thirst. I used to drink a lot at daytime so during sahur, I took almost 8 glasses of water crossed chewed with the dates. I was thinking of not having heavy meal but my mom is cooking shrimps.


Since last year, I have no longer visited the Pasar Ramadhan. We intended not to waste on food as normally we just throw off the left overs bought from the Pasar Ramadhan. Some people would want everything at one go, kuih, fruits, all the sweet2 drinks, a lot of dishes bla bla bla. For me, it was all waste and waste.

Ramadhan is an opportunity to get slim; to throw the fats away, reduce weight and be able to move more actively after the Ramadhan. It's a good exercise to train your body to consume less food and tell your brain to control your appetite.

Why can't we have a nice berbuka puasa time with plain waters and dates. And in case you still want to have rice (kita mesti makan nasi like KFC), get a plate of plain rice, ulam and telur goreng kicap. Trust me, it's more that enough.

At this time, I wish I'm working in KL whereby I used to fast breaking with a bottle of mineral water. I went back, accidentally fell asleep and woke up just to realize that it's already 630AM.

Ramadhan 2004, I managed to get my weight reduced from 69 to 62.

I'm gonna do it again this year. Now I'm 75. Bad bad. I'm so heavy.

Last year, I gained from 66 to 71.

Do you guys went to Tarawikh Prayer? Why should you people go? Any reason?

I go there because I like it. The feeling is awesome, especially if the Imam is a Tahfiz who recites the Quran verses in a way that makes us feel like we're so blessed and lucky to be a moslem.

Well, it went off as I walked off the mosque. So I went everyday to get that feeling.

My family last time, as granma has always pushed me by saying the fadhilat of doing the Tarawikh for tonight, has always did it for the sake of the rewards of each nights. For example,

1st Night : The sins of a mukmin would be cleared as if he/she is just born.
4th Night : Given rewards as reading the Taurat (old testament), Zabur, Injil and Quran.
24th Night : Allah allows 24 doa to be favoured.

I have questioned myself, especially the 4th night, why would we be given the rewards as reading the 4 kitabs as actually Quran is way greater above the rest. And why should god let only 24 doas to be favoured as god may do as many as god wants.

For me, Tarawikh is something like the stalls when you have a football final match, where as, without the stalls, the match is boring without the ballons, food, drinks and what so ever.

As actually Tarawikh is much better than the stalls, Tarawikh is a kind of prayer which is only done on the month of Ramadhan to for us to cherish and to apreciate the blessed Ramadhan.

So it's like really nothing much to do at night, so I just go. I'm holding to this one Hadith which sound something like whoever cherished the night of Ramadhan with good faith and hoping for rewards from god, their sins will be forgiven.

Well, we all used to be fed with the 30 fadhilats of practicing Tarawikh Prayer for that 30 nights and what if I say that I doubt all that last time, but I'm totally againts them now?

As the study has been made by some scholars, there is no such hadith found, in both the main Hadith reference and the Maudhu'.

It is believed that it's a hadith that was just made purposely to cheat the Moslems.

So are we all cheated?

For more formal and official information please refer to Portal Jakim. Sadly this information has not been publicised widely for the reference of Ummah.

Thanx Gee for this super valuable info. I appreciate it very much.

September 10, 2007

Anugerah Era 07

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Budiey for being so nice to ask me to follow him to Anugerah Era 2007. Sounds kewl but I was already imagining how tired I would be as I've been so into the work of pictures editing lately. It was all really cold up there. I don't to have smoke to blow smokes from my mouth.

There were a lot of people, and Anuar Zain actually arrived late, and he was warmly welcomed by the crowd, and by us, the photographers especially.

The event started at around 2100, and started with a show from the Jinbara, followed by Adam and his friends later. Soon as they're finished, AC, Kiran and I don't know who the hell was that girl came out to announce the New Artist award. Then followed by an Orang Asli dance gimmick by one of the presenter, who was actually Aznil Nawawi. He together with Dayang Nurfaizah presenting the award of, err.. I don't remember.. Can someone make me recall? Urghhh...

Actually it was because I was looking at the girl who was holding the awards. She's so beautiful....

Later, I was fascinated with the stunning performance from Kazar and Kristal. I didn't Kazar is a good singer and as mentioned by Sultan Muzaffar in his blog, he was one of the Bintang RTM finalist. I tell you, Kazar rocks! From someone who I know spoke Negeri Sembilan Dialects very well now he's a singer with a powderful voice! I'm gonna like him more!

It was Linda and the singer of Keris Patih from Indonesia giving away the award of Global Music. It was later followed by a medley of Malay Songs Rojaked with English + Indian Raps. OK la.. Not so bad.

Look at Sarimah. Isn't she beautiful?

There were a lot more awards giving and shows. There were so many to tell, but there are some interesting shows that I can still remember.

Anuar zain's performance is again notably good, but it was way off my expectation. It was plain but I guess you people out there must have liked it like mad. Well, Kazar it way much better than Anuar Zain. I think Anuar got some problem with the voice as well.

Keris Patih from Indonesia was one of the good performers for the night. Even though they were playing songs that was something irregular to my ears but the vocal is notably perfect. Why can't Malaysian do something like this? I saluted the vocalist as his voice is awesomely fine.

Yeah. This is a duet version of Rama-rama song of Ella? Heh. The little girl was the winner of, I think she won the Impersonating Ella contest and she sang very well. Why last time there was no such thing, if there's something like impersonating Awie or Amy, I'll surely participate.

To make it short, here is the list of the winners of Anugerah Era Awards `07:

New Artist : Mila AF5
Female Vocal : Dato' Siti Nurhaliza
Male Vocal : M.Nasir
Duo/Group Vocal : Jamal Abdillah/Mawi
Band : Spider
Global Music : Nafas Cahaya – Misha Omar
Nasyid : Al-Jannah – Mawi
Local Artist (English) : Point Blanc/Jaclyn Victor
Rock Song : Mahakarya Cinta – Faizal OIAM
Pop Song : Persis Mutiara – Mila AF5
Favourite Movie by Kaki Wayang : Jangan Pandang Belakang – Metrowealth Movies Production
Favourite Video Music : Kian – Mawi
Era Arts Award : Alleycats
Era Chart's Award : Kenangan Terindah (Samsons)
Hotlink Favourite Caller Ringtone Download : Farhana (Puteri Bumi Kenyalang) Jinbara

A tiring weekend


So that's why today I've just woke up from my long afternoon nap. Budiey expected me to have updated my blog but sorry dude, I'm way too tired of travelling.

I've got to wake up early saturday morning to catch the 6.30 bus and I thought I'm so lucky to be able to ride on a double decker bus. That was my second time. It was nice to sit pretty high but given the last row seat of the bus.

I believe the backache (and the exhaustion) I'm having is cause by the bus.

Time to get rid of my extra fats I suppose. A friend of mine who is slightly lighter than me is now suffering from the, errr.. what they call it, slip disc uh?

Further, the double decker bus was so slow that I expected myself to be able to reach the Serdang R&R by 10.00 AM but it reached there at around 10.30. I was late for the meeting at the Telekom Tower but thank god Elizany was waiting patiently at the R&R while sleeping.

And I've got my first experience in a Proton Tiara. Not bad lah. For me, any car that can actually be driven is good enough. So actually Elizany forced me to drive the car as he was still unable to wake from his booze.

I went with that short meeting (a briefing actually) and went for lunch at the Bangsar. Went home and grabbed Mazuien's car to be driven to Genting.

Why am I going to Genting? I won't go there for nothing. Actually, Budiey had asked me to go with him to Genting for the Anugerah Era 07,and freakingly excited as a photographer, I just said yes and you know how fast I was driving that Perodua Kelisa up to Genting?

I took only 40 minutes to reach the top from KLCC. Hahahaha. Perodua Kelisa rocks. After this I'm gonna try with both my Frontier and Civic. See whether they can beat Kelisa or not.

I was really like 'Unta masuk hutan' when I reached Genting. I don't really know the place and if I'm alone, I'd just went off. Well, we had a nice lunch at the Burger King (thanx to Budiey for your treat). Mahal tu beb. 2 meals at RM32++. Can already have 3 normal meals at the McDonalds downhill.

The thing started with the showcase at around 5 PM and ends at around 630PM. As usual the showcase were normally for the AF grads or new artists. Up to my surprise, Rosma AF is damn thin. I remember last Aznil Nawawi, had by mistake (or intentionally) called her 'Anak Gajah' (Elephant child) in one of the AF concert.

Now, I'm also very well tergoda. Her pictures (lotsa pictures) were all worth keeping and staring at.

Dafi is maybe cute but I think everyone noticed he was way out of tune a lot of time when singing the Dewa song. I've forgotten the song name already. One of my favourite song.

At around 7, Budiey and I went inside the Arena Starts Area waiting for the Green Carpet event after getting my media tag. Kewl eh? Why not red carpet? Don't ask me..

While waiting for the flows of the artists to walk in on the red carpet, Mr. Boogie noticed me and smsed me. Kewl. Nice meeting you dude! He's an Astro guy uh? Hehehehe..

Here are them on the red carpet guys! More updates in my Pojok and Photo Blogs.

September 7, 2007

Double Impact

A simple maths for you to consider.

First Impact

Years, from 1997-2004, when the RM was pegged to USD, 1 USD is equivalent to RM3.80.

So for years, a lot of people enjoying this stability for doing business without having to be scared of the currency price hikes and so on.

People used to export things at USD100 per tonne of which they made RM30 profit from each tonne. If they export 1000 tonne, that means they're making RM30,000 profit.

As for now, 1 USD has dropped to RM3.40, they're still selling at USD100 per tonne, of which they're now making -RM10.

That's a loss.

So they really cannot sell timbers anymore. They really cannot sell because the disability of Malaysian not-so-good-of-quality timbers to compete with the international cheap prices and better quality timbers. There are even sawmillers from Johor who bought timbers directly from the US.

Why not? The US are selling in the same US dollar price. The fuel price is also in US dollar so what do they care? They were all spending in US dollar. So in fact, they are making money no matter what.

So, the wood price has dropped. To a level that is hard to survive.

Second Impact

Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu is very well-known to be producing a lot of logs, big logs and of high quality compared to Johor. All this while, whenever Johor has been asking to be buying logs from them, Johor people can only get the small-sized logs.

Even though Johor is very well known as the State with the most number of wood industries such as furnitures and sawmilling.

And because they also have been selling to the Thailand, as they are paying better money as they're exporting furnitures, paid in USD.

The election is coming, and as state governments needs money, they have released a lot of logging areas and the permits, of which means that a lot of logs are coming.

Unfortunately, as the US dollar drops like hell, East Coast Timbers (ECT from Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang) who were being paid in RM has been in some ways become expensive to the Thailand, and furthermore, the cost has been so high in Baht that selling US dollar is no longer profitable.

Hence, they refused to buy the ECTs.

What happened? They are desperately dumping all the timbers to Johor now as Johor's wood industry is still surviving. That made the timber prices to drop a lot more as they supplies are more than the demand.

So, the wood price has dropped. To a level that the buyer can just ask for the best price anytime.


It's a double impact. Price of timber has gone down really bad. This situation lead by these situations:-

1. The US is lowering down their USD value so that they can sell their things. (Another economic attack?)
2. The election is coming. Hehehe..

So who are you going to vote?

September 1, 2007

Merdekakah kamu?

That means, you smells bad. Even the monkey ran away.

Hehehe.. Gotcha..

That actually means, are you really free, independent from all kind of colonization.

Sigh, I need 10 more words in english to translate a two word phrase in Malay. My English is still nonethelessly bad.

I have always asked myself, what does independent actually mean to all of us? Malaysia has been colonized by so many people until i do think there are people who were still unaware of that Malaysia once was not even Malaysia.

Tanah Melayu sounds very obsessive. Malaysia makes the same meaning as anything with the suffix 'ia' brought the meaning of land. Like, Australiza, eh silap australia, austria, kampuchea bla bla bla. Malaysia also means Tanah Melayu but, if you suffix an 'l', it will become Malay S**l. Hehehe. No offence eh. Hehehe, fact what?

So we can actually ourselves as an 'AS' as asia is for 'tanah as'. Luckily it was not spelled Assia, which means Tanah Ass. Tanah Bontot.

"Are you assian?" (adakah anda orang tanah bontot?)

"I am an ass" (saya adalah bontot?)

Why not Malayland like the netherland, switzerland, holland, new zealand, swaziland and bla bla bla. It may sounds weird but as the name Malaysia came out, I think a lot of people did think that the name was weird too. Just like us when we heard of the word MalayLand.

Maybe at that time, the word 'Si*l' does not exist yet so they happily accept the name. Very happy until later, the Lion City got to pull themselves off the country as it's the Land of the Malay, not for others.

Worse, they twisted the history to make us look bad. Pity Malaysia.

You may read this as something harm but this is what actually boggling my mind. I've read in a lot of places where people regarded Malaysia and Malaysi*l.

Pathetic. They live in this country but can you please be thankful that you're still alive, can't you guys?

Merdeka right? Lucky you know. You're very lucky. We're very lucky. All of us are.

I know, there's a lot of racist out there but why do you have to? Bear in mind, all we need is to live and let die. All we need is to work and make money. The economy is so bad, why do we have to listen to all the racism hypes.

We're all 50 years being on our own and what we need is to work. Take a far look ahead and think of your future, your anak cucu and your country.

Well, yesterday, when I drove around JB, I saw some Malay chaps shouting Merdeka in a very pathetic manner while being drunk.

I believe they're all muslim...

Sad... Are we really merdeka then?

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