September 25, 2007

8 facts -Tagged by kak eldynna

List out 8 facts about yourself. So here they are....

Fact #1

I like to bully cats. There are time i like cats, especially when there are a lot of mouse around. I hate cats for messing up with the rubbish in front of my housegate. They also like to poop in front of my house. There's a say,

Di mana ada pasir, di situ kucing berak.


Fact #2

I hate folding cloth. My mom knew that it's useless to ask me to fold the cloth as in the end she has to fix 'em all again. All this while, I only knew how to hang my cloth.

Fact #3

I hate lady drivers who caused me to step on the brake pedal everytime I'm driving behind them. These lady drivers also caused a lot of traffic jams, where, when there's no reasons for traffic jam, they became the reason. Ustaz Sheikhul-Haram bersabda,

"Sesungguhnya memandulah dengan berhati-hati dan biar lambat asal selamat. Jika anda dipandu oleh wanita, bersedialah dengan ucapan syahadah dan bertaubatlah selagi sempat"


Fact #4

I'm very particular of my car fuel consumption. I will normally fill in my fuel to the maximum and then I'll take out my calculator and start calculating. Make sure you reset the mileage reading upon your previous refill. For my Frontier case, let say the mileage reading is 750km and the fuel refill cost about RM108 which is about 71 liters.

So the calculation would be like, 750 km / 71 liters ~ 10.563 km per liter.

Which 1 liter = RM1.52, so RM 1.52 / 10.563 ~ 14.3 sen

By knowing the numbers would be around that figure everytime you refill your gas, that means your car has no problem and you should not worry of anything.

After calculating, reset your mileage reading to zero again for your next calculation. People say i'm very calculative about it but my point is to ensure that the car is operating at it's normal mode of operation. If it gives a lot of difference, there must be something wrong with the car.

Fact #5

On the highway, I drove pretty slow unless I really have to hurry. My normal speed would be at 90-120 km/h as I will apply the most little pressure on the accelerator. So, I'll be driving like a syaitan in town; as I'm always late for everything.

It's kinda fun you know, to drive like an asshole and sometime you can even hear people swearing at me. Not to mention all the sensored signs.

Fact #6

Other people will feel that they will do better in things from time to time. I felt the other way. The more I do it, the sucker I am.

Maybe I'm lacking of new ideas and things always work the other way around.

I need a break. Feel like going somewhere. Sape nak itot?

Fact #7

Most of the time I'm an asshole. I like to be a jerk to irritate people. One of the incident was that a far neighbour taken my car park in front of my house. I still remember last time when I parked in front of their house, they immediately asked me to move my car as they wanted the car park.

There were this one time, they've taken up my car park.


I parked both of my cars, one front and one behind, so close that she wouldn't be able to get out of that car park.

The next day, I went out with a friend so early and never come back until 5 o'clock. I took all my keys away.

The girl was unable to go to work.. Hahahahah...

I had a terrible scold from my mom. Hehehe.

The point is, jgn la cari pasal dengan aku. Memang aku balas balik kow-kow punya.

Buat baik di balas baik... remember that.

Fact #8

I need more friend in JB. Sape nak jadi kawan saya?

Now to list out who are gonna do this tag. What about only girls this time?

1 - Sufiyah
2 - Mazuien
3 - Irmasnina
4 - Voeg
5 - Sarclover
6 - Diva
7 - Kak Azyda
8 - JianaJone
9 - Erin
10 - Taiko

So taiko is a girl also today. hehehe..

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