September 13, 2007

Selamat Berpuasa.



1.Nasi putih panas..
2.Ikan keli bakar, cicah air asam
3.ulam raja ngan sambal + tempoyak
4.Gulai nenas ikan masin
5.air sirap+biji selasih..

Slurrrrrrppp.... sheeesh.. (the floor is wet with drops of you saliva I think)

I was told by my brother who is studying in Russia that the Moslems in Russia had their lunch after the Jumaat Prayer during the Ramadhan.

Most of my Bakau workers didn't fast at all. So this year, I announced the first day of Ramadhan to be their official holiday, nobody should do their work so at least they can fast for at least one day. Hope they would.

I myself is suffering from mild dehydration and thirst. I used to drink a lot at daytime so during sahur, I took almost 8 glasses of water crossed chewed with the dates. I was thinking of not having heavy meal but my mom is cooking shrimps.


Since last year, I have no longer visited the Pasar Ramadhan. We intended not to waste on food as normally we just throw off the left overs bought from the Pasar Ramadhan. Some people would want everything at one go, kuih, fruits, all the sweet2 drinks, a lot of dishes bla bla bla. For me, it was all waste and waste.

Ramadhan is an opportunity to get slim; to throw the fats away, reduce weight and be able to move more actively after the Ramadhan. It's a good exercise to train your body to consume less food and tell your brain to control your appetite.

Why can't we have a nice berbuka puasa time with plain waters and dates. And in case you still want to have rice (kita mesti makan nasi like KFC), get a plate of plain rice, ulam and telur goreng kicap. Trust me, it's more that enough.

At this time, I wish I'm working in KL whereby I used to fast breaking with a bottle of mineral water. I went back, accidentally fell asleep and woke up just to realize that it's already 630AM.

Ramadhan 2004, I managed to get my weight reduced from 69 to 62.

I'm gonna do it again this year. Now I'm 75. Bad bad. I'm so heavy.

Last year, I gained from 66 to 71.

Do you guys went to Tarawikh Prayer? Why should you people go? Any reason?

I go there because I like it. The feeling is awesome, especially if the Imam is a Tahfiz who recites the Quran verses in a way that makes us feel like we're so blessed and lucky to be a moslem.

Well, it went off as I walked off the mosque. So I went everyday to get that feeling.

My family last time, as granma has always pushed me by saying the fadhilat of doing the Tarawikh for tonight, has always did it for the sake of the rewards of each nights. For example,

1st Night : The sins of a mukmin would be cleared as if he/she is just born.
4th Night : Given rewards as reading the Taurat (old testament), Zabur, Injil and Quran.
24th Night : Allah allows 24 doa to be favoured.

I have questioned myself, especially the 4th night, why would we be given the rewards as reading the 4 kitabs as actually Quran is way greater above the rest. And why should god let only 24 doas to be favoured as god may do as many as god wants.

For me, Tarawikh is something like the stalls when you have a football final match, where as, without the stalls, the match is boring without the ballons, food, drinks and what so ever.

As actually Tarawikh is much better than the stalls, Tarawikh is a kind of prayer which is only done on the month of Ramadhan to for us to cherish and to apreciate the blessed Ramadhan.

So it's like really nothing much to do at night, so I just go. I'm holding to this one Hadith which sound something like whoever cherished the night of Ramadhan with good faith and hoping for rewards from god, their sins will be forgiven.

Well, we all used to be fed with the 30 fadhilats of practicing Tarawikh Prayer for that 30 nights and what if I say that I doubt all that last time, but I'm totally againts them now?

As the study has been made by some scholars, there is no such hadith found, in both the main Hadith reference and the Maudhu'.

It is believed that it's a hadith that was just made purposely to cheat the Moslems.

So are we all cheated?

For more formal and official information please refer to Portal Jakim. Sadly this information has not been publicised widely for the reference of Ummah.

Thanx Gee for this super valuable info. I appreciate it very much.

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