January 29, 2007

The Finale of Rockin' Bali (Day 4 of 4)

A Completely Idiot Ultimate Guide

JAN 19th

Going Shopping

I decided to get up early today as I've not so much time to do shopping the day before. I took fast breakfast as the taxi driver promised to fetch me at the Hotel lobby as early as 0830 in the morning.

Nothing much for today as I was taken to 2 places for shopping and I don't remember what and where were those places. Things that I can only remember were that at the first place, dicount were given to the local tourist, so I asked the taxi driver to pay the clothes I bought for me. 50%. So instead of Rp400,000 that I have to pay, I only paid Rp240,000.

At the second place, I was doing my shopping like crazy. Other than shopping, it was also an opportunity to talk to sweet and pretty girls there. I think I bought most of my things because I was able to those pretty girls. I even got the phone numbers of some of them as well. Hehehe...

Then, I rushed to a shopping mall to buy myself a bag, because my backpack is too small to contain all the things I bought in Bali. Then rushed back to the Hotel and packed up everything so that I can catch my flight. There's nothing much about the shopping because there's something more tragic happened.

Damages :: Severe

Departing from Bali

I was rushing all the way as all the other people that came with me has already be at the airport.

I was not there yet. The flight is scheduled at 1355 so at around 1245 I rushed out from the hotel and reached there at about 1300. As I reached there, I thanked the cabby driver and rushingly walking towards the check in counter. Before I was able to get into the check in counters, I was stucked at the security check. The metal scanner failed me everytime I walked through. At last, you know why?

It was my shoes. Damn it!

Then I walked around to look for the check in counter. I was wondering where was that Air Asia Counter. After a few minutes wandering around, I found the counter. I walked rushingly towards the counter and handing the counter person my bag.

"No more check in allowed. You are late by 10 minutes"

What? Oh gosh! I tried to ask her to let me to check in it was the fleet crew that disallowed me to check in. I'm so fucked up now! Aduh...

I was fell seated on the chair thinking of what to do. Checked out the flight schedules and saw this MAs flight at around 1850. I checked out the MAS counter at the outside, confirmed the ticket and the clerk gave me one hour to come back with the money.

Getting MAS ticket

I called Pak Made Yuda to fetch me and take me to the nearest money changer. I'll be losing a lot if I change it at the airport. The rate is ridiculous.

Then I paid for the ticket.

Look at the price there. USD208.70. Almost MYR800.

Damn it! Then I was waiting for almost 5 hours before the departure. I was so hungry but I was so broke of Indonesian Rupiah. I used all of them to pay for the ticket. So i waited, waited, and waited till my flight was called up for boarding. I was so thankful as they do provide food during the flight and i was comfortably sated.

I only arrived in KLIA at about 2190. Yay!

Damage :: Very severe!

Some Useful Tips

Cabby Driver :: First thing first. The 'supir' revealed! This is Pak Nengah Made Yuda. He should be 34 or 35 this year. His phone number is +6281338539872. Call him up for your booking!

Going to Airport :: Ensure that you don't come last minute. The security is tight and strict. If possible, you might wanna put all your important belongings into a sling bag instead of your pocket. Like me, I love having pants with a lot of pockets so that I can put everything of my impotant things are within my reach. It has become a habit that failed me through that metal security scanner. Even the cigaratte box didn't make it.

No where to go? :: Just ask the cabby driver. He is super nice and he knew where to take you. Just ask. This tip is good for those who have got no plan yet.

Expenses Cash to Hold :: I would suggest you to take at least MYR2k. Then you should also Pak Made Yuda where is the money changer with the best rate. He'll get you there.

Buying things :: Do not buy unless the price agreed is half or less than the price they offered. If you don't agree, just walk away and they will later approach you asking the price u want.

January 25, 2007

Rockin' Bali (Day 3 of 4)

A Completely Idiot Ultimate Guide

JAN 18th

It was a very fine hot day when I opened up my eyes. 9 o'clock and I rushed to the restaurant for the free breakfast. I was quite worried about the 'halal status' pf the food there, so I intended to get myself the cereal. They provided only the cornflakes. Luckily they do serve hot omelette.

On this fine day, I decided to get separated from whoever in the group. I was supposed to walk at the beach near the Tanjong Benua. Pak Made Yuda drove me there. I realy have no idea what is the place is all about. But as I reached the place, someone greeted me and offered a water activities like jet skiing, banana boat, scuba diving.. err what? Scuba diving?

I agreed straight away. As I have not so much Indonesian Rupiah, they agreed to accept payment in Malaysian Ringgit at the rate of RM1 = Rp2500. I took the scuba diving, wake board and visit to the Turtle Park. Everything for almost RM400. Cheap? I don't know.

Scuba Diving

It was kewl to be wearing the diving suit as I myself do not have any swimming suit or watersports attire with me. When I'm ready, we get on board of a small engine boat to get to the coral area. As we reached the place, i get ready with all the equipments and was asked to get into the water. As I get into the water, I felt a lil bit nervous and my breate starting to become unstable. Hahaha. Gue kaget pak! Later i realized that the water is not so clear and I'm starting to worry about the underwater camera pictures. I bet it's not gonna be so clear.

I was only able to dive in after the third attempt. The first attempt sucks big time. I feel like my lungs are gonna explode. The second one was failed as I felt like burping. I only made it to the coral after the third attempt. The only thing was that I cannot control myself from getting panic. But after sometime, when I see all the corals and the fishes, I forgotten to breathe already! It was so unbelieveable, that I actually in a diving suit, diving deep into the sea. One thing i hate about diving was that we need to bite the breathing nozzle all the time. It's very tiring to keep it bitten all the time.

You see it for yourself right? The pictures are not as clear as the crystal. I've got to actually edit the pictures myself. After 20 minutes, I was sent up, and the instructor carried on hunting fish for his dinner. Then I was sent back waiting for the wake board.

Wake Board

Shit. I thought it was easy. Due to the tireness from scuba diving, I was unable to let myself being pulled forcefully by the 180hp boat. I failed! Loser loser. Shit! Not even to get myself up!

Tour to Turtle Park, Tanjung Benoa

I was taken to the turtle park by a special boat. It has glass on the floor so that we can see what's in the sea. Amazingly, this place is full of seaweed. By the beach, there were a lot of dead/dried seaweed, and it smells like the sushi's seaweed. It makes me feel hungry. So the boat was unable to move fast. After sometimes, the boat driver allowed me take control of the boat. Kewl eh? Hehehe...

As we reached the park, someone greeted me and introduced himself as Udin. He tried to speak in Malay with Malaysia dialect but it sounds stupid though. He looked old even though he's only 24. He thought I'm younger than him. So well, he showed me around, as the place is not only for turtle but they also have other creatures like snake, owls, hornbills, bats and comodos; all the almost extincts creatures for breeding or reproduction. Hei tat was my first time doing all this.

Then, I was offered to buy drinks by credit as I didn't take my wallet with me. Udin also offered me to look around for souvenirs. I bought some. The souvenirs there are damn hell expensive. Then, we took pictures and the boat driver sent me off t the beach and for me to get ready for the next destination, Sunset at the Uluwatu Temple.

Activities Cost :: RM400
Damages @ Turtle Park :: Rp645,000 (RM258)

Comment :: I love this place. I would never imagine myself doing the scuba diving. And I do think it's cheap. In Malaysia, scuba diving only will cost you almost a thousand. New experience guys. Takkan nak sama macam orang lain je. Do something differentlah. I would recommend this place. YOU SHOULD TRY!

Sunset @ The Uluwatu Temple

I wonder sometimes, is there such cliff in Bali. When people went to Bali, they'll surely have that cliff picture. Oh now I know where. It's at the Uluwatu Temple. I put myself in the best position to take pictures there. The cliff is high. I'm scared of height too but i think it's worth it to fell down the cliff after my photo is shot. Hehe.. Hanya Bercanda (just kidding)..

In this place, they have the same Kecak Dance as the previous day. So i took a walk through the temple. One thing abot balinese is that they're religious people. Nice people and with high courtesy. They preserve everything, from their culture, religion, as well as the temple. They didn't allow people to enter their temple for nothing. I also wonder why the Malaysian let other than muslim to enter the mosque in putrajaya. Even though people are required to wear robe to cover the undecent clothing, they would still disallow people to enter their temple. I do respect that.

So I met this pair of Japanese girl. Hehe.. I just want to mention about them. Nothing much except i think their English are damn cute but stupid.

I think i like the top picture of the monkey very much. Oh yeah, they have monkey everywhere here so whenever you come by, make sure you keep everything tight. Do not hold your things loosely. These creatures love your wallet!

Parking Cost :: Rp2,000 (RM0.80)
Entrance :: Rp3,000 (RM1.20)

Comment :: I think i like this place. Maybe if you want to see Kecak Dance, you should ask your guide or driver to go here so you can do 2 things at once. Visit the uluwatu temple, see the sunset and see the kecak dance as well. But it was cloudy when we went there so I can see no sunset there. I love the cliffs view. Very nice! You should go.

Ikan Bakar @ Sharkeys Cafe

The journey in and out of the Uluwatu temple was quite long but I enjoyed the scenery around. Then I told the cabby driver to go to somewhere thatI can have grilled fresh seafish. We headed to this place named Sharkey Cafe. A cozy place where we can sit by the beach. Some customers were even it by the wave sometimes. That close ok! There were some exotic acoustical group of musician performing there. They are quite kewl.

But maybe, I was not meant to eat there. After 2 hours, I manage to get only the drinks. Food? Do not even mention about it. People who came much later than me have got their food already. After almost 2 hours, i asked the cabby driver to ask about our food. Even my selected fish was gone!

That's bad. That restaurant is stupid so don't go. I intended to leave without paying but, yeah, that's the fact, i'm too kind to do that.

Damage :: 2 mixed juice Rp20,000 (RM8)

Comment :: Don't go. They discriminate people. They prioritize the western people than us. You can try your luck as I heard that the food is good, butif you see so many people around, better find some other place. There were a lot of complains that night even from the westerners.

So i decided to have dinner at another Nasi Padang tonight.

Dinner at Nasi Padang :: Rp71,000 (RM 28.4)

Hard Rock Cafe @ Bali

We headed back to the hotel and i rushed to the bathroom to get ready. I'm going to Hard Rock tonite. How cool is Hard Rock cafe in Bali?

It wasn't that cool. At first, I went to the merchandise shop. Everything was crazily expensive and unreasonable. The staffs there were so arrogant, and thinks that they have the best paid job in the world. Other than being rude, they were discriminative. Anyway, I manage to get myself a Hard Rock T-shirt.

Then I went in, ordered coke and wait till the band dropped and walked off to the hotel. I'm so lucky to be able to see one of the Indonesian Idol finalist of 2006, wo sang very nicely. It was his birthday. Well then again, the staffs are discriminative. They treat foreigner better than us, the south east asianers.

Comment :: Ok, if you wanna have fun, carry on but the security are tight. Who doesn't like hard rock anyway?

Taxi fare :: Free for today. The cab driver asked me to pay him on the next day. Yahoo!

January 24, 2007

Rockin' Bali (Day 2 of 4)

A Completely Idiot Ultimate Guide

January 17th

I woke up a lil bit late just to find myself missed the breakfast that ended at 10AM. Oh yeah, Bali time is equivalent to Malaysian GMT+8 time. So, it's much easier to figure the time there, compared to Jakarta or the WIB time.

Zetty, did smsed me last night asking whether I'm in Bali and being very nice to provide me with her last time chartered cabby driver, Pak Yuda's mobile phone number. I called the fella and he says that the cab will be arriving in half an hour.

As this is such a sucky unplanned vacation, I don't really have any idea where to go. Based on some other travel agent samples of the list of the places they went to visit, i showed the list to the cabby driver, who is not the one that Zetty was suggesting, but his name is also Pak Yuda. His name is Nengah Made Yuda.

Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana
(Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Padang Tegal, Ubud, Bali)

He suggested we went to see the monyet first. It was quite a faraway place. We went through the only untolled highway there to get to the northern area of the Bali Island. It was quite a long journey. Luckily i'm a talkative person so I 'ngomong' a lot with the 'supir'. We passed the Sanur beach and went through this place where stone carving (pronounced ston-karr-ving) is the main economical activity. After one hour then only we manage to get to the wood carving area pulak. (pronounced wud-karrr-ving).

Please click on the image to enlarge. The first two top pictures were the pictures of the monkeys that I fed with the banana. In the middle were the pictures of the foreign tourist with the monkey. I took that picture because i do think that the tourists do looked like the monkey as well. Next to it was the picture of a pool that was said to be holy. I have no idea why but maybe because of the fish.

The 2 bottom pictures were the incident when I was bitten by the monkey that I was playing with. Hehehe. Takpe tak sakit pun. Macho.. (sebenarnya sakit nak mampos...!)

Entrance Cost :: Rp10,000 (RM4)
Parking Cost :: Rp2,000 (RM0.80)
Banana Cost :: Rp15,000(RM6)

Comment :: Quite an okay place. You should be extra careful with the monkeys. The male monkeys will normally chase female human. You should also come with foods.

Mount Batur, Kintamani.

Then we headed to a place where we can see an active volcano named Mount Batur. Being remote and high, the journey was quite refreshing with the view of the food orchards by the roadside and cold air. As we reached Kintamani, we entered the Batur Sari Restaurant to have our lunch, together with the 'Supir'. I enjoyed the Lunch buffet there, eventhough it wasn't that good in taste. You know, I'm quite fussy about food, and I missed my breakfast so belasah aje. I was quite full since, so later I took some pictures of myself there..

Before we leave, there were a few people trying to sell souvenir. Being too kind, I bought. Kesian diorang.

Entrance Cost :: Rp10,000 (RM4.00)
Parking Cost :: Rp2,000 (RM0.80)
Buffet Lunch :: Rp60,000 per pax (RM24)
Aqua Cost :: Rp12,000 per bottle (RM4.80 mahal giler air mineral)
Damage #1 :: 5 T-shirts for Rp100,000 (RM40 for 5 or RM8 each)
Damage #2 :: A set of 10 pencils for Farah Rp10,000 (RM4)

Comment :: The food sucks. The scenery was okay. Coutesy is good. Don't ask for fresh orange as they will actually send you cordial orange drink. Anyway, you should try all satay. And be careful of the merchants outside of the restaurant.

Ubud Hill Padi Plantation

We went down the hill and dropped by the place where the orchards were just by the side of the road. I asked Pak Nengah Yuda Made to stop and I bought Salakfruit and Markisa. Then we continued our way to Pasar Ubud.

Damage #3 :: Salakfruit & Markisa Rp35,000 (RM14)

On our way down, we dropped by to this place where we could see people planting the Hill Padi, which of a special breed of rice that is longer and bigger. I was interested to look at 'em ut all of a sudden I was crowded by a bunch of people selling items for souvenirs. It was all okay until i started to buy an item from them. Everyone of them now came to me. I was a lil bit scared when they started to pull my shirt and pushed me towards the cliff. Luckily Pak Nengah Made Yuda came to the rescue and we continue our journey to the Ubud Market.

Damage #4 :: A special made-from-wood basket Rp100,000 x 2 (RM40 x 2)
Damage #5 :: Wood Chopstick set Rp40,000 each (RM16)

Comment :: Do not buy things here. Expensive!

Ubud Market

This is where I bought a few more souvenir items for friends. I remembered I bought 3 piece of ashtray and more interestingly, I was shocked as I saw someone that I think looked like zetty. Maybe from this view but when I saw her from the back, yah, she really looked like zetty indeed!

Damage #6 :: 3 Ashtrays for Rp70,000 (RM28)

Comment :: Things here are damn cheap. Tips - Bargaining power is important. Do no show that you're desperately buying. Ask 50% of the price they offered. If you're not happy with the price then just walk away until they agree to the price you want!

Nusa 2 Beach

We were supposed to be going to the Kecak dance but as we arrived at the place quite early, Pak Nengah Made Yuda suggested us to go to the Nusa 2 Beach, just to look around and try the said-so-sweet-corn(tall). I took some pictures with the local tourist and the picture of the 'makcik' who sell the 'Jagung Bakar'. Before we left, I manage to buy myself a pack of 20's Dumhill hehehe.. It's really hard when you live in the world of kretek everywhere.

Entrance Cost :: Rp1,000 (RM0.40)
Parking Cost :: Rp1,000 (RM0.40)
Jagung Cost :: Rp5,000 each (RM2 mahal gak ni kan?)
Aqua Cost :: Rp5,000 each (RM2 air mineral 2 hinggit masih mahal)
A pack of Dumhill (the new one) :: Rp9,500 (RM3.8 hahaha best!)

Comment :: You can come here to have fun. A lot of people around. Safe place.

Kecak Dance Uma Dewi

I was excited as when we arrived at the kecak dance place, the car was scanned using the bomb scanner all around. Heh, that was rare! Even when I arrived last night, they didn't check for bomb at my body. Well, bomb is scaring the tourist away from Bali. The Pak Nengah Made Yuda told me that before the bombing incident, Bali was almost a heaven but now. Then goodlah, easy for me to come and travel also. Things were getting cheap and not so many people around.

The kecak dance is somekind of freak and weird. I don't know i just feel it that way. It was really something that I may hardly accept that was when Pak Nengah Made Yuda says that he's a Hindu. Then I realized that Hindu is the main religion in Bali. I do respect that sense, but it's just weird.

A friend said that he felt cold and all his hair stands (maybe his dick too) as they started with the dance. The dance is actually about Ramayana bla-bla yada-yada lalalalala-lalalalalala; very boring. I knew if i go out now, the 'Supir' won't be around. I was only energized when this one heroine that really awake me off my 'sleepiness', as at the end of the show, I just unable to stand taking a lot of photos with her.

Entrance Fee :: Rp50,000 (RM20)

Comment :: Boring! But worth the wait till the end. Oh gosh she's so pretty!

Dewata Minang Nasi Padang

After the show, we went off for dinner before heading back to the Hotel. This is a restaurant where a lot of the flight crews having their meals. It's very near to the airport and we were unlucky to see any stewardess around at that time. I was thinking to ask them out to Hard Rock is any. No luck! As I think we're getting so tired, I think we should go back to the hotel and sleep.

Dinner for 3 :: Rp45,500 (RM18.20)
Taxi 1 whole day :: Rp300,000 (RM120)

Comment :: Nasi Padang is nice. The cab driver is nice also. I'm gonna charter hi for the next day.

Actually the cab driver asked for only Rp200,000, as I've already filled in his taxi fuel tank with petrol worth Rp100,000 but I insisted to give him Rp300,000 as I think he's very nice. Anybody going to Bali, you should contact this super nice guy! He may get a bigger transportation if there are more than 4 people in a group.

Rockin' Bali (Day 1 of 4)

A Completely Idiot Ultimate Guide

I'm not sure whether to consider myself as lucky or what as I was forced by a friend to use his cheap ticket (which is given to me free) and accompany him to Bali. As i was a bit reluctant to it, I find that myself would actually need such a vacation to rejuvenate myself from everything that was going on. The this and the that, the those and the these.

To make it short, i mean the story, I decided to drive up to KL on the January 15th and agreed to it. I was imagining myself going there, only staying in the room all the time and get sleeps of my life. I went there with a bunch of people that I don't really know, except for that friend of mine. Maybe his colleague or whatever I guess. There were around 15 - 17 people, err.. who cares anyway.

JAN 16th.

We took the shuttle bus from the KL Sentral to LCCT, which costed me RM9 and it took me only an hour and 15 minutes. I slept all the way as the bus was quite cosy and nice. As we arrived in LCCT, i had Prosperity Burger for lunch and get ready for the departure which was scheduled at 4.40PM.

Bus cost :: RM9
Lunch cost :: RM13++ (mahal giler kat LCCT nih)
Flight cost :: Dunno.

The flight took 3 hours to reach Denpasar Airport of Bali. Air Asia sucks! They don't provide free drinks. Normally, for flight more than 3 hours, they should provide us with food as well. That was my first time travelling with Air Asia. Furthermore they do sell food in the fleet, but with such price, it's better to consume our own brought food, which is totally being prohibited in the fleet. Who cares. I did bring my own packed drinks. So what? Hahahaha...!

So it's quite true when people said that 'naik airasia macam naik bas je'. They don't even have numbering for seatings.

As we landed, everyone was being 'kecoh' to look for the accomodation. Heh, it was not a package so we have to look for accomodation ourselves. Most of them took other cheap hotels, as to save cost for this vacation. I've been always wanting to be near the Hard Rock Cafe Bali so that I can go there easily. I have something to buy from there too. So I decided to stay in Kuta Beach Club, which is a few hundred meters away from Hard Rock Cafe.

At the airport, there were a few hotel agents and we can actually save our time by registering into the hotel through te agent and asked the cabby driver to send us there. We separated with those who opted for cheap hotels and headed to the Kuta Beach Club hotel. We rode on the cab sambil menyanyi keriangan.

Hotel cost :: Rp345,000 per night x 3 = Rp1,035,000 (equiv. to RM450 for 3 days)
Cab Cost :: Rp40,000 (equiv to RM17.40), quite expensive for such a short journey.

* With the currency rate of RM1 = Rp2300.

I checked on the hotel and asked for this and that. Unfortunately they do not provide the sandals so I decided to go out and find myself a pair of sandals. I went out and manage to buy Indonesian Rupiah at a better rate, which is RM1 = Rp2450 this time. Then bought myself a Nike sandal and the topup for the Indonesian Simpati Mobile number that i was still holding.

Nike Sandals :: Rp80,000 (equiv. to RM32)
Mobile Phone Topup :: They call it 'pulsa', cost me RP200,000 (equiv to RM80)

If you want to get a new startup pack, it will cost you only Rp15,000, which is about RM6.

I got back to the hotel and found myself flat on the bed the next morning!

January 23, 2007

Leaving 20s...

When I was small, I thought that I've been going through too much of things. Just like nomads, my family moved from place to place, as my father is and still a loyal government servant. I would say we have stayed in almost every state and region in Peninsular Malaysia. I've met, made and crying to say goodbye to friends; which was like a routine ritual for me, for every few years.

Being in so many places, has enabled me to learn and understand different cultures, dialects and behaviour of people. A contributing factor to who I am now. Someone who just cannot stand there for long.

I have had this same feeling for the third time now. The feeling of leaving a decade to a new decade of struggling to survive. Being born early of the year, and as the eldest son has really thought me to become a supposedly strong person by myself. That was quite true for the first two decades.

I'm telling you, there were so a lot of incidents when i was small. An incident that caused me to get 6 stitches on my chin was an opportunity for my father to get a new good true friend indeed, who didn't manage to catch his Jumaat Prayer just to save my life. I was so small to remember my age at that time but that was so freshly baked for my head to consume.

A Raya night when I told my granma that this year's raya is 'macam tak best' has put me into an accident with a cow. Those days at school that is too much to be spelt out, which has really made strong day by day.

But my 20s would still be an unbeatable experience. Involved with a car accident then the motorbike accident had changed my every single behaviour, perspective and attitude.

Or is it the blood donor's gen is in me now?

From a cold-hearted hot blooded maddog rockhead to a not being able to be angry most of the time. Then, from a thin 54 kger, I gained 34 kg and luckily my weight is now just 70kg.

Or maybe because i had too much of quaker oat with honey, raisins and milk in the middle of the night.

You know, life as a single who stays with the parents at the end of 20s were not so bad, but there're always downsides.

Arrggh. This bowl of oats was too nice that i had to take another one.

Maybe that's just how it feels when we're going thirty. Or maybe it's just me if u don't agree.

And just at the end of my twenties, i had a vacation of my life. BALI! So just for wait for my Bali entries in the next few days. I'm just too busy now to get busy with all the pictures.

So today, I'd like to wish these people who were also going 30 together with me, especially my monkeyest dear friend Romdzi who shared the same born date with me, who has been there for everything. I just love u man!

And to suzanne(16/1), yassin(22/1), lim jan nee(22/1), hasna(19/1), sally(17/1) and anis(28/1), happy birthday to y'all. I love you guys so much too!

January 14, 2007

Terputus Hubungan....

Gua terputus hubungan dengan dunia luar kejap.. Sebab...

Last week, I was quite busy with things. I went out almost everyday and was getting very much exhausted when I got home. Tuesday, I went to see some site to do some job. Wednesday, I went out to here and there to settle about a lot of things. Same goes to Thursday. Friday I was in Kulai, sent my car for some cushion job and went off to a few places.

As my Honda Civic is done, then I slowly drove back to JB. The weather was not so good. It was raining non stop since Thursday. It was hot on Monday and Wednesday. On that Friday, it was raining since when I was still sleeping.

From the radio and TV, the Latest Updates or Berita Terkini was all about 'BANJIR'. Banjir ialah flood dalam bahasa english ehehe.. Orang Italy cakap inondazione. Ada jugak orang sebut BAH. Setau aku, aku guna bah bila nak panggil my father atau nak halau lembu, pun boleh jugak. Agaknya dia takut dengan my father sebab itu lembu tu lari bila dia dengar aku sebut nama abah aku. Tapi mungkin lembu juga takut dengan abah nenek saya sebab nenek saya pun cakap BAH BAH BAH juga bila nak halau lembu. Tak caya tanya nenek saya.

So, I decided to take the 'Jalan TOL' atau highway dalam bahsa english. Bahasa Jawanya ialah lebuhraya. Hantu raya pun kadang2 boleh dilihat di lebuhraya jika anda lihat di cermin belakang. Lebuhraya juga akan banyak accident bila hari raya. Raya melayu, India Cina pun sama. Tu pasallah agaknya hantu raya banyak di lebuhraya. Kan ada lagu pusara di lebuhraya tu. Mesti hantu raya tu yang punya kubur. Sapa2 yang pernah jumpa kubur di lebuhraya?

Scared if my lowered civic gotta go through the flood, I took the best route, as best as possible to avoid the flood. I drove straight to Skudai tol and took the Kempas route. After the Kempas route, then I simply get to Tampoi and reached home.

Fuhh. Lega giler siot dah sampai rumah. Tapi bila sampai rumah je, notebook gua dah kong. Kena kilat agaknya. Siot. Dah 2 kali dah ni. Dulu laptop dell, ni laptop Compaq pulak. Mampos gua. Habis kerja2 gua. Tapi pelik + wonder gak. Semua cable dah cabut except for Printer's and External CDROM's USB cable. Both printer and CDROM are not damaged.

I suspected a few reasons:

1. Aku x semayang jumaat hari tu.... hehehe
2. Ada gambar2 yang tak elok dalam PC tu kot..?
3. Kena kilat. Kalau dah nak kena tu kena la jugak..

So the next day, I sent it off for check up. Just like the medical check up. Checked both adapter and notebook. Both also damaged. What to do?

I decided to get a new notebook for myself. I asked that guy if that notebook can be repaired and he said in 2 weeks time. I asked him again whether he can recover the data inside my hard disk. He said it can be done unless i have the data which were not being shared to other people and the username is with password.


I told him to do the recovery. And I told him that I'm gonna lookout for a new laptop for myself. Then he offered me a used one. ACER Travel Mate 4052LCi. Intel Centrino 1.6GHz, 15" LCD, 40GB HDD, 512MB DDR with wireless lan at RM1850.

Without further delay, I took out my money and pay. Hahahaha! Ni tengah tulis blog dengan notebook baru la ni.

Alhamdulillah, semua data2 lama boleh direcover except for explicit content. Hahaha. So dengan selamatnya, notebook dihantar ke rumah dan terus aje keluar. Keluar tu bukan keluar rumah tapi berambus la. Maksudnya, tak duduk rumah pegi berjalan atau buat kerja sehingga sibuk yang teramat sangat.

Tapi saya sangat busy dengan kawan2 yang dtg dari KL. Esok pula dah nak pegi KL sebab hari Selasa nak pegi BALI la pulak. Bali ni bukan limau bali. Bali ni kat INDON. So terputus la hubungan lagi. Mungkin dalam seminggu atau lebih atau kurang. Tengokla cemana eh?

January 9, 2007


Classification :: Memories

Sometimes, teringat jugak bebenda bodoh yang menjadi bahan lawak dan ketawa di kampung, especially bila gather beramai2 dengan ahli-ahli keluarga yang lain seperti sepupu, dua pupu, nenek, makcik-makcik, pakcik-pakcik dan yang sebagai dengannya.

It's much worse when I gathered with my ex-school mates or my ex-college mates. A lot of stupid and funny things to remember, depending on how naughty you were. I would classify myself as a classic 'Mr. Guardian yang berlagak baik padahal setan pun takut nak sebut nama gua beb'.

Sama je. Kat rumah atau kat sekolah. I'm an angel when I'm within the older folks, teachers, makcik kantin, ustadz. Siap jadik Imam lagi. At that time, I don't know what was going on in my head. Aku suka jadi imam sebab aku boleh cepatkan sembahyang. Kalau Ustadz jadik imam means it's a hell 30 minutes of our time sitting in the surau for nothing. If I be the Imam, in the next 7 minutes, we can already go for dinner.

Tapi bila mak bapak takde, atau orang2 tua ni takde, akulah setan berekor kat depan yang ekornya tersorok kat dalam seluar. Yela, sape pulak nak keluarkan dari seluar except if you need to. Yelah, nak kencing ke, nak berak ke. Eh apa kaitan pulak dengan berak nih?

Takde kaitan. Saje je.

There was a lot of mouth-brought funny stories about solat. One of the classic was the Imam who managed to do the takbiratul-ihram only once instead, comparing to the actual Imam who got problem to get khusyu' and takbir for so many stupid times, but just after doing the takbiratul ihram, he turned back and say,

"Tengok aku buat. Sekali aje!"

Another classic was this one guy, Andy, who was just converted to Islam but didn't know how to do the solat, went into the mosque and get assistance from an Imam to guide him. As it's already the time to do the Asar Solat, the Imam asked him to just follow whatever The Imam is doing in the solat. And luckily, there's no one else there.

It went well in the first rakaat, but as it gets to the 2nd rakaat, Imam tu dah gelabah. Apa tak nya Lipas dah masuk dalam kain. Dia kibas-kibas kain, Andy pun kibas-kibas seluar. Imam libas kaki, andy pun libas kaki. Imam kibas-kibas baju, Andy pun start pelik. Apa punya sembahyang ni?

So imagine when the cockroach gets into his anus. Hahahahah!

But Andy stays a muslim if u wanna know.

Have u heard about this one stubborn very young boy with his father who likes to stare? Everytime the boy did a mistake, the father will stare so that the boy will do something to correct the mistake.

One day, they went to the mosque and to solat. You know, most of the people do the solat without wearing the underwear so sometimes, after they get up from Ruku' or Sujud, nanti kain tu terlipat masuk kat celah bontot.

So that was what actually happened. The boy who was praying beside the father noticed it and he thinks that the Imam must be very uncomfortable about it. So he stepped forward and slowly pulled the sarong from below.

As he stepped back, he looked at his father. The father was fiercely staring at him, like he was saying, "Oi, apa kau buat tu, Betulkan balik...!!!!!"

So budak tu pun tanpa berfikir panjang, dia pun pegi balik kat Imam tu dan masukkan kain tu balik dalam lubang bontot pak imam tu....

Apa jadik? Lu fikir sendiri la..

January 8, 2007

Life is good...!

Classification :: Personal, Sharing is Caring

Hello and a very good morning.

It's the first day of the second week of the first month of a new year, 2007 that is. It is just nice for a start of everything, of which normally, when the new year was coming, people will keep themselves busy in the holiday mood until the next week.

Betulkah apa aku cakap ini..

I've been extremely in the bz state. Starting with facing break up, layan blues, my gramma was hospitalized for being sick for not consuming any food or water, chasing people to get them to pay for my money, being single again, sitting while thinking of what should I do with the blog, bought myself a new guitar and then bought myself a new roland amp as well, get busy with all my guitars and the new amp, painted my honda car to white instead of black, get busy with the car change this and that again, downloaded new songs from the internet, compiling new set of songs into the CD, endless work again and again, flirted with a stranger in the bus station which later I found out that she's married (awh gawd), the most exhausting travellings from JB-Melaka-Seremban-KL every weekends with my parents, either to take care of my gramma or just being there every weekends to accompany them, invented some brand new recipes, get busy with my cousins, having strange dreams in my sleep which made me gone stuck on bed for the next few hours, and so many more.

It has been really exhausting, especially when I can't get any time for myself alone. Yer, memang ada banjir tapi surprisingly, I didn't notice the flood just 100m away from my house until the next few days when I noticed there were cars being carried away by the flood and I confirmed that when I saw it on TV.

As usual, when it's heavily raining outside, there's no point of getting myself jammed in the traffic. So I have a total no idea of what's going on around me as I've always watching HBOs lately. They screened quite good movies lately.

Can I say that I learnt that breaking up is not so bad now? I learnt that at least there were a lot of things I really enjoyed when she's around, just like working in the office, when you're sacked, those privilleges of going here and there around the office compund are no more there. For example, the pantry as when you enter you'll switch the lights on, sniffing for readily available food if they were, you tried your luck with the all the cupboard doors and you run your hand and fingers everywhere with the hope to find something you can consume, open up the refrigerator, get your fingers inside to do the searching, and sometimes you get your head down there to do the job, then eat around, drink, reposition yourself just get a view, laugh for joy and sometimes you got spills around, enjoying accompany of each other, cleaning up the spills, relaxing after burping so much, close the refrigerator, and get all the other cupboard back into their original position, switching the lights off and get back to other things. It's just that you're not even allowed to enter the office now as you're fired!

Heh heh heh.. Ok ok . that was being overly described :P.

Well, being single is something that you can really enjoy if and only if you understood how flirting is the most essential part of our life.

Until recently, I decided not to follow my parents around on one weekend and spend the whole weekend here in JB, alone with no one else, resulting me to come up with this new idea of the layout and everything. I've found out that being alone is what I need sometimes, as when I consumed the 2 pieces of the prosperity burger and an apple pie, sent home by McDonalds all by myself, I understood why some people just enjoyed being at home on weekends.

And the best thing happened was that my sister's wedding appeared on TV3 in the Nona program at around 2.30 yesterday. That was a MOMENTO!

And recent madness was the death sentence by hang to Saddam Hussein. Pity him. May Allah bless him. I've got the video. He didn't even manage to finish his second line of syahadah when he was sent off. It's a 'sure die one' way of death sentance. Pity him pity him....

Here I go! Good bye year 2006, good bye old layout, good bye to some friends, good bye to the ol' girlfriend, good bye those pains and hardships in 2006. Good bye semua lah.. habis citer..

Here I come. Welcome to the 30s club in the next 2 weeks! (hahaha most of us?) Welcome to everything also lah..

Thanks for still being with me no matter how bad i did to this blog. Kesian dia. Kalau rumah, dah roboh rumah ni aku dok tukar sana sini...

* So happy birthday(s) to these people especially OMEN as his birthday is today!

Birthdays : Omen(8JAN), Ezlin(2JAN), Izzat(22DEC), Muna(31DEC) and so on.

January 7, 2007


Prelude of this blog.

Prelude is meant to be the introduction of something. For me, Prelude is just one of so many Honda's lineup of products and it's production has been terminated sometimes ago..

To date, it has been almost 3 years since 2004 that I started to blog. Everytime i have a lotsa time, and getting bored, I'd do a new layout for my blog.

Most people have been misinterpreting my previous entry.

For me, every design has it's own soul, and to say goodbye, it's not easy, as hard as to say goodbye to a girlfriend.

Despite of being busy, I allocated a few days for myself to sit and sleep in front of my laptop to do this.

It's gonna be a new year, new fresh air and everything.

Well, mari kita nyanyi jika bukan kerana mata.. tapi tukar part yang mata tu kepada Zetty

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