January 29, 2007

The Finale of Rockin' Bali (Day 4 of 4)

A Completely Idiot Ultimate Guide

JAN 19th

Going Shopping

I decided to get up early today as I've not so much time to do shopping the day before. I took fast breakfast as the taxi driver promised to fetch me at the Hotel lobby as early as 0830 in the morning.

Nothing much for today as I was taken to 2 places for shopping and I don't remember what and where were those places. Things that I can only remember were that at the first place, dicount were given to the local tourist, so I asked the taxi driver to pay the clothes I bought for me. 50%. So instead of Rp400,000 that I have to pay, I only paid Rp240,000.

At the second place, I was doing my shopping like crazy. Other than shopping, it was also an opportunity to talk to sweet and pretty girls there. I think I bought most of my things because I was able to those pretty girls. I even got the phone numbers of some of them as well. Hehehe...

Then, I rushed to a shopping mall to buy myself a bag, because my backpack is too small to contain all the things I bought in Bali. Then rushed back to the Hotel and packed up everything so that I can catch my flight. There's nothing much about the shopping because there's something more tragic happened.

Damages :: Severe

Departing from Bali

I was rushing all the way as all the other people that came with me has already be at the airport.

I was not there yet. The flight is scheduled at 1355 so at around 1245 I rushed out from the hotel and reached there at about 1300. As I reached there, I thanked the cabby driver and rushingly walking towards the check in counter. Before I was able to get into the check in counters, I was stucked at the security check. The metal scanner failed me everytime I walked through. At last, you know why?

It was my shoes. Damn it!

Then I walked around to look for the check in counter. I was wondering where was that Air Asia Counter. After a few minutes wandering around, I found the counter. I walked rushingly towards the counter and handing the counter person my bag.

"No more check in allowed. You are late by 10 minutes"

What? Oh gosh! I tried to ask her to let me to check in it was the fleet crew that disallowed me to check in. I'm so fucked up now! Aduh...

I was fell seated on the chair thinking of what to do. Checked out the flight schedules and saw this MAs flight at around 1850. I checked out the MAS counter at the outside, confirmed the ticket and the clerk gave me one hour to come back with the money.

Getting MAS ticket

I called Pak Made Yuda to fetch me and take me to the nearest money changer. I'll be losing a lot if I change it at the airport. The rate is ridiculous.

Then I paid for the ticket.

Look at the price there. USD208.70. Almost MYR800.

Damn it! Then I was waiting for almost 5 hours before the departure. I was so hungry but I was so broke of Indonesian Rupiah. I used all of them to pay for the ticket. So i waited, waited, and waited till my flight was called up for boarding. I was so thankful as they do provide food during the flight and i was comfortably sated.

I only arrived in KLIA at about 2190. Yay!

Damage :: Very severe!

Some Useful Tips

Cabby Driver :: First thing first. The 'supir' revealed! This is Pak Nengah Made Yuda. He should be 34 or 35 this year. His phone number is +6281338539872. Call him up for your booking!

Going to Airport :: Ensure that you don't come last minute. The security is tight and strict. If possible, you might wanna put all your important belongings into a sling bag instead of your pocket. Like me, I love having pants with a lot of pockets so that I can put everything of my impotant things are within my reach. It has become a habit that failed me through that metal security scanner. Even the cigaratte box didn't make it.

No where to go? :: Just ask the cabby driver. He is super nice and he knew where to take you. Just ask. This tip is good for those who have got no plan yet.

Expenses Cash to Hold :: I would suggest you to take at least MYR2k. Then you should also Pak Made Yuda where is the money changer with the best rate. He'll get you there.

Buying things :: Do not buy unless the price agreed is half or less than the price they offered. If you don't agree, just walk away and they will later approach you asking the price u want.

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