September 19, 2007

How Ramadhan used to be..

My father is a government servant who would stay at a place for long. Every few years, he will be tranferred to other places.

To list them down, but it would be not necessary, I've stayed in so many places. Even though our country is not as big as other countries, different places have different ways of doing things.

Last time, there were no pasar ramadhan. As I can still remember, in Kelantan, people would go to the bazaar to get kuihs for berbuka puasa.

Before i forgotten, I do think that the English Dictionary should adapt the word kuih, as they adapted the word amok.

My father took me to the mosque for Tarawikh and I was actually feel like crying wondering when is the prayer gonna finished.

Then, I think I've started to fast as early as I was 7. I can't remember how many days i did but i started to complete the whole month when I was 10.

My brothers and sisters did much better than me. Most of them started to complete the whole month as early as 7 or 8 years old.

When I was in standard one, the reason why I went to tarawikh is to eat after the prayer. There's nothing special about it, but having food together with other people is something fun for me. We are able to rush for foods and so on. But note that only kids did that.

My favourite drinks for berbuka puasa was either cincau (jellygrass eh?) or red syrup with selasih. Nowadays, i only consume plain water, not more than that.

Last time, the dates comes in a compact packaging, which were heavy with sugar and sometimes they're a bit elastic but for me, they're nice! Nowadays, they have imported the new wet or fresh dates, which no longer come in that compressed packaging, but the dates were even came with the stem. Of course it taste nicer.

Last time, before the berbuka puasa time, I will sit in front of the food waiting for that moment to come, waited hungrily until one day my father was mad at me for not being patient. Since I started working, most of the time, I would spend my time in front of the PC while waiting for the moment to come. There are even times when I break my fast only with mineral water.

Now, i ate everything my mom prepared. Like today, I didn't to east so much but everything she prepared for us were irresistable. For 2 days, I've been having rice for sahur.

Last time, while waiting for the berbuka puasa, The television will air the drama play of the historical story of Prophet Muhammad or other prophets. Today, they play the drama of a french boy who was not fasting at all. And if you notice the girl who acted in that drama, was the same girl who was the Sargeant Saunders in that TV3 Merdeka advertisement.

I love that girl. So much hehehe..

And I still remember last time, when I was in Terengganu, to be exact while schooling in Sekolah Rendah Sultan Sulaiman, and I was in standard 3, the school canteen operates as usual and they were like almost 80% of the students were not fasting, especially the standard 6 students. They eat like nobody's business. I was just standing behind the entrance looking at what they eat.

Then, i feel like miskin. I want to eat but as I'm fasting my mom didn't give me money at all. At that time, I pity myself hahahaha.

There was this one day, I bought my mom my favourite goreng pisang with sambal. In terengganu, they eat goreng pisang with sambal in red, just like the johoreans who eat goreng pisang with sambal in black.

I got scolded because I didn't realized that I ate some of them while walking home. I was fasting but I totally forgotten that I was fasting so I just eat without realizing that it was for my mom.

When I was in standard 5 and 6, i faced the most challenging days of my fasting days. My granma was up for doing the dodol, from 6 AM and end up only at 5PM. The crazy heat made most of them to break their fast but I luckily passed it.

Not to mention doing the lemang part, rendang and so on.

Nowadays, when I ask my granma about doing the dodol she says AH!

Last time, people won't normally fast on the last day of Ramadhan for the reason of cooking this and that, slaughtering the cows and so on. Nowadays people have no good reason to do so.

I wouldn't be sleeping if I'm to list everything down in here. Well, the most important thing is to enjoy puasa. I enjoy puasa as days that I don't have to think about food anymore.

I even ask my mom not to cook a lot, but she knows me too well that she will still cook with knowing that I would still be the person who lick up all the dishes till the last drop.

No wonder eh? Last time my butt was solid flat but now I have a lil but of figure. Hehehe..

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